Damien Rieu: “I Don’t Want My Country to Become Lebanon”

Damien Rieu is a French politician and a co-founder of Génération Identitaire, which has been banned by the French government. In the local elections of 2021 he was a candidate for Marine Le Pen’s party Rassemblement National (National Rally), but in 2022 switched to Reconquête (Reconquest), Éric Zemmour’s party.

In the following three video clips from French TV, Mr. Rieu goes head-to-head with Muslims and their infidel sympathizers.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Clip #1:

Clip #2:

Clip #3:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   The religion of Muslims… —Is a serious religion. —Is a religion of peace. —Yes, as we see.
00:04   Yes, well… —So the prophet Mohammed wasn’t a warrior.
00:08   It is a religion of peace. What you’re saying is absurd. —He didn’t wage war or did he?
00:12   A religion of peace where everyone practices his own religion —Who did the prophet Mohammed kill?
00:15   You have court cases? You say mine are blank. You think you handle more cases than me?
00:19   Answer, you aren’t answering. —No, you aren’t answering me. —A peaceful religion with
00:22   a prophet who kills people? —Ah, you think so all Muslims are like that? —That’s not what I said.
00:26   I asked you a question. —No, no. —The prophet Mohammed and Muslims kill who?

Video transcript #2:

00:00   More importantly, I wanted to ask you: have you been to Muslim countries? —Yes.
00:03   What for? —To do humanitarian work, because in these countries
00:07   Christians and Jews are in danger. So it’s important to help them.
00:10   Cowardly and vicious, he said. —Superman. —He’s cowardly and vicious, I think. I’m outta here.
00:17   We’re on TV. —I swear by my mother’s life. Zero. —Zero.
00:23   Do you see this crazy person? —We can’t hear you anymore. —You’re sick in the head, y’know?
00:28   I don’t want to be exposed to him, that’s why I gotta leave. I’m scared, that’s it.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   What is Islamization? You’re the doctor, is that it? To treat the symptoms? —So Islamization,
00:03   for example is the fact that Muslim names have multiplied by thousands in my country. —So?
00:08   The number of mosques has multiplied by 1,000 within 70 years. —So? —I don’t want to
00:11   become Pakistan. —Does that change, does it change… —I don’t want to become Saudi Arabia.
00:14   I don’t want my country to become Lebanon.

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  1. So many useless discussions
    Typical coward French
    The enemy is in front of them abd they refuse to see it
    Exactly why they needed the English and Americans to save them twice from Germans
    This will have to be solved again because French have atomic bombs
    But definitely not because we have to save the French
    French as people are coward and useless
    Not even in fashion
    Not even in foood

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