To Those Who Break the Peace

Denmark is currently convulsed with the controversy over the Somali child-rapist, who is no longer required to be deported when he is freed from prison in a few years (see earlier reports here and here). According to opinion polls, the vast majority of Danes are at odds with their multicultural-minded leaders, and want the young culture-enricher shipped out of the country as soon as possible, regardless of any danger he might face when he returns to Somalia.

Our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc has written a cogent essay with his own observations about what is happening now in Denmark.

When justice will be done…
by Kepiblanc

One small step for a Mohammed, one giant leap for Denmark — towards the civil war.

As all readers of Gates of Vienna know, something is rotten in the state of Denmark. The recent verdict by a Danish appeals court carved those words out of the last remaining confidence we might have in our judicial system. In short: one Ahmed Mohammed — a Somali citizen living in Denmark — decides to go on a rampage in a small suburb. He starts out with a 17-year old girl and forces her to perform fellatio. He then carries on and attacks two little girls with a knife and rapes the oldest — a ten-year-old — while the nine-year-old manages to escape. Jobs well done, he celebrates with his fellow culture-enrichers and brags about his heroism. Strangely enough, our hero is apprehended by the police and put to justice. The verdict: Six years behind bars, followed by expulsion to his own country, Somalia. And — reliable as a clockwork — he appeals.

Next verdict: still six years — in Denmark meaning three years — in a luxury prison but only conditional expulsion. Which means no expulsion, no matter what. So now Mr. Mohammed will be accommodated among the Muslim-majority prison population, where he will enjoy his status as a proven Mujahedeen and collect all due respect from the outside Ummah. And in barely two years’ time — he has already served one year in a ‘youth club’ — he can walk right up to the same girls and finish eventually unsettled matters.

If he manages to stay upright while laughing at the Danish judicial system, that is.

For once, this abominable story hit all of our newspapers and TV-channels. For two whole days. Then it vanished as dew on a sunny summer morning. Presumably it had to give way to some royal wedding, a football defeat or the opening of another cosy restaurant. Or some such. Anyway, the comments sections of all online editions suddenly shut down — maybe due to overloading? Danes tend to get upset by certain cultural enrichments, thankless as we are. Nevertheless most comments were readable for about two seconds until the editors could hit the ‘delete’ button. They went like this: “Kill the animal. Now!” — “Emasculate the creep and let him eat the garbage” — and so on and on. And on. You get the general idea.

So when the silence hit the media, the blogs took over. The deluge of comments continued unabated, now including the judges who let Mr. Mohammed off the hook. The adjectives describing those judges are not fit for printing — to say nothing about translating. So I abstain.

And then something happened. Bloggers are not journalists, so they are allowed to think for themselves. Some of them — myself included — raised the question: “Who is to blame?” Mr. Mohammed? — No!… The judges?… Only partially!

Mr. Mohammed is NOT guilty.

As a pious Muslim he simply followed the law as mandated in his holy scriptures. He raped and ruined the life of some white, infidel girls — both above the six-year threshold set by his prophet. No wrongdoing here. He didn’t even kill them. Which he would have been perfectly entitled to do, considering that they now were whores.

But, you may ask, isn’t the law in Denmark above the Sharia?

Again, the answer is NO! Surprising as it may sound, I will return to that answer shortly. In the meantime I will answer the first one: The guilty ones are our own politicians, journalists and our entire ‘nomenklatura’!

But didn’t we elect those politicians ourselves? — Yes, we did. And isn’t Denmark a democracy? — Well, to some extent it is. However, the crux of the matter is that democracy doesn’t equal “rule by the people and for the people” — to say nothing of justice. It is a common misconception that democracy overrides anything else, and thus justifies every thinkable atrocity. Nothing could be more wrong. Hitler and his gang were democratically elected, for instance. From time immemorial the primary concern of the king has been to uphold the peace within his realm. If he failed to do so, he was relieved or killed. Mostly the latter. The task of upholding the peace outweighed everything else, as stated in the Magna Carta and all Danish charters since 1241. Even today our constitution doesn’t distinguish between the entities “king” and “state”. With an amendment added later, that no body should be above the parliament — the Danish Folketing.

Alas, the same Folketing overruled itself and our constitution. By caving in to various outlandish and obscure ‘conventions’ — such as ‘human rights’ — stemming from unelected bodies such as the UN, the EU and ‘International Courts of Justice’, it effectively set aside the fundamental obligation to uphold the peace. The kings of old could “outlaw” a serious perpetrator — any person who threatened the peace. Meaning that if he wanted to stay alive, he had to leave the land. That option stands. But is neglected. To the contrary, our politicians invite armies of “peace-breakers” into our country, free to murder, rape, plunder and behave themselves badly in general. The only downside being that they might face an essentially meaningless ‘punishment’ of a short time in a five-star luxury Quran school… eh… prison. Expulsion to their homelands will never — ever — be executed. No matter what. As the court heard in the present case, “Mr. Mohammed is well integrated into Danish society”. So, to translate it into legalese: “good integration means raping little girls at knife-point.

