Terrorism in the Name of the Climate

We’re all accustomed to the way violent Muslims are euphemized by the media and governments as “youths”, and their depredations treated as if they were a culture-enriching form of juvenile delinquency. Now that the Greens are prominent in the German government, the violent behavior of climate protesters is being treated in a similar fashion.

Lützerath is — or was — a village in North Rhine-Westphalia. Some years ago it was condemned so that an open-pit coal mine could be expanded. Anti-coal activists attempted to prevent the demolition of the village, but the courts ruled against them. The residents of the village had been relocated and most of the village razed when Antifa activists occupied it to prevent any further destruction. Court rulings recently gave the go-ahead to police to evict the squatters, and in the last few days there have been violent confrontations between the police and Antifa squatters.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Pleiteticker.de:

Just “squabbling” in Lützerath? Habeck plays down brutal violence

Federal Minister of Economics Habeck has commented on the protests in Lützerath. While defending the “coal compromise”, he simultaneously downplays the brutal violence of climate terrorists as “squabbles” — and has the audacity to call on the police to de-escalate.

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck has made unworldly assessments of the protests in Lützerath. Habeck described the massive violence of the climate terrorists in the occupied village as “squabbling” — there was no escalation. “Leave it at that for both sides. Respect the different roles which you are in.” There should be no escalation to violence: “That line should not be crossed.” The Green ignores the fact that this line has long been crossed. All day long there was brutal violence against police forces in Lützerath: firecrackers were set off and incendiary devices were thrown at officials. With sharpened wooden stakes one wanted to fatally injure horse squadrons. This has nothing to do with “squabbling”: it is uninhibited, left-wing violence, it is terrorism in the name of the climate.

Habeck joins the ranks of those who play down violence — that list is getting longer and longer

The minister is not the only one who downplays and trivializes the violence of the climate terrorists in Lützerath. Fridays for Future activist Luisa Neubauer has again criticized the actions of the police during the climate protests in the village of Lützerath. “Police officers tried to break through peaceful chains of activists,” says Neubauer in the current issue of the weekly newspaper Die Zeit. “People were thrown on the ground.” On Tuesday, she had already accused the police of “escalating” the situation in Lützerath. Now Neubauer reiterates her criticism to Zeit. “The sheer number of police officers alone is a provocation, which is disproportionate.” Habeck’s party friend Katrin Göring-Eckardt had studiously ignored the violence and praised the “tenacity” of the protesters.

It had been apparent for days that left-wing violence against police officers was being prepared in Lützerath — gas bottles, among other things, were embedded in concrete. Instead, the media giggled about the alleged nonsense of “Climate Terrorists” and ignored the danger posed by the activists.

Afterword from the translator:

Isn’t it amazing how they measure everything with two different yardsticks? Peaceful demonstrators against arbitrary Corona measures and mandatory “vaccinations” are attacked mercilessly, incarcerated, beaten, fined… you name it, they’ve done it against the people, but when there’s real violence from those who walk the streets with the malign self-importance of those whose ideology and bigotry is backed by the State… the silence of condemnation for those acts are deafening.

After all, these thugs are only helping to impose more draconian measures for the enrichment of the select few and the enslavement of humanity. They are nothing more than a new version of the brown shirts from the 1930s.

6 thoughts on “Terrorism in the Name of the Climate

  1. The brown shirts were formed to fight antifa(communist/marxist) God I wish people would get it bloody right.

    • Don’t forget the Black Shirts in Italy and the Silver Shirts in America.
      I don’t think the communists bothered with a distinctive uniform.

  2. Be assured that those are tourists. No former inhabitant of Lützerath would want to return there, let alone farmers. I grew up a few miles from there, in a village that has already disappeared and all the evicted live in fine new houses paid for by the power company. In a free market, their houses ( and I have been into many) would have yielded peanuts if ever one had wanted to buy and live there which I doubt. When I passed by these villages years ago I thought of a riddance via nuclear management.

  3. Greta Thunberg and a number of other climate activists had to be carried and dragged away when German police evacuated the left-wing extremists from the coal mining village of Lützerath on Sunday.

    Tens of thousands of left-wing extremists have occupied the German village of Lützerath in protest at plans to resume and expand lignite mining there.

    On Wednesday it was decided that the site would be evacuated. Police and left-wing extremists have clashed in connection with this, with some 70 police officers reportedly injured.

    On Sunday, Greta Thunberg and some 70 climate activists reappeared at the site. They refused to obey police orders to leave.

    German Bild has now published pictures showing the 20-year-old Swedish climate prophet being carried away from the scene by police officers.

    The pictures show a grinning Greta sitting on the ground between two riot police officers, who then grab her and carry her away.

    – Germany should be ashamed of itself!” thunders Greta after the events in Lützerath.

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