When the Music Stops

Earlier this afternoon there was a discussion on Skype about this post at American Partisan quoting Egon von Greyerz concerning the imminent meltdown of the global financial system.

Below are excerpts from my exchange with one of the translators:

Translator: What can we do when the whole shebang collapses? Governments all over the world are already prohibiting people from buying gold and silver above a certain amount, and then that has to be declared so that they can come afterwards and take it away by force. What will happen to people who own their properties outright? Will these be taken along with those that borrowed from banks? I hope that NOBODY will sell any food to the rich afterwards. Let them eat their money.

Baron: It all depends on who is holding the AK-47s when the time comes. Those will be the ones who “own” whatever they want to claim.

As for selling stuff — what will people use to buy it with? Our assumption is that there will have been a financial collapse, and that the old currencies will be worthless. There will be barter, and there will eventually be a new currency based on something of real value. Probably multiple privately-issued currencies. Those currencies that reliably back up their scrip with gold or silver will become the new dominant media of exchange.

But there will also be a lot of starvation and violence, especially in the big cities.

T: I wonder how much longer we still have?

B: That’s a good question. Lots of people said the end was near back in 2008 and 2009, so we’ve already gotten an additional thirteen years for free.

I no longer make any predictions. The Powers That Be have shown that they can keep the bubble of imaginary money inflated for an indefinite amount of time. It can’t last forever, but I have no idea when the real crash will occur.

T: The South Sea Bubble also burst, despite the British and other European governments trying to keep it going.

B: Yes. This is just the biggest such bubble ever inflated. The first truly global one.

T: Although I’m not so sure how that affected the peasantry at that time, because they could still feed themselves, unlike their modern counterparts who have been made dependent on supermarkets.

As far as I remember, in France the rich exchanged most of the “paper money” for gold and silver before the big crash, and shipped it out of France into Switzerland. Nothing changes, now, does it?

B: People like Soros will know exactly when to cash in their paper gold and take delivery, while the price is still set artificially low. After that the price will skyrocket, and there will be a mad rush to take delivery of physical gold. Then the supplies will be exhausted — after less than 10% of the paper has been exchanged — leaving the rest of the metals-traders holding worthless promises to deliver.

It will be like financial musical chairs: when the music stops, those who are left standing with their paper gold and silver will be ruined, while the ones who sat down early will have their metals.

That will be part of the systemic collapse. The question is: can all that gold help keep Soros and his ilk alive? I mean, they can pay their mercenary guards with their gold, but what’s to prevent the most ruthless and capable of the mercenaries from eliminating the middleman and appropriating all the gold for themselves?

I think the plan to hide out in the luxury bunker in New Zealand is just wishful thinking. It all depends on the assumption that people who lack all strength and martial skills will retain their power to command others. I just can’t see that happening, once the general support structure of civil society has collapsed. It will be the age of the new warlords: harsh, hardened, brutal ruthless men who dispatch their rivals themselves, personally.

Soros, Schwab, Gates, Harari, etc. lack those characteristics. Their reign will be brief.

It goes without saying that all of the above may be suddenly foreclosed if those itchy neocon fingers ever actually pull the nuclear trigger in Ukraine or elsewhere.

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Hat tip: WRSA

25 thoughts on “When the Music Stops

  1. I laugh as I see all these weak, feckless sheep thinking that they are going to vote their way out of this mess. In the end, it is the cold, utterly ruthless man that will rule, these femanaxi’s can bleat all they like, they will serve and be of service to those who have no patience for their caterwauling and put them quickly and brutally in their place. The beta males and alphabet people will quickly find no tolerance of them at any level. The WEF types, as stated above will run into the ruthless man and they will all be expediently dealt with along with their wretched families, the daughters of the elites will be concubines of the strongman and his minions. Military vets will find their purpose again as their skills and experience will be put to very good use and they will have no tolerance for those who used, abused and threw them away like yesterdays garbage after their tours in 3rd world countries that accomplished nothing but filling politicians pockets. Civilization is about to get an enema.

    • Yow! That is a pretty fair assessment! I can’t see Bill Gates and his manboobs ruling for longer than the time it takes his “security” to clean him out. All of the Hollywood Folks, the Easily Offended Diversities, and the Ruling Elites will simply disappear into a StrongMan’s Clan. To be used as the strongman sees fit. What’s Old is New again.

      • Two things I’ve been saying for awhile.

        There are no holes deep enough for the oligarchs and the other architects of this global holocaust/holodomor to hide.

        Rev 6:15-17

  2. Agree completely with you about those who are willing to do violence will end up owning whatever they happen to possess. Why would some local or state thug in uniform risk their life to try to take a property from a well-armed and determined individual to give to some unarmed banker?

    The same dynamic will probably also play out amongst those who are less scrupulous but see something they like. Wealthy old boomers living in a mansion on top of some hill with a hundred acres or so? They better be armed and willing to kill or they’ll find out quickly that the future belongs to those who are willing to take it by force.

    • I dont want to burst your bubble or that of G (the comment above yours)
      BUT dont you think THEY have thought of this?

      What if THEY prepared?
      Maybe a poison that needs a regurlar antidote or something else?

