Scum Villages

The following essay by Adam K. M. was originally published in a slightly different form at the British Freedom website. It gives an overview of a new Dutch initiative — implemented by the Labour Party, no less! — to rehouse recidivist criminal and anti-social elements (mostly immigrants) in special residential areas kept segregated from decent law-abiding people (mostly native Dutch).

Scum Villages
By Adam K. M.

“Repeat offenders should be forcibly removed from their neighbourhood and sent to a village for scum. Put all the trash together.”

The above words were uttered by Geert Wilders in February 2011. It seems that due to the plans of Amsterdam’s Mayor Eberhard van der Laan, the famed counter-jihadist is to be granted his wish.

Under new plans due to commence in January, families with a history of causing distress and disruption in their communities will be relocated and housed in shipping container homes under the supervision of the police and social workers. This scheme is part of a program intended to successfully manage the 13,000 complaints received every year by police in Amsterdam reporting anti-social behaviour. Mayor Laan is funding the plan to the tune of £810,000.

Despite being labelled a hate-filled right-wing extremist by many voices on the political Left, Wilders has had one of his policies adopted by a prominent member of the Dutch Labour party in Laan. It is refreshing to hear of an action from the Left that breaks their mould of cultural perfidy that we have become so accustomed to in recent times.

This “scum village” initiative is designed to avoid instances of law-abiding families moving to different neighbourhoods when their community becomes overrun and subsumed by mob rule. This plan places the onus on the criminal to amend his behaviour and offers hope and support to victims of nuisance makers and criminals. Surely this is common sense? If an individual or group causes havoc then surely it is radical and extreme to allow those who abide by the law to be bullied into exiting their own homes?

In his book Marked for Death Geert Wilders expressed his upset at the destruction of a once harmonious Dutch town. In early 1985 Geert Wilders moved to Kanaleneiland, a borough of Utrecht. The area is now listed as one of 40 “problem neighborhoods” that require extra attention by the Dutch Ministry of Housing. Wilders’ account below charts Kanaleneiland’s decline:

Kanaleneiland was built up in the 1960s to accommodate 30,000 people in modern and relatively cheap housing. When I first moved to the district, it was predominantly populated by native-born, blue collar and middle class Dutch residents. The locals initially welcomed immigrants, and this was expected; Dutchmen, whether lower class or middle class, are famously tolerant of newcomers and of alternative lifestyles. But as they began to arrive in greater numbers, it became clear that many Islamic immigrants, unlike previous immigrant groups, adamantly refused to assimilate. Some of the newcomers, mostly of Moroccan origin, demanded that the non-Muslims natives adapt to their culture, not the other way around.

As Islam expanded, crime spread throughout the district — cars were vandalized, people were robbed, and eventually Dutch women no longer felt safe in the streets. Marxists claim poverty causes crime, but I noticed the opposite: crime reduced the area to poverty. When I moved to Kanaleneiland, it was a safe and clean lower-middle class neighborhood. As lawlessness spread Dutch residents began moving out and Dutch shops closed down. The district developed a Middle Eastern feel, with the streets full of Arabic or Turkish shop signs and women wearing headscarves. By 2004 Kanaleneiland had become much poorer and had transformed into one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Utrecht. In January 2012, the Dutch authorities revealed that 65 percent of youths of Moroccan origin between twelve and twenty three years old had been detained at least once by the police.

If the January initiative can prevent pleasant places descending into crime-ridden slums where native culture has long been supplanted then “scum villages” will achieve far more than just curbing bad behavior. Areas not yet totally decayed by crime and cultural dispossession may now have a fighting chance.

It is of course unfortunate that many children are born to parents who hamper their chances of becoming an upstanding, altruistic and caring person. Under guidance from people who have made better choices in life they could possibly become better people once rehabilitated and reintegrated into their communities.

Plans to curb anti-social behavior may do little to change Muslim enmity towards societies that welcome their religion and cultural customs. Laan’s plan could however ensure that good people are absolved from misery now that a suitable deterrent is in place.

Many members of the liberal intelligentsia will tighten up and get clammy-handed at the idea of a district deciding to punish its criminals this way. They will sympathize and perhaps even champion the perpetrators but they will never dare to live in the hell-holes engendered by disastrous policy makers.

Unsurprisingly there is no such move to purge Britain’s streets of crime, but at least developments in Amsterdam inform me that somewhere the victim may be suitably protected by the state. If this works then the £810,000 spent on the scheme will have proved a bargain.

9 thoughts on “Scum Villages

  1. Can anyone explain me why such people aren’t just returned to their countries of origin? In case there’s a problem with the documents, I suggest to establish a transit camp on Greenland. My guess is that their document problems will then be sorted out fairly quick.

    Michael Laudahn

  2. Scum villages……an excellent idea. But they have the location wrong. They should be in the ancestoral homelands of the scum.
    They’d save a fortune on policing and welfare payments.
    Paris Claims

  3. I hope this will become reality, I am concerned however that this mayor v.d Laan has to answer to his party leader ( Samson, Labour)
    Samson is without doubt the largest factor in immigration, because of him dutch immigration laws have been downgraded en immigration fully supported by the government.
    why is it that labour party can send out flyers in arabic, just to get immigrant votes( for without those votes they would never be a large party.)

  4. Scum village left and right united in a progressive community twist, is this counter jihad or progressive social engineering.

    In the U.K. guaranteed that several years from now it will be the white working class that are the majority occupiers of the container slums.

    Freight caskets – homes fit for white heroes.

    Jolie Rouge

  5. It is long past time to re-institute the punishment called “banishment”. There are several regions here in the US that could host scum communities. Send them in with “care packages” of seeds and tools, let’s see how they do with no victims but each other.

  6. At first blush, this is an appealing concept. But then, one must consider the unintended consequences of rounding up all that are considered “to be scum.”
    I agree with returning some to their countries of origin, or removing whose habits or predictions do not, nor ever could, mesh with the community norms in order to preserve harmony.
    However, who will determine the norms? Who will determine the normative criteria? etc, etc.
    This is not a call for multiculturalism, political correctness, nor tolerance, but for careful deliberation before labeling and punishing before osterizing or other punishment.

  7. Jolie Rouge you are probably right.
    They call our scum villages at present sink estates where the once proud British working class now cast aside by the Labour Party once set up to fight their cause in favour of the New British moulder on benefits or sink into a kind of depressed insousiance.

    Surely, Mr Cameron is missing a trick here. Move them out into containers and demolish the sink estates then you can build executive homes for rich white people fleeing the browning of Britain. The developers would, of course, reward the Conservative Party with millions in donations and it would save a bit of the green belt.

  8. Eleanor, the criterion for deciding who is scum is . . . wait for it . . . The Law. There are not only criminal laws, but civil laws that are the basic thresholds of civilised behaviour. When an individual or a family is constantly disrupting the peace or being a nuisance and irritation, there are laws that cover that as well. When enough complaints are filed or police calls made, that someone is shipped out, that day. It’s just like releasing someone from their job. You are summoned, and escorted to your home where you clear it out, and then escorted to your new “modern” residence with other people who have much in common with you.

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