“The Danish Justice System Is a Joke”

We reported last night and this morning on the recent leniency meted out by the Danish judicial system to the Somali child-rapist from Gullestrup. The following Danish TV report discusses the controversy over the decision, and interviews the oldest victim of the young culture-enricher.

Pay close attention to what the human rights expert says near the end of this clip. He confirms what I posted earlier today, examining only the legality of the procedure while completely ignoring its lack of justice. I’m not sure he even understands the concept of justice:


00:00   Victims and relatives are shocked that the Somali rapist from Gullestrup is allowed to stay in Denmark.
00:06   One of the victims calls the Danish justice system “a joke”, after the court of appeals
00:10   reversed the county court’s decision to expel the Somali from Denmark.
00:14   It was almost 2 years ago that 19-year-old Desiree Klein late at night was forced to perform oral sex.
00:21   After the court of appeals allowed Ahmed Omar Mohammed to stay in the country
00:24   the victim is very disappointed.
00:26   I thought, this simply cannot be. How can that in anyway be possible, that he is not leaving this country?
00:32   Desiree Klein hides her face, because she doesn’t want to be recognized on the street.
00:35   She feels the justice system has failed.
00:38   That’s when I thought, “the Danish justice system is a joke.”
00:40   One of the other three girls who were sexually abused by Ahmed Omar Mohammed was a 10-year-old girl.
00:46   Her uncle has now left Gullestrup.
00:48   It has affected us to such a degree that we decided to get away from it all, and left Gullestrup.
00:53   He was surprised that the court of appeals made his deportation conditional.
00:57   This is wrong, it’s either-or. Either he is deported or he is given a much longer sentence.
01:03   Which will teach him that what he did here is so wrong that you’ll have to pay for it.
01:08   Ella Villadsen has lived in Gullestrup for 19 years.
01:11   She is also upset that the perpetrator won’t be expelled from Denmark.
01:15   I believe there is a risk he’ll do it again.
01:17   So, I want him out, also to set an example to others.
01:20   Before Desiree Klein became a victim of sexual assault in October of 2011
01:24   she was a well-balanced young woman on her way to further education.
01:27   Now she has PTSD and is having a hard time going forward.
01:31   He has ruined a lot for me. He is the reason that I haven’t attended school, don’t have my education
01:36   and am no longer as outgoing socially as I used to be.
01:38   She is now afraid to meet the violent perpetrator on the streets again in a few years’ time.
01:42   It is in no way acceptable that he is allowed to stay here. It is a grave injustice.
01:50   Yesterday’s ruling not only sparked reactions from victims and relatives.
01:54   The Somali society in Herning are relieved that the 18 year-old is allowed to stay in Denmark.
01:59   But in parliament a number of politicians are shocked to hear the Somali is allowed to remain here.
02:05   MPs from both sides of the political spectrum were quick to distance themselves from yesterday’s ruling.
02:09   I believe that raping a 10-year-old girl makes you unfit to be part of Danish society.
02:15   This implies that if you are an immigrant, you are sent out of the country after finishing your sentence.
02:20   The Danish People’s Party came out with a quick response.
02:22   And the member of Government was baffled.
02:25   There has to be something in this case which I don’t know about.
02:28   Otherwise it makes no sense that the court would decide that this person cannot be expelled.
02:32   It baffles me, especially in light of the laws we have put in place.
02:35   Ahmed Omar Mohammed fled Somalia when he was seven years old.
02:38   According to the Somali Society in Herning, he has nothing to return to.
02:43   Therefore they are greatly relieved after yesterdays ruling.
02:47   He has no family there and his mother lives in Denmark.
02:52   And if he goes back there, he could easily end up in a group of terrorists.
03:00   The director of the Human Rights Institute pleads for calm on the part of the politicians.
03:04   He sees no argument as to why the ruling should be wrong.
03:08   I think they owe it to the courts to first read this ruling, and then explain what it is they did wrong.
03:14   And then point out precisely in which direction they wish to go forward.
03:19   Back among the politicians, Kristian Jensen still thinks,
03:22   that these crimes are so severe, that deportation is the only option.
03:25   It is unbelievable that a person who isn’t a Danish citizen
03:29   and has committed such a crime is able to stay in Denmark.
03:32   Karsten Lauridsen from the center-right, a member of the judicial committee,
03:35   believes that the case should be appealed to the Supreme Court.
03:39   Appeal to the Supreme Court is only granted if the ruling is determined to be a matter of legal principle.

