Controlled Demolition

I assume that by now most readers have heard about the kerfuffle over several sets of classified documents that have been “discovered” in an office belonging to the president, and also at his personal residence in Delaware. I won’t bother posting any links; if for some reason you missed the story, just look at any news site to learn the details. It’s all over the MSM.

That’s one of the ways we know that a controlled demolition of the presidency of Joseph R. Biden Jr. is currently underway. If the revelations were not a deliberately planned and executed operation, the media would be burying the story.

In fact, there would have been no reason whatsoever for the information to have become public in the first place. The supposed “discovery” of the initial batch of documents took place in early November, just before the midterm elections. If the president’s men were able to bury the story for more than two months, why not just bury it forever? After all, every government agency involved is under the complete control of the same oligarchs who rigged the election and installed their puppet in the Oval Office. There was no reason for the news of the classified docs ever to see the light of day. It would have been a simple task just to deep-six them forever.

So what’s the reason for the timing? Why are they being revealed now, in mid-January?

Obviously, the news had to wait until after the midterms. But the operation couldn’t be delayed for too long after the new House was sworn in, because of the pesky little problem of the new Republican majority. In order to be elected speaker, Kevin McCarthy had to agree to the formation of a committee that is just now beginning to investigate the machinations of the intelligence wing of the Deep State. Most of the Republicans on the committee are as fully controlled by the Deep State as are the Democrats, but not all. There is a chance, a very slight chance, that one or more of those maverick Republicans might be able to shine some light into the dark corners of the Intelligence Community and reveal the activities of the scheming cockroaches who normally remain hidden behind the wainscoting or under the refrigerator.

So it’s time to trot out all those classified documents, which were carefully held in reserve until the time came when they were needed. Now we will go through a long elaborate faux-judicial process. A special counsel has been appointed. Various witnesses will be subpoenaed and deposed. Evidence will be gathered. Carefully timed leaks to the press will be arranged, so that the unfolding story can be shaped and guided via hundreds of media stories to produce the exact result that is wanted.

The pressure will gradually become unbearable, and eventually the president will be induced to resign, probably for health reasons. And there’s always the issue of his wayward son Hunter, who could be hit with far more serious criminal charges than he has seen so far. In return for an insignificant little legal slap on the boy’s wrist, Dad could agree to make a graceful exit, and then shuffle off to assisted living at some well-appointed facility in a salubrious climate, possibly in an overseas location which has no extradition treaty with the United States.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Ever since the puppet was invested back in January of 2021, I’ve assumed there was a plan in place to term-limit him in a carefully choreographed way that would do the least possible damage to the interests of the Democrats and their masters in the permanent government. It was clear that they could never risk Joe Biden’s running for re-election, and since he has now announced his intention (presumably prodded by Dr. Jill) to do exactly that, something obviously needed to be done. And the long-prepared plan needed to be put into motion quickly, before any of those annoying non-compliant Republicans could do anything off-script.

The only thing that confuses me at this point is that they have to resolve the Kamala problem before the puppet is officially retired, and I don’t see any signs that they’re preparing her own controlled demolition. Lord knows, given the way she came up (or went down) in California politics, there must be plenty of dirt on Ms. Harris that could be readily employed to provide the leverage necessary to ease her out the door. Yet no depth charges targeting her have yet been planted in the media.

However, something will have to be done before Mr. Biden goes. They will need a specially picked VP in place, appointed by Congress, ready to become POTUS as soon as Droolin’ Joe exits the stage. (The process will be similar to the one that saw the resignation of Spiro Agnew and the appointment of Gerald Ford as vice president, which cleared the way for Nixon to be eased out and replaced with a reliable apparatchik from the Republican wing of the Uniparty.)

So the next few months should be interesting. The fun part will be trying to guess who the specially selected new VP will be. Hillary? Michelle Obama? Gavin Newsom?

My bet is on someone younger, who can serve the remainder of Joe Biden’s term and then two of his/her/its own. Such a person will have be plausible enough that zhe can be “re-elected” — which is why Kamala can never be considered, because nobody with the IQ of a root vegetable would ever believe that a majority of the electorate voted for her.

There’s nothing any of us useless eaters can do about all this. It has all been carefully scripted, and the plan will be executed in a series of precisely-timed steps. Ordinary Republicans, who are always so eager to fasten their attention on the dastardly things done by Democrats, will be provided with plenty of fodder to enrage them, keeping them in thrall while the real action takes place behind the political scrim.