      Yes, I also know of the weakspots:
      The military guys can use force aka torture and I dont think that Klaus and his ilk have much resistance to it
      in the case of chemical or technical means: what if the chemist or technician decides to change sides?

      Rule No 1: DO NOT – under any circumstance underestimate your opponent.
      Dont count on him being stupid.
      Maybe he plays the longer games . (In terms of chess: Maybe is is playing more turns into the future than you do.)

      • Alex, the arrogance of the WEF folks is breath taking, they truly think that most people are sheep(they are for the most part) and will just do what their minions tell them to do, they forget their history and the capacity within man to not sit down and obey without question without turning on them like a rabid dog. I do not underestimate, but I put more faith in history and human nature than their machinations succeeding.

  3. From “The Original Journal” December 1719 – Author unknown

    If there was ever a Nation that had been 23 years ruining itself and recovered in a moment,
    This is the time.
    If ever a government paid its debt without money and exchanged all the cash of the Kingdom for bits of paper
    which had neither any body to pay them for any intrinsic fund to pay themselves
    This is the time.
    If ever credit was raised without a foundation and built up to a height that was not only likely to fall but indeed was impossible to stand
    This is the Time.

    A South Sea Ballad – 1720 – Author unknown

    “Five hundred millions, notes and bonds,
    our stocks are
    worth in value;
    But neither lie in goods or lands or money let me tell ye.
    Yet though our foreign trade is lost of mighty wealth
    we vapour,
    When all the riches that we boast consist in scraps of paper.”

    Isn’t this exactly where we are NOW all over again?

  4. When the music stops you better draw quick.
    WWIII will be the regime change, just as Klaus ordered.

    • Wrong, Klaus and company are scared out of their minds of war, because once the shooting starts, those guns will turn on them in short order.

  5. The too big to fail central banks that are merged with the best printing presses that government can buy?
    What if Herr K wants to reset them too?
    I always hope that the Long March factions will turn against each other but they stick together even if there are some strange bedfellows.
    If they get the golden ring of the global Soviet there are too many egos and agendas to peacefully coexist.

  6. I can hardly argue with you …. but until kaboom comes – maybe we can vote to get the drag queens out of schools and public libraries – and away from our kids! … – and a word about those New Zealand bunkers: populace there is fully disarmed, right? Why do you think they did that? – it was just 4,5 years ago.

  7. G …

    Agreed. Humanity is about to enter a period where the producers of Real Value will be prioritized. Ask yourself, whom do you wish as a neighbor ?

    EEOC compliance officer or surgeon ?
    Lawyer or farmer ?
    Womyns Studies instructor or electrician?
    Diversity bureaucrat or plumber ? or mechanic ? or or or

    Examples abound. Carrying capacity of Western Civ has long ago been reached, and wave after wave of professional parasites created in our public ‘schools’ are just about done sucking the Productive dry. Parasites run our civilizational control nodes – legal/judiciary, government, education and mediatainment.

    Real wealth will always come from mining, manufacturing, and agriculture. The Amish will do OK, the Mennonites even better, since they are the ‘Amish with weapons training’

    • Our country grew up on heavy industry. Steel mills, large power plants, heavy manufacturing\machining is what made this country great. Not hotel management, not waiting tables, not fast foods, but heavy industry. That is what is in our blood. Always was, always will be.

  8. Soros is unlikely to be able to convert his paper gold contracts into delivery contracts. A lot of those paper gold contracts are backed by nothing but paper or by borrowed gold.

    • Yes, I think that waiting to the last minute will result in all deliveries being cancelled because of Force Majeure or some other excuse…

  9. Don’t look to predictions, look to your clan, to your training, and to your other preps. The idea, as I see it, is that each of us “little people” have no real influence over these gargantuan things happening in our view. So, we had best turn out attentions to avoiding the big teeth, the big hands, and the big boots. At the same time, we have the twin perils of coming up with the necessities of life, and avoiding/dealing/neutralizing our fellow little people who lack those necessities/abilities/brain power to keep from going full retard. Flexibility and resourcefulness will be key. Using what you know may be your best preparation.

    • Word, First Sergeant. These predictions are not false, but NO ONE can say for certain WHEN the Merry-Go-Round will break down. Prep and prep some more. Evaluate ANYONE who you would include in your tribe. Stay vigilant and silent in your A/O. And since my tribe and I are: “People of the Book”, we pray. Psalm 91:8. Bleib ubrig.

    • Make no mistake First Shirt, it is going to get tribal real quick, it is human nature to do so. The rural areas will do fine, since the neighbor is mostly like them and will cooperate with one another, the growers, producers with ingenuity will thrive and survive, the urban dweller is bloody screwed.

  10. Sometimes I run into people I worked with before I retired. They often ask, “Where have you been?” My answer is, “I’ve been keeping a low profile”. They laugh… I laugh. They think its a joke. But its not. I keep things friendly but stay aloof, not sharing things others have no need to know. I try to stay current enough to maintain some flexibility to events. Its really about all we can do. Most of us aren’t cash wealthy or highly trained operators. But there are important things we can do to lessen the negative impact of so many risks and potential dangers that will at sometime affect us. The Marines say, “Stay frosty”. We all need to stay frosty.

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