The Discrimination Hysteria Industry in Norway

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Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from about a culturally enriched “Norwegian” who refused to be treated by a female doctor.

The translator includes this note:

The discrimination hysteria industry in Norway has reached epic proportions. This could easily be taken from a Monty Python sketch.

The translated article:

Refused to be treated by a female doctor

A Muslim man’s request to be looked after by male doctor at the emergency room was not granted. He has now brought the matter before the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombudsman (LDO) as religiously-motivated discrimination, and now the Ombudsman is demanding answers from the Bærum Council [municipality west of Oslo].

When the man arrived at the emergency room in Asker and Bærum one night in September, he made it clear that he wanted to be looked after by a male doctor. When he was eventually greeted by a female doctor, he refused to shake her hand or allow her to touch him, writes the local newspaper Budstikka.

The man now claims that he was discriminated against by the emergency room this evening. The visit ended with his being told to go and see his regular doctor the following day.

Brought the matter to the LDO

In a formal complaint to the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombudsman (LDO), the man claims that he was discriminated against by the emergency room on religious grounds. The LDO has now asked Bærum Council to explain the matter, which the LDO believes raises several ethical dilemmas:

“This case raises several ethical dilemmas. A public institution is obliged to provide services and make accommodations in order to ensure that a person gets the service he or she is entitled to. The question that we need to ask ourselves is how far a public institution needs to go in order to ensure that this happens, and that is what we are going to take a closer look at,” says Elisabeth Lier Haugseth, the deputy leader of the LDO.

Some of the questions that the Ombudsman has asked Bærum council to answer are:

  • Why was man’s request to be looked after by a male doctor declined?
  • Could the female doctor have treated the man without touching him?
  • How acute was the man’s medical situation?

Haugseth is of the opinion that there is a difference between the man being refused treatment as a result of refusing to shake the doctor’s hand as opposed to the man being offered medical treatment and turning this offer down.

Minimal experience

According to Haugseth the LDO has only minimal experience with such types of cases. She mentions that in 2006 some male airline passengers refused to show their passports to a female immigration officer. As a result the female immigration officer was replaced by a male colleague. Following the incident the woman brought the matter to the LDO, and in that particular case the Ombudsman concluded that provisions had been taken too far and ruled that the woman had been discriminated against based on her gender.

Haugseth also refers to a case this summer where a hospital patient refused to be treated by nurses wearing hijabs [Budstikka refers to hijab as ‘skaut’ — traditional Norwegian headgear — which I believe is something completely different — translator]. Haugseth has previously stated that a patient cannot opt out of treatment by healthcare professionals wearing hijabs, homosexuals or individuals who have immigrant backgrounds.

“There is a limit to how much accommodation one can demand. Among other things, it depends on whether this accommodation leads to discrimination against the healthcare personnel. As employees, healthcare personnel also have the right to be protected against discrimination,” says Haugseth to Budstikka.

No discrimination

The Muslim man was not discriminated against by the emergency services based on religious believes, says Gro Steigum, the head of services in Bærum.

According to Steigum, the emergency services in Asker and Bærum try to accommodate the wishes of the patients as far as this is possible. But on that particular night in September there was only one doctor on duty and it just happened to be a woman, and consequently the man’s request to be looked after by a male doctor could not be granted.

“We don’t believe that this is a case of discrimination. The man made it clear that he refused physical contact with women as a matter of principle. He said nothing about it being based on religious beliefs,” says Steigum to Budstikka.

“But would one expect that an educated physician would understand that religion was the reason behind the man’s refusal?”

“The doctor did not discuss the matter with the patient. She quickly decided that the man’s condition didn’t warrant immediate emergency medical care. She concluded that the patient could go and see his regular doctor the following day,” says Steigum.

As the leader of services, Steigum has the ultimate responsibility for the local emergency room. However, she cannot recollect that patients have refused physical contact at the emergency room on previous occasions.

“The biggest dilemmas arise in acute emergency situations. In the emergency room, personnel with different qualifications work together as a team and all issues are resolved on the basis of competence. We have to provide the necessary treatment immediately if it is a life-threatening situation. In such case we cannot always accommodate special the patients’ wishes,” says Steigum.