All we can do is sit back and watch the show.

And prepare ourselves for the day when we own nothing, eat the bugs, and are happy about it.

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  1. And prepare ourselves for the day when we own nothing, eat the bugs, and are happy about it, or taken home by the Lord when He sounds the trumpet as the bridegroom. We must keep our candles that are in our windows lit with the wicks properly trimmed so that our light will shine brightly and we will be easy for Him to find.

  2. My prediction:

    In next 12 months there all kinds of Biden crime family reporting by MSM, so Joe says no go on 2024 and that takes care of his VP.

  3. They’ll have to somehow accident the hoe or make her die of “suddenly”.

    As dumb as she is, it’s unlikely that she doesn’t have the dirt on many of her bedfellows from California politics including the dirt on one perfectly coifed silver-haired presidential wannabe. In this day and age, a sex scandal isn’t going to be enough to force her out, and while she undoubtedly has plenty of skeletons under her bed, its unlikely to be more salacious than fellating the king turd of CA politics as the price for assistance winning her SF prosecutor race.

    If she becomes the president, the deep state will have a hard time preventing her from going rogue without any scandal other than her incompetence. And they run the risk of her realizing that she can be greater than any Democrat since FDR if she starts repealing the more odious of her predecessor’s executive actions and denouncing and exposing her former boss as the corrupt and demented fool that he is. At which point she would be truly uncontrollable excepting some kind of accident.

    • I think I know how they get her out of the picture.

      Before I came to gatesofvienna I read about the bumpstock ban in the USA.

      Would be mighty convienient if a disgruntled gun owner would try to hit big (the President), but Biden is not there, only Kamala and BINGO.

      But I am just a conspiracy theorist.

    • Harris said during the nomination process that Biden was a sex offender and that she could produce a couple of women to back up that claim. She was then appointed for the vice-presidential position, and we never heard another word about it.
      just a co-incidence, I’m sure.

  4. I am in basic agreement with the article.

    But concerning the Kamala Harris problem, I think it would be bad optics for the Democrats to “throw under the bus” a black woman. I’m inclined to think that factions of the Deep State will allow her to assume the Presidency. But the 2024 Dem primaries for President will be contested, and considering her high unfavorability, even within her own party, she won’t be the nominee.

    • Perhaps she is just smart enough to pull that off. I am not sure if they knew how bad she was when she was installed. The machine really just needs a face in the POTUS as long as they tow the party line. This article and the comments are the best sense I have heard on this matter, basically on target. Who is the question

      • Oh, they knew what a fraud she was, but read my post above. If she became POTUS, we should worry that the musclemen will see this as an example of how stupid and weak America is and go all out escalate their attacks to open warfare.
        I really believe that there are muslims who think that we’re so corrupt and immoral that they would do us a favor by conquering us.

  5. Re: “In fact, there would have been no reason whatsoever for the information to have become public in the first place. The supposed “discovery” of the initial batch of documents took place in early November, just before the midterm elections. If the president’s men were able to bury the story for more than two months, why not just bury it forever?”

    Baron, I think your analysis is on the right track. Just wanted to note that this “disclosure” is a classic example of a limited hangout. What is that, you ask? It is a quasi-official slang term from the intelligence world.

    When a scandal can’t be kept hidden any longer and is inevitably going to go public, and there’s no chance of stopping it, the black bag artists resort to plan B. Which is to seize control of the narrative by themselves revealing a limited and carefully-selected portion of the damning information, typically the least-damaging parts of it.

    In other words, they’re hanging a sign on the problem, hence “hang-out,” and since they are releasing only a carefully-selected portion of the info they want to go away, “limited”… so “limited hangout”… get it?

    The ruling class and deep-state seldom turn upon their own, unless that individual, group or organization becomes a liability and therefore dangerous to them all.

    It is Washington, D.C. practice going back a long time indeed that the top man doesn’t get dirt – let alone actual blood – on his hands. That’s what the foot soldiers are for, your underlings. If someone has to take the rap, generally it is the lower-ranking lieutenants and foot soldiers who should be worried. That’s how it works in the mob, and machine-politics in places like Chicago isn’t much different.

    However, there are exceptions, and Slo-Joe Biden is clearly one of them. Why dispose of Biden and perhaps Harris now? The short answer is that they have fulfilled their usefulness, and now the deep-state and the powerful actors in the shadows are ready for the next act in their little drama, which requires new actors on stage.

