Geert Wilders: “The Government is Betraying Our Own People”

In the following video from the Dutch parliament provided by the PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid, Party for Freedom), Geert Wilders lists some of the horrors inflicted on his compatriots by the “asylum seekers” from the country’s overflowing migrant detention centers.

“I told the Dutch Minister of Justice in parliament about the horrific crimes from asylum seekers in The Netherlands. Almost all North Africans and Arabs. Our country is being destroyed and the government is betraying our own people. Stop this horror!!’’

Note: Our crew didn’t do the translation and subtitling, so I can’t provide a transcript.

5 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: “The Government is Betraying Our Own People”

  1. No one cares
    Poor guy he is risking his life every second
    And the criminology not care

  2. Catastrophic!!is not only in Holland is everywhere in Western Europe.. RIP..

  3. I remember years ago before the hoards of savages descended on us. Many contributors to Gates of Vienna, including myself, predicted this would happen and the politicians who enabled it have not been held accountable.

  4. I love Geert Wilders and I respect him for telling the truth about Muslim terrorists.

    I know that Ned will redact the word I use to express disdain for these pos

    All in All Muslims are [redacted].

  5. Well I guess if we will not delete them they will have to delete us. Where and when will the next 9/11 mega plus be? Muslim planning and preparation must be well advanced by now.

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