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8 thoughts on “The Discrimination Hysteria Industry in Norway

  1. Any organism that does not discriminate is eliminated from life and history. Just try to coerce your immune system not to discriminate. Or go for a walk in the deep Norwegian woods and refuse to discriminate between the furry critters that approach you. Or banish discrimination between fresh food and one month old leftovers. Or criminalize discrimination between Norwegians born to Norwegian parents, and Somalis with Norwegian “refugee” visas.
    Good luck and Goodbye — man, country or civilization.
    Takuan Seiyo

  2. Oh goodie! More Norwegian pretzels. And they’ll never end now that the elites decided everyone should cozy up to a whole group who believe women have cooties, while their feminized hosts think women rule.

    What an existential howl. Hey, maybe the elites are having a bit of revenge on their mothers??

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer group, either. Maybe they can cheer up by thinking of all the employment opportunities for people who enjoy undoing pretzels and making them all nice and straight. At the entry level, you start with the simple contradictions but by the time you become “expert” your eyes make those little swirly circles & you tend to talk to yourself…

    Meanwhile, the world gets some well-earned comic relief from watching two different groups who share a common trait trying to live in the same space. When you are forced to live with doctrinaire fussbudgets who never lighten up, but the doctrines are incompatible? Breivik, anyone?

    Given the crazy-making mentality, the sane & easy-going all leave home as soon as possible. Those who can’t go underground. I’ll bet there’s a whole samizdat group who tell one another Russian jokes with Norwegians substituting for those poor Russian proles who have since escaped.

    Ain’t nothing funnier than an uptight p.c. Norweegie having to live with the results of his ‘good’ intentions… oh, except maybe a follower of Allah having a nervous fit because a woman touched his stuff.

  3. The female doctor should have turned the case against this man, claiming he discriminate her because she was female. I think she would have a better case than him. But then again, she would have to live with the racist stamp for the rest of her career.

  4. “Haugseth has previously stated that a patient cannot opt out of treatment by healthcare professionals wearing hijabs, homosexuals or individuals who have immigrant backgrounds.”

    This despite the fact that Muslims wearing hijabs are presumably devout Muslims with the belief that they may abuse and enslave non-Muslims AND the fact that homosexuals have a demonstrably higher incidence of AIDS than the general population.

    Both hijabed Muslim and homosexual healthcare professionals present a real public health threat.

    There are reports that Muslim healthcare professionals have practiced the tenets of their religion on Jews unfortunate enough to come under their ‘care’ or lack thereof in socialized medical systems.


  5. Actually, hijabed Muslims are more difficult to identify.

    While I disagree with Anonymous about homosexuality (consenting adults) since it is a pointless waste of time, I do know that anyone who puts their ideological beliefs in the inferiority of females ahead of my belief in soap and water, should not be permitted to touch me.

  6. Real Feminists and Real Liberals will TOLERATE extreme and “conservative” muslim masculists.

    Liberalism is mental disorder

    Liberalism is Nothing. They don’t have values to fight for (even gay rights can get sacrificed in the name of Holy Political Correctness, women rights, human rights… all will get sacrificed in the name of tolerance)

    The only real cause of the libs is their ongoing fight against “patriarchy” and “racism”. “Racist” = white man, “patriarchy” = nazi/stalinist-like conspiracy theory

  7. Hi gsw: Whether or not homosexuals are consenting adults is irrelevant to the fact that homosexuals have a demonstrably higher incidence of AIDS which is an easily transmissible disease in a hospital setting where patients have open wounds or severe sores.

    In point of fact, homosexuals also have a higher incidence of other health problems including mental health problems than heterosexuals.

    It is time to be fully willing to consider and recognize the truth about the entire PC MC culture which entails more than Islam.


  8. As I tend to find scandinavian females very attractive and as the founder of the Holy Church of the Always Horny I demand my right to be cared for, only by young female doctors of nordic descent and according to my faith I also demand to be touched frequently and thoroughly by the aforementioned.

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