    There are many possible reasons why Biden is on the way out. He is hated even by many Democrats, which is troubling to the men in the shadows. True, they don’t believe that the vote should matter when it comes to whom they choose to sit in the Oval Office, but they do value very much the appearance of propriety. And if even lefties are turning on Biden-Harris, then maybe it is time for them to exit stage left.

    Biden isn’t eligible under the 25th Amendment to inhabit the presidency in the first place, and wasn’t during his campaign. Which suggests that someone or something had designs on how to best use him while at the same time rewarding him for being a good foot soldier all of those years when he held Obama’s umbrella for him.

    One scenario which has been bandied about is that the Democrats – like rats jumping off a sinking ship – don’t want to be anywhere near the halls of power when the USD (U.S. dollar) finally crashes and along with it the economy. If the you-know-what hits the fan, they don’t want to get splattered; they want Republics – in particular the hated MAGA GOP folks – to get it instead, along with the blame for the damage that they caused back when the proles weren’t paying as much attention. Why not let a Republican take the fall and the blame instead?

    Longtime Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just “retired” after years in that position. Was it a coincidence that it happened just now, or does she know something we don’t? If criminal charges are pending, it will be tougher to reach her if she is a civilian and retired from politics. Or if the worst happens, taking that long-overdue trip to a country without an extradition treaty with the USA!

    Biden can be gotten rid of via medical incapacity. Harris could be bought off, a la Bernie Sanders back in 2016, when he threatened to raise a stink about HRC and cheating in the Democrat Primaries.

    The deep state prefers to use the carrot, but don’t rule out the stick. When those folks get scared and/or unhappy, they’re capable of anything.

    • Ah, but this is more than a limited hangout. There was no reason why those docs couldn’t have stayed hidden forever. No need for anything to hang out.

      This is a controlled demolition, and was long in the planning. The documents have been held in reserve for just this purpose.

  6. …or – it is a controlled demolition of the USA 🙂

    Who better to do the job than Kamala?

    Gender inclusive, non-offending, rainbow US Army is not going to protect the USA against what is coming. More immigrants, more chaos, food shortage, and boom!

    I am of the opinion that the US Citizens should look at the US politics through the optics of Ideological Subversion tactics employed against an enemy nation by a “hidden enemy” – it’s a classic Sun Tzu tactics against an enemy more powerful than you are.

    So – lets consider that the US government has been subverted by the enemy, and therefore The US government is actively fighting against its own citizens, destroying everything that made America great – freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom to petition the government and freedom to gather together, etc…

    The Border is wide open, the Dollar is running on who knows what, since the international money game is rigged, but the latest printing press adventure signals it’s going “all in”

    Joe Biden guaranteed he will end fossil fuels. Can you imagine what would that do to the USA, to run out of gas? While Kamala takes the presidency?

    So, that’s where I see the things going, while I hope I am seeing it wrong, because I like America. But as some old white man said: “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure.”

    The US Government people, of course, want that tree cut down, and they have already struck the trunk a million times with an axe…

  7. The deep-state oligarchs like having compromised people like Joe Biden in power, because of the immense leverage that their foibles, misdeeds and even crimes gives them.
    The “why now?” partial exposure of Joe and Hunter’s dirty laundry may be nothing more than the men in the shadows turning the screws on Biden to bring him back into line with what his masters want, i.e., an escalation of the war against Russia in the Ukraine, for example. The oligarchs prefer the carrot, but are perfectly willing to use the stick if needs be…

    • But if the war heats up, it may heat up more than the bargained (meaning nuclear explosion hot).

      And even if it is limited, there will be repercussions worldwide, because radioactive contaminated soil will be transported by the jetstream and normal wind around the globe. It may take a few years but every inch of Earth will get a dose of it.

      Yes, even the hangouts of the elite in Autralia / New Zealand etc will not be excempt.

      The only escape would be a gigantic underground, hermetically sealed construct that is completely shut off and not dependend on resources (water, food etc) from above ground, where we normal people live.
      And this station has to be sealed for at least a century if not more for the radioactivity to drop – positively speaking.

      (Cue “Dr Strangelove” the mineshaft gap and the ratio of 10 women for 1 man. And it must have a certain minimum population for genetic diversity to prevent inbreeding and other undesirable effcts of not enough people.)

      Or a big space station.

  8. .

    Whose fault – Biden’s or the deep…?

    Billström rages against “mock execution”
    of Erdogan

    13 January 2023


    Foreign Minister Tobias Billström (M) condemns in strong terms the hanging of a doll representing the Turkish president by Kurdish activists
    Recep Tayyip Erdogan outside Stockholm City Hall.

