Thierry Baudet Takes Aim at the Globalists

Thierry Baudet is the founder and leader of the Dutch party Forum for Democracy (Forum voor Democratie, FvD). He has been a member of the Tweede Kamer (“Second Chamber”, the lower house of the Dutch Parliament) since 2017.

In the following podcast Mr. Baudet weighs in on the energy crisis, “climate change”, and the New World Order. He also discusses the “gotcha” culture of the media, in which careless wording or the use of a colorful turn of phrase can be magnified, distorted, taken out of context, and otherwise manipulated to create a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.

I’m glad I’m not in the public eye. I tend to take liberties with language in my private utterances, and enjoy using politically incorrect terminology for its own sake. My friends are used to my saying naughty things about chicks, ragheads, homos, Negroes, etc., but I doubt the media would be as tolerant. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with all that nonsense.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   [Unintelligible] What would that cost if you make all the houses there earthquake resistant,
00:05   everyone fully compensated, and you also
00:09   stabilize all the soil. That costs 9 billion. 9 billion.
00:14   Now imagine that it is something more, 20 billion,
00:18   then you are really out there, finished. You might as well give all the people of Groningen
00:22   a Lamborghini, and you give the people a share
00:26   in NAM [Dutch energy company] or gas union. Everyone is happy.
00:30   And then you have more than 980 billion to get it out of the ground.
00:37   But then they decide here to close the gas tap. The energy prices are
00:41   13 times higher than two years ago… the whole…
00:44   [Unintelligible] —Yes, then I would be pissed off if I….
00:48   Why do the people call it that, why do D66…. —A good question.
00:53   An argument, indeed.
00:56   Look, it is a combination of stupidity and malice There are a whole lot of people who cannot count,
01:01   who cannot look forward, who stumble
01:05   from one dumb decision to the other, but there are also people here
01:09   and also at the global level, who want
01:13   a totally different type of society. I call that the trans people, who want
01:17   trans-national legislation. They want
01:21   climate transition, that is they want a totally different kind of economic order,
01:26   but they also often want people to transform to something transformational,
01:30   and the transgenders, and the trans… it is a sort of vision,
01:36   a revolutionary vision of a totally different kind of society, and they need a crisis
01:41   to get people involved, and that is…
01:45   pretty cynical, of course, if you call it that.
01:49   But it works out pretty well for them
01:53   that the energy prices are so expensive now that people would rather have windmills,
01:57   solar panels… meat, so the farmers,
02:01   meat becomes expensive, then people become vegetarian.
02:05   Across the board, they have a sort of… —Then who are they?
02:08   Well, there are D66 who believe that.
02:11   But from these D66 people, the big brain who thought up
02:14   the entire plan, or are there people behind them?
02:17   Yes, it is international. It also happens, particularly, in other countries;
02:22   it happens in France, it happens in Germany, very clearly. It also happens in the US.
02:25   And… there is thus, an international clique
02:31   of people, who unfortunately, largely agree with each other on this,
02:35   who all believe that people have to do something
02:39   about the climate and CO2 emissions, who believe that we are all migrants,
02:43   you know, that national identity does not exist,
02:47   who want us to become vegetarians,
02:50   who want a worldwide Ministry of Health.
02:55   We also saw the World Health Organization during Corona.
03:00   Yes, those are people I call Globalists; that is, people who are convinced
03:04   that a sort of world-state, world government must come, along with
03:07   a completely different kind of economy in a completely different kind of life, and I am against it,
03:11   The day before yesterday, you also made a statement in which… Twitter… completely crazy…
03:16   Yeah, yeah —I wanted to let you hear it, and then we can react to it
03:21   [In English]
03:31   [Unintelligible] reptiles? Yes, it reminded me, [unintelligible] when
03:37   I said in the Chamber, “The Minister is an assassin of the farmers’ sector.”
03:42   [Unintelligible] —Yes. —And when there were also people
03:45   who deliberately took me literally, that with a sniper rifle, they,
03:48   you know, naturally [unintelligible] metaphorically. A reptile
03:52   is, according to Dikke van Dale and other dictionaries,
03:56   means nasty, … a very unpleasant person.
04:01   And so I meant… —Yes, OK, but…
04:04   I saw that people thought that I actually thought that… —Lizards…
04:10   Well, yes, I don’t know if I… the whole thing is edited… a piece… the interview takes over an hour.
04:17   I went back yesterday and watched it,
04:20   but I thought just to understand why people… [Unintelligible]
04:25   —Yes, many people have watched it, but yes, I find it unfortunate
04:29   that so often in these kinds of controversial things,
04:33   people almost consciously try to misunderstand you,
04:36   to frame you, while what I am trying to say is actually,
04:41   in my view, that very nasty people, the Globalists, who
04:45   want really nasty things,
04:48   a chilly, cold world that is not good for mammals.
04:53   No, indeed, but the video you made, normally, it is necessary to watch
04:56   the 5 minutes before and the 5 minutes after,
04:59   but 9 out of 10 people don’t do that.
05:02   I’m not watching, I am just going through it, and then I just ask
05:06   how 9 out of 10 people really saw that Baudet said that the reptiles are in power.
05:11   And then I immediately think, what is this, if I, for example, have to
05:15   explain to my mother, for example, sees the video, and I say to my mother
05:19   you don’t mean it like that, but they don’t believe it.
05:23   And those are the voters you have to bring in. —Yes, that’s right.
05:26   So perhaps, that is the conclusion that I am unsuitable for
05:30   a part of the profession, or in any case, that is my weakness,
05:34   that is, but I think also think my power perhaps… that I
05:38   speak freely, and I am open with things,
05:42   that I think, and these kinds of interviews are not scripted. I know
05:46   I am just speaking. I say what I think, and then, yes,
05:50   do you ever drop a word that afterward is interpreted wrongly,
05:54   and then naturally, you think afterward that I should have done it differently.
05:58   But then the alternative, which a lot of politicians do,
06:02   that they only answer what they have in advance with spokespersons….
06:07   I myself find that terrible to watch,
06:11   and I myself would not want to vote for someone who did that.
06:15   I would rather vote for someone who makes a slip of the tongue
06:19   and says something that can be misinterpreted or something, but who is a real person
06:22   rather than those half-robots, half-reptiles that… —Yes.
06:26   A joke is now… [unintelligible]
06:31   We’re going to take him if it’s a good clip,
06:35   and if I’m on TikTok, and then everyone is all over it again.
06:38   That is good, indeed, you have a lot of…
06:41   It is also a bit of a virus… I don’t literally mean virus,
06:45   but a virus from journalists, and that they take things quite literally
06:50   and then repeat it 25 times, and then they also create
06:54   a sort of picture of something that you did not mean.
06:59   Yes, you have so much with social media, mainly with TikTok, and then
07:04   you see, for example, that people look at a video only 6 seconds
07:07   [unintelligible] That way you can’t really form an opinion on the basis of 6 seconds
07:11   of something that maybe has two sides.
07:14   No, it’s constantly twisted.