Accordingly, by demonstrating that the Folketing is subordinate to foreign authorities our politicians betrayed not only their own charters, but their entire electorate. They broke the peace. Luckily some Danes have memories, especially bloggers like myself. We have precedents. During the German occupation of Denmark our politicians caved in as well. Only this time they can not claim ‘pressure from overwhelming outside military force’. They are on their own now. But can they claim ignorance?

No way! — During the Nazi occupation the Danish Resistance Movement (Danmarks Frihedsraad) issued a warning to the contemporary politicians, journalists and powers-that-be. It was titled “When Denmark is Free Again” and outlined a future judicial code, stating that every person who in any way, manner, shape or form had helped or facilitated the occupation, would be held accountable and — eventually — punished. The document was published in the “underground press” — the contemporary version of our present blogosphere — whose primary edition was the magazine Frit Danmark. Starting from above with the politicians and all the way down to the average John Doe it made no secret of the fact that the death penalty would be reinstated. And it was. Unfortunately the politicians managed to influence the composition of the court — “The Parliamentary Commission” — so only the ‘small fish’ were executed. A lesson learned.

That document has been preserved. And slightly edited. Very slightly. The words ‘Nazi’ has been replaced by ‘Muslim’ and “Nazism” with “Islam”. The phrases “occupation” and “enemy” stand. It is published widely — for example here. So, once again, ignorance is no excuse. And when — not if — the balloon goes up, be it a terror attack with 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 slaughtered Danes, nothing is easier than opening a drawer. And nothing is easier than erecting or reusing a simple log shed — like this one — only this time large enough to accommodate those who broke the peace. If I were a politician, a journalist or some other facilitator for Islam I would have occasional… eh… occupational nightmares with faint reflections of that shed.

Is that a warning?

You bet!

Photo of BT front page © Snaphanen.

16 thoughts on “To Those Who Break the Peace

  1. Could you please translate the document stated at the end thanks. Maybe it can be used as a template for those in the U.K who are guilty of such things.

    • Sorry, but that would be a major undertaking. The document is very long and with lots of references to local Danish specifics, all written in complicated legalese. You can however get a quite good impression by submitting it to a Google translation – just skip the grammar.

  2. Viva Frit Danmark!

    I remember American lefties rallying in a small coastal California city park in 1970, crying that “Vietnam must be for the Vietnamese”. Even then, I thought, ‘Okay, fine, but let’s have America for the Americans as well’.

    Denmark for the Danes!
    Norway for the Norwegians!
    Muslims go back to Mecca! Commies, I don’t know, maybe go to Pyongyang?
    Lefties need to be held accountable for their treason.

    • It was the Danish bien pensant that invited the Somalis and other Muslims to Denmark and Scandinavia. Democracies are Muslim-friendly but their-own-citizens’ enemies. It is so true that people will take them 20 years and “a lot of shaking” to wake them up and see what kind of politicians we have. Diabolical.

  3. (Forgive my invective…..I could not control myself……)

    Oh my say I………

    I am remined of a rambling essay I wrote a few months ago……it’s called “An Open Letter To England by Don Laird”

    here is a link……

    I recall that while much of the response to my essay was very positive……there were those trembling liberal lilies who offered cautious comment…..saying…….”Oh My….don’t you think that’s a little too extreme…a little too harsh?”…….and now, months and months later….I ask….wither now my trembling lilies?….wither now my liberal and enlightened?………wither now you devotees of that reptile Chamberlain?………

    To the suffering of the Nordic women……to the misery and torment of their helpless children…….and to those laughable forms of life who call themselves men…….

    Let the provocations continue, let the suffering of the Danes, and the entirety of the Nords continue, let them watch as their wifes are raped and their daughters sodomised and murdered, made bloody, tattered and violated for the amusement of their guests, let the dying and tortured screams of their women ring in the ears of these cowards as they turn their backs on their own flesh and blood………let it continue forever and forever and one more richly deserved day after that……..let it continue until the Nordic women retch and vomit when standing by those sneering, shriveled imitations of the male form…..the true Nordic man….emasculated, withered and trembling………let it continue until from amongst those vile, trembling creatures steps a legion of men for whom cowardice is a goad and an injurious provocation……..let it continue until the echoes of the Viking can be heard across their land……..let it continue until the roar of Holger’s outrage drowns out the pitiful cries for mercy of the Nordic women………