    The images were posted on Twitter on Wednesday by the Rojava committees, which support the Kurdish YPG and YPJ, and have created a diplomatic storm.

    “History shows how dictators often end, so for everyone’s sake Erdogan, now take the chance to resign, so you don’t end up upside down in Taksim Square!”,
    the organisation wrote.

    The incident has prompted Turkey to summon Sweden’s ambassador Staffan Herrström to its foreign ministry.

    Ankara has also withdrawn its invitation to Parliament Speaker Andreas Norlén, who was due to visit the Turkish parliament next week.

    The government has posted a statement by Foreign Minister Tobias Billström (M) condemning the Kurdish coup, which is not entirely without humour.

    Billström states that “the government understands that Turkey is reacting, although we regret that the trip of the Speaker has been postponed”.

    He also stresses that “relations with Turkey are very important for Sweden”.

    “We take what has happened incredibly seriously. To carry out a kind of mock execution of a foreign, democratically elected leader is reprehensible
    in itself, and especially in a country that has twice lost leading politicians
    by assassination,” the minister writes.

    The action is intended “precisely as sabotage against the Swedish NATO application”, Billström writes further.

    He continues:

    “This shameless act now risks complicating and delaying the process in which Sweden and our future ally Turkey step by step built trust in each other to enable a Turkish ratification of a Swedish membership in NATO.

    This action plays into Russia’s hands and weakens our country. This in the most serious security situation since the Second World War. We cannot underline enough the seriousness of this.”

    On Twitter, Billström called the coup “despicable”.

    However, unfortunately the US seems ready to solve the problem by bribing Turkey. Immediate delivery of new F16 aircraft has been promised, if only Erdoga will relent and allow Sweden and Finland to become NATO members as soon as possible.

    • .
      US senator vows to block Biden administration’s plans to sell F-16 jets to Turkey

      Bob Menendez, the chair of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he would continue to block the sales of F-16 jets to Turkey, after the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on Friday that the US administration is preparing to seek congressional approval for a $20 billion sale to Ankara.

      Officials in the US administration told the WSJ that the sale of the F-16 jets is contingent on Turkey lifting its veto over Sweden and Finland’s application for NATO membership.

      The reports on the US government’s plans broke at a time the relations between Ankara and Stockholm got tense over an effigy of the Turkish president which was hung outside the Swedish capital’s city hall during a protest this week and a few days before the Turkish Foreign Minister’s visit to Washington.

      The sale to Turkey, which the administration has been considering for more than a year, is larger than expected, including 40 new aircraft as well as more than 900 air-to-air missiles and 800 bombs, the WSJ reported, citing US officials. The administration of US President Joe Biden will also seek a separate sale of next-generation F-35 warplanes to Greece, it said. The WSJ’s report was later confirmed by an official familiar with discussions who spoke to POLITICO on condition of anonymity.

      However, the Biden’s administration plans will face the opposition of Menendez who is known for his persistent objection to the sales of F-16 jets to Turkey.

      “I strongly oppose the Biden administration’s proposed sale of new F-16 aircraft to Turkey,” said a statement published by Menendez’s office. The senator accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of undermining international law, disregarding human rights and democratic norms, and engaging in alarming and destabilizing behaviour in Turkey and against neighbouring NATO allies.

      “Until Erdoğan ceases his threats, improves his human rights record at home — including by releasing journalists and political opposition — and begins to act like a trusted ally should, I will not approve this sale,” he said.

      “The prospect of selling fighters to Turkey has bristled some top lawmakers in Biden’s own party, who say they’re concerned about Ankara slow walking the expansion of NATO, incursions into Greek airspace and the nation’s drift toward authoritarianism,” said POLITICO

      • Erdogan won’t cry over those F-16s; he’ll just buy some brand new Sukhois from his frenemy Putin. And expose NATO for the impotent fraud that it is.

        They’ll hem and haw over kicking Turkiye out of NATO but they won’t dare because it would mean the closing of the Dardanelles and the flooding of Europe with fresh hordes of orcs that have been bottled up there with EU bribes for the past five years. Either way, the fools running the deep state have managed to step into another geopolitical pile of dog doo-doo.

  9. I, too, am thinking that KH will be allowed to become president, so that they can claim that oh so coveted ‘First Woman President’ achievement (black woman no less). They just won’t let her run for 2024.

