Santiago Abascal: “This Government is to Blame for Leaving us Without Sovereignty”

Santiago Abascal is the leader of the “populist” Vox party in Spain and a member of the Congress of Deputies. The following video contains excerpts from a speech given by Mr. Abascal a week ago at a rally in Murcia.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

For more information on the rally in Murcia, see this Breitbart article (hat tip Reader from Chicago).

Video transcript:

09:52   This government is to blame for the fact
09:55   that safety has become a luxury for the Spanish people nowadays.
09:58   They are to blame for releasing and reducing the sentences
10:02   of pedophiles and rapists, making women feel more and more unsafe.
10:06   For the fact is that private ownership and the safety of our homes are now history.
10:12   This government is to blame for attacking our freedoms with totalitarian laws.
10:19   Like the one that tells us what to think of our grandparents,
10:23   that is, if they were on one side, they were good, while they were bad, if they were on the other.
10:26   But they will never make us hate anybody, any of our grandparents!
10:31   No matter which side they fought on in that fratricidal war
10:35   that apparently someone impatiently wants to bring back,
10:39   destroying the harmony that we are going to preserve.
10:45   That freedom that all mainstream media attack, with those powerful labels
10:50   that are used to gag and silence all those who dissent.
10:54   This government is to blame for destroying the equality among Spanish people.
10:59   Not only equality at the national level, but also the equality between women and men.
11:04   With unfair laws that aren’t working at all, to stop the plague known as violence against women.
11:12   Laws that are unfit for that purpose, but that criminalize men, for the mere fact of being men.
11:23   They have destroyed women’s safety too, since women are not safe any more, not even in prisons,
11:30   now that a man who used to be a rapist can say that he identifies as a woman.
11:34   And now that women find it hard to compete in sports,
11:37   since they are supposed to compete with a gentleman who says he is now a woman.
11:41   Women have also been prejudiced by that…
11:47   I was going to call him names, but… anyway…
11:52   This government is to blame for leaving us without sovereignty,
11:57   in the political, economic and energy fields.
12:02   For instance, who is in charge in this government?
12:05   Those millionaires Sanchez is now giving money to: they are.
12:08   The people that he hangs out with and listens to, in the Davos Forum.
12:13   Those men who want to pass over borders, nations, democracies,
12:19   so that a very few people decide anywhere in the world, far and wide,
12:23   what should be decided by each of us instead, within the sovereignty of each nation.

6 thoughts on “Santiago Abascal: “This Government is to Blame for Leaving us Without Sovereignty”

  1. They have to get rid of Sanchez ASASP!!, He is Trudeau of Spain , traitor like all of them all over Europe..

  2. This is all part of the plan to destroy the cohesion of nation states.
    Monocultures lead to strong nations, while multicultures weaken nations.
    The commies are part masters of the art of divide and conquer.

    What they never seen to understand though, is that nothing lasts forever and eventually they will lose everything.

  3. John in Cheshire,

    Frans Timmermans is captured on a video declaring that diversity us the destiny of mankind. He states this sacred proposition of most Western “nations” clearly, unequivocally and with absolute certainty yet this hideously destructive, plain-as-day treason was never submitted to any voters for their consideration and agreement.

    There is precisely zero benefit to the once somewhat coherent nations from diversity. It is an ipse dixit of the overlords, the life-destroying malignancy of which — and of whom — exists outside of and impervious to our “democracies” and their expensive convulsions and histrionics.

    These “democracies” are suffused with our “values,” or so it is declared, which we commend to all the benighted peoples on the planet yet they are remarkable only for their cretinous social policies and their vigorous immune responses of “hate speech” and “white supremacy” — and vicious marginalization — to the lamest, most timid dissenters.

    It was an amazing propaganda accomplishment of those who finally sold Europeans on the EU monstrosity to sell the proposition that the problems of the 20th-c. hitherto were the result of “nationalism,” so help me God, when any fool could see that they were the result of totalitarian government and power politics played at by sociopaths.

    In short, the EU from the very beginning proceeded on the premise that the people were the enemy and that unelected government officials only remotely answerable to them were the appropriate controllers. Totalitarianism lite, you see, with a bellyful down the road.

    Still, it’s as John says. Voters are indifferent to their own survival and in the main are happy if the government performs its role as vending machine.

    • Nationalism is going to make a roaring comeback for that is going to be the only place to be in order to survive the 3rd world hoards.

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