    and then…….in the parlance of a western Canadian, let the well deserved backlash begin……let the men of these once proud Nordic countries hold their tormentors to account…..let the Nordic men pay visits to those treasonous and treacherous souls whose fawning and bootlicking has loosed peels of laughter in every mosque from Mecca to Median and every den of vipers in between….let the accounting begin and with an eye to holding those to account whose actions have wrought so much pain, heartache and suffering……… the parlance of a western Canadian……let these men saddle up and ride……….and let the hoofbeats of the righteous give grist for tomes historical a thousand years hence…….let these men acquit themselves in a fashion that speaks of manhood and a fashion that God himself would expect of them……let these men return to the dust of the Middle East, the vulgar, the crude, the barbaric, the depraved, the monstrous, the criminal and the murderous…..let the Nords return to from whence they came, Humanity’s lowest common denominator………

    Then and only then……..will they call themselves men……..then and only then……will their women call them men.

    Pro Deus et Pro Patri……….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

  4. Well, if the spupreme court does not change the verdict, I sure hope that the private intiative will take mr. Mohammed’s fate in its hands and make him wish, he had opted for being extradited to Somalia. We will ses aobut that.

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  6. I’m a Navy special forces vet and I’d be more than happy to help the Danes, or anyone else, with their cultural enrichment problem.

  7. Tell the Leftists that the native Danes (and such immigrants who want to be Danes), in the wake of the Gellerstrup child rapes, must follow Franz Fanon’s advice and engage in a bit of revolutionary catharsis against an unwanted and overbearing colonialism and its Quislings (OK, he was a Norwegian, but Denmark and Norway have been linked numerous times in history) in order to recover their manhood.

  8. Very confusing and misleading piece.

    1) No, the comment sections in the big media websites were not shut down – not on Jyllands-Posten and Berlingske anyway, and there’s still plenty of comments that’s in stark contravention with their basic talk board policy.

    Despite a constant stream of islamo-apologia, critics are allowed a platform and the Danish media consumers are much better off than those of Germany, Britain or the other Scandinavian countries.

    2) Magna Carta is an English law – it never applied to Denmark. You are probably thinking of Codex Holmiensis – Jyske Lov – from 1241, a rather different document. Magna Carta was a charter that protected the nobility against the king, the Codex Holmiensis protects ALL citizens against the king. You can call that ‘upholding the peace’, if you want, most people call it rule of law.

    3) The Danish constitution doesn’t equal the king and the state, it equals the king and the government, but if you read it carefully, you will note that the king’s power is circumscribed by the government by an institution called ‘counter signature’ – any law that the king gives is only valid if signed by the PM and the appropriate cabinet minister. I admit it’s terribly convoluted, but the Danish constitution is a democratic one.

    4) The Danish government doesn’t have an option to ‘outlaw’ people. A court of law can expel foreigners from the country for criminal behaviour, but not Danish citizens – not that Mr. Mohammed was a Dane; they could and (in my opinion) should have expelled him unconditionally.

    5) The Danish parliament didn’t ‘break the peace’ or commit high treason – they have acted within the powers granted to them by the constitution, or at least close enough that impeachment is not an option.

    6) You write: “Accordingly, by demonstrating that the Folketing is subordinate to foreign authorities our politicians betrayed not only their own charters…”

    The parliament (Folketing) does not have the power to deport Mr. Mohammed and it would be very worrying if it had. And the verdict, outrageous as it may be, falls within what’s prescribe in the Danish penal code.


    You seem to have a rather tenuous grasp on how a representative democracy works. Nowhere in the constitution does it say that the government has to rule ‘by the people and for the people’ or that their prime concern is ‘upholding the peace’ – these are just slogans.

    When you vote, you implicitly agree that you’ll accept the legitimate right of the winner of the election to take decisions in your name. A ballot is a power of attorney, not a contract.

    And yes, a large majority of Danes are against mass immigration, but they still vote pro-immigration parties into government, so they only have themselves to blame. If you can’t nail an impeachment on the PM, he’s – or rather ‘she’ at the moment – he’s done nothing wrong.

    In a democracy, you have the leaders you deserve.

    • “In a democracy, you have the leaders you deserve.”

      Only if the media tell the whole truth. If traitors in government engage in stealth ethnic-cleansing in one part of a country while the media covers it up then the majority will carry on voting as before. If once that first part is cleansed the traitors then repeat the cleansing in another part and then another then at each stage of the process the majority are never fully aware of what is being done to them.

      Ethnic cleansing is too strong?

      What happens when you have a violent crime problem in a neighborhood directed specifically at one ethnic group that is covered up by the media and ignored by the government? Everyone in that ethnic group who can afford to move away does move away.

      What happens if the government and media keep repeating the same process one neighborhood at a time?

      It’s ethnic cleansing by stealth – and as far as I’m aware the law against genocide doesn’t have an exemption for governments who do it to their own people.

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