New Germans in Neukölln Celebrate Hamas

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Berliner Morgenpost:

After incident on Monday — Berlin police ban demonstration in front of Neukölln school

by Miriam Schaptke
October 11, 2023

After a fight in a school, several dozen people gathered for a pro-Palestinian demonstration. Police intervened.

Berlin police banned a demonstration in front of the Ernst-Abbe School in Neukölln. About 60 people came to the demonstration, among them students, and their parents as well. The police had to contend with the heated atmosphere with 150 officers.

Ernst-Abbe School: Conflict between student and teacher

At the Arnst-Abbe School on Sonnenallee, a student showed up on Monday with a Palestinian flag, whereupon there was a violent confrontation with a teacher. The demonstration planned for Wednesday was initiated by the parents. The Berlin police had safety concerns.

In addition, a Palestinian demonstration planned for Wednesday afternoon was banned by police because it represented a danger to public safety and order. This concerns the current situation in the Middle East and crimes at previous demonstrations. On Saturday, the pro-Palestinian network Samidoun celebrated the attack against Israel on a street in Neukölln. (With German Press Agency)

13 thoughts on “New Germans in Neukölln Celebrate Hamas

  1. This traitors, idiots,in Bundestag ( Merkel) started imported this barbarians!!in millions, this government should be wiped out from Bundestag right now !!!, what they did and continue to do importing this animals Germany and Europe is barbaric for European people,!! Another terrorist organization EU. Mafia should be dissolved ASAP!!, it’s despicable what they did to this Christian continent..

    • “it’s despicable what they did to this Christian continent..”

      A couple of years ago, a friend in Germany told me something similar, adding that it’s becoming a widespread view… least amongst the Volk. In response, I posted this to fb last year:

      “I believe there’s an international movement—which may become violent—that’s quietly intensifying AGAINST commie-toddlerism (aka socialism, fascism, Marxism, et al) and its practitioners (aka elites, sophisticates, the leftist ruling classes, et al). I believe my previous predictions of a Bosnian-style civil war in the US may’ve been too myopic, therefore missing the wider (i.e., global) scope of swelling outrage.”

      Unfortunately, since then, I’ve seen nothing to suggest otherwise.

      • You wont believe it, but Henry Kissinger called the german immigration policies a big (great) mistake.

        Quote: “Die Bilder von jubelnden Arabern auf Berliner Straßen nach dem Angriff der Hamas auf Israel nannte Kissinger, der als Jude vor dem Holocaust aus Deutschland fliehen musste: „schmerzlich“. Die Ursache sieht er auch in der deutschen Asylpolitik: „Es war ein schwerer Fehler, so viele Menschen völlig verschiedener Kulturen, Religionen und Überzeugungen hereinzulassen, weil es Interessengruppen hervorbringt in den Ländern.“”
        The pictures af celebrating arabs on the streets of Berlin after the attack of Hamas on Israel called Kissinger, who as a jew had to flee before the Holocaust from Germany: painful. The reason he sees also in Germanies asylumpolicy. “It was a big (great) mistake, so many people of different cultures, religions, convictions allow to enter Germany, because then groups of interest come into being in those countries.”

        Sorry, but wasnt it the USA, with Kissinger as one of the main politicians who demanded that Germany opens its borders?

      • It will come to where it is us of European extraction against everyone else including those who celebrate our demise that is going to make the Balkans look like a Sunday school picnic in both scope, scale and barbarity. The one thing these 3rd worlders and their leftist enablers and the parasitic class do not understand is the European mans innate ability to go from calm reserved people, to people who will slaughter all in his way. they are all about to learn this lesson in spades.

      • Dehumanizing language against who? The orcs?

        If so, then I fail to see the connection. Calling a spade a spade is not dehumanizing, it’s reality.

      • To be dehumanized, one must first be human, the 3rd world orcs are sub human, therefore worthy of whatever befalls them and those that support and defend them.

  2. I really can’t understand how and why Germany became a multicultural state. Germans weren’t famous for her sympathy to the foreigners (Ausländern). Have they changed so much?

    • Global agenda!, European Union , population replacement, that’s what is happening right now in Germany and all over Western Europe

      • But here we are talking about the total change of mentality of the German people. They are rather supporting the enrichers than protesting against them and the change of their country to multicultural one.

    • No country that has ever suffered from diversity/multiculturalism has ever not suffered massive bloodshed, ever. There will be blood and lots of it because of the useful idiots and the parasitic class bringing this plague of diversity upon us.

  3. There could very well be similar attacks in Europe, and especially if the west remain steadfast on Israel’s side (which they of course should). And the million dollar question is what will the outcome of such scenarios be? The Bataclan attack only lead to a display of teddy bears and platitudes about “our values are stronger than the terrorists”. So did the Charlie Hebdo attack, the 7/7 attacks in London and the Manchester bombing.

    So what if such attacks happen and the death toll climbs into the tens of thousands? What then? Will the authorities attempt to tone it down just like in the past, or will it signify a point of no return? And will fed up citizens finally take the law into their own hands if the states fail to take appropriate action?

    It’s not that unthinkable, because anyone who believes that these barbarians aren’t going to be fired up when they see the destruction that Israel is going to wreak upon Hamas are seriously deluded. There will be a tit for tat reaction, and if you live in a big city in a country that supports Israel’s right to defend itself you should be concerned.

    We live in interesting times indeed. The world is in chaos and the fuse in the powder keg is getting shorter by the minute.

    • “The world is in chaos and the fuse in the powder keg is getting shorter by the minute.”

      Thank you, Prince Aricept (President Biden).

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