The Gullestrup Rapist Escapes Deportation

A Danish appeals court has reversed a lower court ruling that would have deported a culturally enriched child-rapist after he served his sentence.

The rapist, a former child-soldier for Al Qaeda in Somalia, raped a 10-year-old girl in Gullestrup, and attempted to rape her 9-year-old friend. After serving a laughable sentence of six years, he will be able to walk the streets of Gullestrup as a free man.

The judge decided on leniency based on the young man’s assertion that he is — get this — “well-integrated” into Danish society.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated two articles about the case, and includes this note:

As you can see, the Mohammed Coefficient in this case is 100%. The Qur’an factor is also 100%.

Six years in prison (read three years) will probably cost the Danish taxpayers millions.

The first translated article is from BT. It should be noted that we covered the Gullestrup rape, mentioned below, here and here.

Victim in the Gullestrup case: Why isn’t he deported?

‘The Danish justice system is a joke’. Those are the words of one of the victims of the Somali rapist in the ‘Gullestrup case’. Yesterday he received assurances from the High Court that he will not be deported.

On Monday the High Court in Viborg chose to moderate the punishment for the 18-year-old Ahmed Omar Mohamed, who last year was sentenced in the District Court to six years in prison and issued with a deportation order for raping a 10-year-old girl at a playground in Gullestrup in 2011. In addition to this he was sentenced for the attempted rape of the girl’s 9-year-old girlfriend, and for the attempted rape of a 17-year-old girl which occurred the same year.

Now the 18-year-old Ahmed Omar Mohamed can look forward to a life in Denmark after completing his sentence, provided he remains on the right side of the law.

Desirée Klein, who was 17 when the offender tried to rape her, one month before he carried out the Gullestrup rape, is flabbergasted.

“The Danish justice system is a joke. People that I discuss this matter with are shocked that he hasn’t been deported. It is traumatic and very unfair to think about that he might be out walking the streets within three years. I’m especially thinking about the girls in this case; they may have to live in the same city as him,” says Desirée Klein.

She was accosted by the then 16-year-old offender at the town square in Herning after a night out in October 2011. At knifepoint he ordered her to follow him into a stairwell and sexually violated her. Today she suffers from post-traumatic stress. The otherwise well-functioning girl has still not managed to complete her education.

“It has cost me everything. I have dropped out of school and I feel anxious and uncomfortable in large crowds. I have tried to move out of the city, but I had to move back in with my mom. I have enrolled in different education programs, but I find it difficult to concentrate,” she says.

She has previously stated that she wanted to meet the 18-year-old in a so-called ‘resolution session’ in which the victim meets the offender and gets to ask the questions: Why me? And why didn’t you enter a guilty plea? Especially in light of the DNA evidence which found his DNA on cigarette butts left at the crime scene.

“I feel that he has ruined my life and now I am not so sure that I want to see him,” says Desirée Klein, adding:

“I think it’s unreasonable that he is given a second chance by Denmark.”

The offender’s defense attorney argued in the High Court that the offender should be allowed to remain in Denmark, because he has only attended Danish schools is well-integrated and that he has received his high school graduation diploma in prison. And on Monday the judge decided to listen to this argument.

The second article was published in Ekstra Bladet:

Raped a 10-year-old: managed to evade deportation

The High Court reduced the punishment of the 18-year-old rapist

The 18-year-old Somali, Ahmed Omar Mohamed, will spend the next six years in prison for the rape of a 10-year-old girl in Herning and the attempted rape of two others. That’s the verdict handed down by the Vestre High Court a short while ago.

This verdict is a confirmation of an earlier District Court ruling; however it overruled the District Court’s decision that the offender should be deported. That part of the verdict was changed into a suspended sentence, according to the TV Channel ‘Midt-West’, which means that this part of the punishment will not come into effect provided that the offender remains on the right side of the law in the future.

It was the 18-year-old himself who decided to appeal the district court’s ruling with the aim of reversing the deportation order.

That wish was granted by the High Court, which focused solely on the sentencing aspect and the question of guilt.

Lured little girls into the woods

The rape of the 10-year-old girl triggered strong feelings in the local community. It occurred on Saturday November, 19, 2011 in a wooded area in ‘Lyngens Kvarter’ in Gullestrup just outside Herning.

The perpetrator forced the two little girls to follow him. The youngest girl managed to escape, but he was able to rape the 10-year-old.

A month earlier he had attempted to rape an 18-year-old at the town square in Herning.

Child soldier with al-Qaeda

During the court case it was revealed that the perpetrator was affiliated with an al-Qaeda group as a child soldier.

This happened when his mother sent him and his brother to a Quran school in Somalia.

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.

Update: Two stories on the Gullestrup rapist from the Copenhagen Post (tip: Fjordman):

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  1. In a sane country, the fathers of those girls would be waiting for this savage when he gets out of prison.

    • They have lost their manhood. Unless they discover it, they are likely to lose their country and their women.

      • Excellent replies. One would almost think that the state is paralyzed with fear into inaction of any consequential kind against perpetrators of gross brutality. I don’t think the citizenry is so paralyzed. In fact, since the state refuses proper sentencing of child rapists, that leaves the matter in the hands of the family and the communities. The state — by its slap on the wrist to child rapists — has voluntarily relinquished its duty to execute justice and handed it over to others; a horrendous state of affairs, to be sure; but the cries of the innocent must be avenged, the guilty in the state gallows or the family’s right to exact justice. If the state turns a blind eye to innocent suffering, I cannot fault the people to have done with the state in matters pertaining to their innocent children.

    • Problem is, you can bet any retaliation by fathers WILL be met with harsh sentences by the justice system…

      • So the father is to cower in the face of judicial tyranny, unwilling to suffer for the sake of his innocent child — who suffered beyond telling?

        Fathers: your government invites rapists and murderers into your community and faults you for objecting. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

        • amen. I could not give a toss what sentence the liberal retards threw at me if that was my child

  2. Does anyone still doubt everything we see happening is not absolutely deliberate?

    • If, hypothetically, you wanted to create a permanent police State, what kind of population historically would make that happen?

      • What kind of population would you need to establish a permanent police state?

        You need one that (a) for multiple generations been gradually dumbed down via public schools, (b) has been fooled into adopting fashionable cynicism in response to false slander and countless manufactured scandals that specifically targeted the very people a free society needs to survive, (c) allows the elevation in popular media of all that is crass, base and vulgar, and (b) has been brainwashed into thinking that everything that once made their nation as great was evil, thus any move to restore what once was is likewise evil.

        Also, ignore all laws to establish the closest monitoring of all ideological enemies as current technology will allow. Tell the fools that you will target only the “enemies” they’ve already been brainwashed to hate and they’ll applaud you even as you do it to them, too.

        Grab the minds of the youth and you’ll have most of them as adults. The old ones who see what has happened will be marginalized, held in contempt and silenced as they slowly die off.

        That is the recipe for a permanent police state.

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  7. Maybe fellow prisoners in the Danish jail will decide to castrate him?

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  11. Redacted by Dymphna:

    [redacted] the state! The Danes have to grow their testicles back and [remove that person] the second [he] comes out of prison!

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