Giovanni Donzelli: “Someone Will Have to Answer for This”

Giovanni Donzelli is an Italian politician from Florence who represents the Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) in the Chamber of Deputies.

In the following video Mr. Donzelli announces from the floor of the Chamber of Deputies that his party will set up a Committee of Inquiry to examine the previous government’s handling of the Wuhan Coronavirus crisis.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We will never forget that there was a government that used to demand social distancing,
00:07   while they filled schools with wheeled desks, so students could move around,
00:11   saying that opening the window was the solution.
00:14   We will never forget the drones that used solely to chase people on beaches,
00:19   disregarding the overcrowded buses, while the virus was spreading.
00:25   We will not forget those who used to say that the virus was more contagious whenever people would
00:29   sit down to have a coffee, whereas it wasn’t any longer, if one had the coffee while standing.
00:34   We will not forget all of that. We will not forget those who wanted to criminalize
00:38   the citizens who hadn’t downloaded the app “Immune”.
00:42   The most useless app in the history of the last twenty years.
00:52   I guess it wasn’t useless for some. I guess someone has benefitted from this situation.
00:58   And that is why we, today, announce with clarity and determination
01:02   that after the Christmas holidays,
01:05   we will schedule the request to set up a Committee of Inquiry to shed light on all that happened.
01:22   The opposition parties…
01:25   Please, ladies and gentlemen.
01:29   Let us Deputy Donzelli finish up, since he doesn’t have much time, thank you.
01:33   As for the opposition parties who try to make it hard for the Government,
01:37   by bringing up the Covid matter, we would like to remind them we will go through with it,
01:41   because we would like to know why no pandemic plan had been set up in Italy,
01:44   and why the Minister of Health lied to Italians, saying there was a pandemic plan.
01:52   And then he said that there was no need of such a plan,
01:56   whereas the Scientific Committee has publicly declared
01:59   that if there had been, we could have saved more human lives.
02:03   And someone will have to answer for this. We will point that out in the Committee of Inquiry.
02:07   As we will point out that on February 12, 2020,
02:10   five tons of medical supplies were being shipped to China,
02:14   whereas in our hospitals our physicians were devoid of masks.
02:20   We will ask why, while knowing that Italians needed to be alerted from a medical point of view,
02:27   someone was having appetizers in front of the Navigli of Milan, saying racism was the only virus.
02:32   We will go through with it. And since I was listening to people bringing up the case of Lombardy,
02:39   we will go through with it, to find out what really went on in the red areas.
02:42   Because the Conte Government has never disclosed the documents about all that went on,
02:48   because it was suitable to accuse the Lombard government,
02:51   when the national Government was probably the one to be held accountable.
02:54   And we will also go through with it, as for the contract,
02:57   the service charges, the €71 million case.
03:00   Colleagues, silence, please.
03:07   Deputy Donzelli, finish up, please. I was.
03:10   And we will go through with it, as for the contract worth €71 million,
03:13   for the purchase of medical supplies from China.
03:16   And also as for the contract worth €12 million, made by the consultant Benotti,
03:20   a friend of the Democratic Party and of the Government.
03:24   Contract for the purchase of medical supplies.
03:28   We will also go through with it, as for Zingaretti’s contract
03:31   for the purchase of 11 million masks, which never arrived.
03:34   Because we are on the side of science. We will never use the virus to limit…
03:40   Please finish up, Deputy Donzelli. We will never use either the virus or science
03:45   to engage in political campaigning, just to bring in a few more votes.
03:49   We will use freedom, science, medicine to defend our citizens,
03:53   and to shed light on the disaster you created while you were in charge.

5 thoughts on “Giovanni Donzelli: “Someone Will Have to Answer for This”

  1. “while the virus was spreading” […] “we could have saved more human lives” etc.

    — All of it is within the Narrative. It is obviously controlled opposition. Someone who speaks Italian should research it and write it up in order to expose it.

    • controlled opposition as you said right well, who are now in the government. it is just a small complain for little things and little robberies, not even addressing the real people behind it all who are in WHO (declerade the scandemic) and in the international western government and still declaring “we follow science” after all what happend. the damn thing is that the coaltion government now italy comprises FI (Berlusconi) which was in the same 2 precedent coalition governments (Draghi and Conte 2), and Lega (Salvini) which was supporting too the vax mandate government (Draghi). the premier Meloni herself (FdI) never criticized Draghi government and also said that they were supporting it witgout entering in the coalition. So this hipocrit speaker (of FdI) should ask himself why is he in coalition with the same people he is complaining about. . .

  2. I like his joke.

    There will be no accountability whatsoever.
    No one will be prosecuted, no one will be sent to prison.

  3. As far as I know Italians they are so corrupt that nothing positive will happen

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