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Hat tip: Kitman.

13 thoughts on ““The Danish Justice System Is a Joke”

  1. If that was my daughter, I would SO hope to run into that barbarian after he got out. He wouldn’t be able to rape another woman, that’s for sure. So the Somalis are worried that if he was returned to Somalia he could become a terrorist. If I lived in Denmark I would rather he be in Somalia and a terrorist than a rapist on the streets on my hometown. If a rapist isn’t considered a terrorist I don’t know what is. And Europe thinks we Americas are savage because some of our states have the death penalty. But at least we send rapists away for a long time, and have ways to deal with them after they get out to ensure they don’t run into their victims. Denmark is considered a progressive country. I don’t see what they are doing there as progress, unless giving hardcore felons damn near a free pass as progress.

  2. yes!

    these danish blind death battery hens! are scum traitors the majority of them!

    living in their welfare dreamland with there heads in the sand! im alright jack, attitudes, yes i lived in sweden and norway and denmark in the 80s and 90s

    these anti white traitors, supporting the genocide of there own natives and country and upholding the msm propaganda lie machine, yes these traitors are the root of the destruction of europe and the west!

    islam = nazis
    these anti white racisys

    • Calm down. Obviously the Danes are outraged about it.
      A few Lawyers, Judges and Lobbyists however, are about the thwart decend common sense. Nothing wrong with the Danes per se. Just the Elite who look at their cattle, oops people, as assets to be sacrificed to their dark Moloch.

      • Elsewhere today, I saw another good simile, based on Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’:

        -“the shire versus Mordor” (us decent, common-sense little hobbits versus the great evil sorcerer powers-that-be)

  3. Perhaps I am mistaken…but didn’t they show the face of the victim twice?

    • I think the victim’s face remained hidden; the faces we saw were someone else, it seemed to me.

      I heard the victim say how she felt so frightened now. I pray she can put her life back together again. Everyone’s different, but I would hope she studies a martial art (such as Krav Maga, or many others) and packs a concealed weapon at all times -pepper spray, knife, gun, if possible, for a last-resort self-defense tool when the talk-him-down and run-away options fail. Just having such a tool can lend confidence, which she evidently needs more than ever now. As Charl van Wyk put it, “A firearm in the hand is better than a policeman on the phone”.

      I know Norway has provision for honest folks interested in a target-shooting handgun club to do so; maybe Denmark has similar provisions. If she goes this route, don’t advertise it; a big part of its potential is the advantage of surprise.

      She should also have family and friends around for support. I would recommend church, and of course, most importantly, a personal relationship with God.

  4. Why doesn’t anyone of you you sign the petition to get him expelled? Again:

    It is at


    The title says, ‘Expel rapist Ahmed Omar Mohamed! The danish judiciary has again brought shame upon itself.’

    The petition is not restricted to danes. Scroll down and enter fornavn = first name, efternavn = surname, by = place, etc.

    Then they ask if your signature is supposed to show, and you tick according to your preferences. Then click on ‘Skriv under på denne underskriftindsamling’ – done.

    If you then want to see your signature, then click on the 2nd tab – underskrifter (signatures). For the last ones (which will contain your own), click the box furthest right.

    And yes, I have signed, # 6613, if I remember properly.

  5. This video made me furious!

    [Expletive] them! How dare that human rights guy said it would be unfair to deport him! Was it fair for him to ruin the life of a child and a whole family?! Who cares if he has no family left in Somalia? Either follow the rules of the country that’s willing to take you in or face the consequences!

    I truly believe it’s way overdue to say human rights are a good thing, but they have to protect the people, who are at home in a country, first and imigrants second. If I were the father of that child I would be facing court for murder right now. A person ready to harm a child will never be any good for society!

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