Turks vs. Africans in Kreuzberg

The following incident is an example of what is generally referred to as “enricher-on-enricher violence”. A radical right-wing Turkish-German — does that mean he reads Politically Incorrect and supports the German Defence League? — shouted naughty racist insults at some Africans, and then stabbed one of them. For a time the Africans held the Turk’s family hostage, requiring the intervention of 250 police to resolve the situation.

Many thanks to Hermes for translating this article from Berliner Zeitung:

Radical right-wing Turk stabbed a refugee

A knife attack carried out by a seemingly radical right-wing Turk in the refugees’ protest camp in Kreuzberg triggered a massive police action. The refugees and the police gave different versions. The confrontation took place between a group of men of Turkish origin and refugees on Monday night at about 20:00.

The 24-year-old Oguz A., who was pushing a pram with his 6-week-old child in it, intended to cross Oranien Square, which has for months been a refugee camp, together with his 50-years-old father. According to witnesses, the 24-year-old insulted one of the African refugees with the words “sh**** nigger”. After this, he pulled out a knife and stabbed one of them.

The explanation given by the police is a different one: according to their explanation, some people from the camp ran after the man and demanded that he leave the square. This made Oguz A. feel provoked, so he pulled out a knife and stabbed a 27-year-old in the chest.

According to the police, the group from Oranien Square chased the fleeing assailant and threw wooden slats at him. More people from the refugee camp joined and surrounded the left-behind pram with the toddler and the grandfather as well as the arriving mother of the child and her girlfriend. They demanded from the police that they bring the offender back to them, and in return they would set the relatives free.

250 agents deployed

“The crowd had evidently not realized that the police would not allow any such hostage-taking,” an agent said on Tuesday. While recording the facts, the agents had in front of them an enraged crowd whose fury was then directed at the relatives of the fleeing offender who were present there, a spokesperson for the police said.

The agents protected the family and were shouted at and pushed by the growing crowd, whereupon the family was placed in a police car in order to protect them. Meanwhile some 200 persons congregated at Oranien Square. They were people from the refugee camp, more relatives from the presumed offender and curious onlookers.

At that point, both groups threatened each other with wooden slats, threw bottles and attacked the agents. More police were called in as reinforcements in order to separate the two parties. There were 250 agents deployed.

Meanwhile the protesters tried to stop the police car that was bringing the wife of the offender and his child to a safe place from leaving the place. They lay down in front of the car. The police made use of batons, pepper spray and dogs. Then the inhabitants of the camp accused the police of having acted brutally. “The police went steadily ahead and formed a massive front against the people in the camp,” the managers of the refugee camp explained.

They could not detain him till the evening. The police know the knife-wielder, and are looking for clues which could link Oguz A. to the nationalist organization “Grey Wolves”.

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  1. Oranien Square, which has for months been a refugee camp, …


    Have I missed something, is there a war raging in Europe were refugees are flooding into Berlin?

    • No kidding, refugees want to protest – should have had that level of passion in their home country – maybe it wouldn’t be a cesspool. Deport every swinging Richard and their broodmares with squalling brats too.

  2. One of the unspoken truths in Britain is that “racism” is not just carried out by indigenous Brits on all immigrants. In some areas like Birmingham blacks and Asians are not bosom buddies and in the 2011 riots it was a black man who mowed down Pakistani muslims. We will never know if it was because they were defending their property or because they were Pakistani muslims. When they indigenous population of England has been driven out we do not know if we will not end up with a similar situation to that that arose between Ugandan and Kenyan Asians and the native blacks leading to the formers’ expulsion. India then refused to take back her own people because they had been taken by the British as indentured labour to Africa. So the British government took them in here in places like Leicester where they have now outbred the natives. I would like to say that I could not imagine the native British refusing to take back their own; but I am not sure of the current situation regarding the remaining British in Zimbabwe where, as in South Africa, they are likely to be butchered at the drop of a hat. Does anybody know if we let them in or whether the cultural Marxists in our present government refuse to do so on the basis that they are an unsavoury hangover from our colonial past?

    • “I would like to say that I could not imagine the native British refusing to take back their own; but I am not sure of the current situation regarding the remaining British in Zimbabwe……”




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