Child-Rapist Appeals for Leniency in a Danish Court

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Dymphna posted earlier tonight about the state of dysphoria that is induced in her by reading depressing and appalling news stories. This post is therefore one that she should avoid — as should anyone else who has PTSD or is otherwise sensitive to descriptions of violent and sadistic barbarities.

The “Danish” criminal in this story — which has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100% — is appealing the court to have his sentence reduced and avoid deportation, after being convicted of raping a little girl.

It’s hard to begin to list the appalling aspects of the case. This wretched animal only received a six-year sentence in the first place — and he thinks that is too severe a punishment!

Presumably he has learned to expect greater “tolerance” from Modern Multicultural Denmark, and is reminding the Danes that they must overcome their racism and treat his culturally enriched self with the respect it inherently deserves.

Well, good luck to him. Denmark is far gone, but probably not that far gone.

The following article was adapted from a translation by Michael Laudahn posted at Vlad Tepes. The original article was published at

The more disturbing descriptions of the perpetrator’s crimes have been redacted:

The controversial Gullestrup (Herning) sex case will now be adjudicated by appeals court

Ahmed Mohammed Omar is attempting to have his sentence reduced for gross sex attacks in the Herning quarter of Gullestrup

The terrible case in which a young woman and two small girls living in the Gullestrup quarter were abused sexually by a 17-year-old Somali will go through the judicial machinery one more time. This will happen on Tuesday, when Vestre Landsret, Viborg commences the appeal proceedings.

Ahmed Omar Mohamed, now 18, wants to try to get the lower court’s six-year prison sentence reduced. Not least, he hopes to have his deportation to Somalia cancelled, which he received on top of the prison sentence.

He was sentenced for using a knife to force a woman to have sexual intercourse and oral sex with him in a central Herning staircase.

Most startling, however, were the two violations which he undertook against two girls, 10 and 11, in November of last year. He touched them on a playground, then pulled them into a nearby wood. While one of the girls managed to escape, he was able to pull the other girl deeper into the wood.

There he made her undress herself and forced her to [engage in sex acts]. She was freed only when he heard other people in the wood.

Ahmed Omar Mohamed will have to expect a fight in court. The public prosecutor’s mood towards him has not softened, on the contrary: he demands an even stiffer penalty.

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9 thoughts on “Child-Rapist Appeals for Leniency in a Danish Court

  1. Not only should he be deported, but also castrated. In fact they should deport the whole lot of them.
    I’d really like to see some victim sue the government for allowing these savages into their country. The first and most important function of a government is to protect its citizens, not to place them in peril.
    Paris Claims

  2. I find the depressing effect comes not from reading one particularly horrifying story, but from the steady drip of bad news. Which makes your work all the more commendable.

  3. Surely those two little girls are just “collateral damage”, regrettable speedbumps that will slow the way to the Rainbown Utopia! But worth it all in the end! Surely!

  4. The dark North European winter is no time to be logging in to your website really as you find yourself just sitting with your head in your hands wondering whether there ever will be the return of God’s eternal spring and whether we will ever break free from these evil/crazy people.

    The latest move here is Britain is for the Scout Movement to remove God from the oath of duty for fear of offending atheists. It could also be something to do with our – at present but not for long non-Christian minorities.

    I have now reach the conclusion that our politicians here and probably throughout the rest of the “white” world come in two catagories. They are either insane, that will be the Marxists or they are corrupt, that could be socialists of conservatives.

    Having let into our tiny island probably ten million people at least in the last 60 years the government as decided that we don’t have enough houses to house everybody. So they are launching a developers’ charter, freeing up planning controls and taking them away from local councils. The plan is to increase the built-up area of this already over built-up country of England by one third.
    For anybody knowing England that is the equivalent of the county of Devonshire.

    So if you are planning to see some of England’s beautiful countryside come quick for it won’t be there much longer.

    The Campaign for Rural England which has fought for over 100 years to stop England being concreted over is up in arms.

    Sadly, guess who funded the Conservative Party’s election campaign and who continues to fund the party. That’s right, the developers. England is now as corrupt as a third world country. But then it will look something like Bangladesh in a 100 years’ time.

  5. “So they are launching a developers’ charter, freeing up planning controls and taking them away from local councils.”

    This is a plan designed to put mosques into every nook and cranny. Good luck stopping wealthy Muslims from linking their future shipments of oil and investments to the building of super-sized mosques throughout the land.

    Those mosques are being built for Muslims to control YOU.

    Get ready for the countryside to be fully invaded now that the cities have been conquered.

    Per Islamic doctrine, the mosques in your cities were razzia which are forward bases for raiding that are called the pearls on a necklace that will be strung together as Muslims expand into the countryside.

    If you are afraid, you should be.

    Here’s a hint: Build on your hills while you can. Muslims are instructed to build mosques on the highest point of land to rule the masses. Otherwise, Muslims should insure that the mosque is the highest building in a town.

    Ghazi (warrior) – Razzia


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