Resistance to Sharia Awakens Among the Citizenry of Belgium

An Islamic party in Belgium — officially named the “Islam Party” — publicly promotes sharia law and its intention to convert Belgian democracy into an Islamic state ruled by sharia. As reported here several weeks ago, two of the Islam Party’s candidates were elected to town councils in the recent Belgian municipal elections.

A couple of days ago the new councilors were sworn in during a public ceremony. A courageous citizen took the opportunity to stand up and publicly object to the installation of a councilor who wants to introduce sharia — which is contrary to the Belgian constitution, the European Convention on Human Rights, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Many thanks to the International Civil Liberties Alliance for translating and subtitling the video of this momentous occasion:

7 thoughts on “Resistance to Sharia Awakens Among the Citizenry of Belgium

  1. Europe full of blacks would be Africa in all but name. Europe is ours, when they can argue and fight for that we’ll win

  2. Why didn’t the citizen raise a formal point of order and insist that the President of the Council rule on it, or did he not have the standing to do so?

  3. I’m surprised this white indigenous male wasn’t arrested considering the way things are currently trending in Belgium.
    Promoting “racial disharmony” would be a good trumped up charge.

  4. Sorry bubs, that horse already bolted from the barn. The Communists working within the system to subvert it aka Social Democrats and Democratic Socialists and Greens have infested the place, because you let them. The Islamists are just following the playbook written by them.



  5. It’s called takkyia: lies to enhance islam. For followers of islam, there is only one set of laws: sharia.
    Wake up before it is too late!!!

  6. With apologies to any of our Belgian readers but because of her small size and position on the road between Germany and France, Belgium seems to have had in the past i.e. during two world wars, opted to take the easy option and go with the flow.

    What this meant was just getting on with life and keeping your head down and making the best of things.

    Hence this man must be somewhat unsual as faced with islamofascism like Nazi fascism I expected to see Belgians just become muslim, get on with life and make the best of things. Perhaps that is what everybody else in the room is doing. Well done to him for at least putting up a bit of a fight.

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