  10. This is excellent, clear-headed analysis. You limn the realities of our country’s Washington cesspool so sensibly, it’s very hard for me to understand how a large portion of the population doesn’t see all of this just as clearly.

  11. That is a lot of extra steps to get rid of grampa Badfinger. You could just let the Freedom caucus leaks destroy him.

    I figured we would get the opposite of the last special counsel. Like the FBI investigation of HRC where she had the questions in advance, didn’t have to answer and all her co-conspirators have been given immunity before being not asked questions. They will claim that this touches “national security” and any attempt to investigate alongside is Treason!

  12. I think the powers that run the show will have Joe step down not before they have Harris ,Agnewed(Nixon watergate)with the dirt they have on her. A new vice President will be “appointed” by Joe before he(joe) steps down for health reasons. The New Vice President(now President after Joe stepped down) will pardon Joe and Harris like Ford did with Nixon.

    • Actually, Congress appoints the vice president, as I understand it. I vaguely remember that’s how Ford was put in place.

      • Ford’s appointment was considered an insult to everyone except the “party above all” types. I cast my first vote during Air Force basic training in ’76 and not one of the 52 men in my flight (Platoon) voted for him.

      • Nixon put his name forward and the Senate approved him and the house voted for him. It was Nixon who first put Ford forward ,if the Senate did not approve him , or the House vote him down, I think then President Nixon would have to choose someone else, still it was the President who put up who should be vice president getting approved by the now Democratic majority Senate . Then voted on now by the narrow majority Republican House. Congress voted on Fords appointment they did not appoint him ,Nixon did. So if Harris step down now Biden would have to appoint someone that would need to be approval from the Senate and have the House vote on it. I look it up ,I do not think the law has change. Who would Biden,s handlers put forward that would get passed by Senate and House who knows?

  13. I don’t know. Maybe that is the case, maybe not. If democrats wanted a valid reason to get rid of Joe, they’ve already got several. The first one that comes to mind is Hunter’s laptop. According to several sources, among them Hunter’s former business partner, Joe himself was on the take, selling influence to foreign agents for money. Joe’s complete failure on the border could also be used as an excuse (impeachment) to get rid of him. Those are two valid reasons that come to mind. Why not just use one of those?

    It could also of course be that the mishandling of classified documents has been added to the list of effups to make it easier to achieve this goal, but it could also be that it had nothing to do with it. It could just be that ‘dumb ole Joe’ has made too many mistakes and that these simply cannot be ignored any more.

    Everything will eventually rise up to the surface. Hillary’s deliberate cleansing of her private email server jammed packed with classified documents, the aforementioned laptop from hell and now Joe’s mismanagement of classified documents.

    I will believe that it was a deliberate act perpetrated by the democrats, if and when we start seeing the lame stream media demanding Joe’s head on a platter. If the media start covering for Joe, then the theory IMO doesn’t hold up, or alternatively the media for some weird reason have chosen not to play ball anymore (meaning that they don’t want to see Biden go).

    But if the democrats have such immense power, they could just get one of their secret operatives to put some untraceable substance in Joe’s tea to induce some type of fatal condition that cannot be traced. I’m sure they have doctors on their payroll that would willingly testify that no foul play had occurred after the event.

    My main point is as follows, why would the democrats willingly drag a fellow democrat through the dirt in order to achieve a fairly easy goal? It doesn’t make much sense. It could even turn voters away from the party and into the hands of the republicans in the next presidential election. And is that a chance they’re willing to take?

    Anyway, that’s just my take on the situation.

    • Hunter’s laptop would incriminate a lot more people than just Joe. It would open up of can of worms that nobody wants opened. The classified documents are handy, because they don’t lead anywhere else, and are less shameful than bribery or kiddie-fiddling.

      The clincher is that they would have been simple to suppress. There’s no reason that the news ever should have come out. Unless, of course, it needed to come out for practical, Machiavellian reasons.

      Democrats don’t mind doing dirty to fellow Democrats, when expedience requires it. Tucker Carlson reminded everyone of what was done to Andrew Cuomo last year. He went from being the darling of the party to a ruined has-been in a short space of time, because he needed to be gotten rid of. And it was Democrats who did him in.

      • I agree with your analysis but it still leaves the Kamala Problem.

        Being dumber than a box of rocks isn’t an impediment to being a successful politician but it isn’t an impeachable offense either. And she is too lazy and unimaginative to have any scandals.

        I still think the only practical solution for the Deep State is making her assume room temperature somehow, preferably before the Big Guy gets the boot.

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