7 thoughts on “Thierry Baudet Takes Aim at the Globalists

  1. Hordes of willfully ignorant voters guided by the completely immoral and unscrupulous. Sounds like the perfect recipe for the end of Western civilization.

    Perhaps we can start a petition to Putin to nuke Davos.

  2. This “reptile” thing seems to be a timebomb built in the role of those who act as controlled opposition for the NWO.

    Alex Jones has had it and David Icke as well. And now Thierry Baudet.

    I think it works as a psychological annihilator: these agents build up an audience with a somewhat cohesive story that looks like “the truth”, and when the time is ripe they blast it all with some reptile-like nonsense that cannot be proved on disproved (and are not even important) and thus annihilate most of the trust they have accumulated by suddenly demolishing the ‘building’ of (half)truths they have erected.

    This process destroys resistance and the globalists are off the hook.

    It is very improbable that Mr. Baudet did not know that that ‘reptile’ word would discredit him…

    • I don’t think most independent minded people really think that he means these globalist elites are literally reptiles. Rather, its a useful metaphor for what separates normal humans from psychopathic elites.

      Anyone who has ever seen a video of Zuck the Cuck’s unblinking eyes and expressionless face, Bill Gate’s screeching lectures, or SPECTRE leader Blofeld wannabe Klaus Schwab speaking in his ominously evil villain accent can instantly relate them to the characteristics of reptiles; the cold beady eyes, flicking tongues, and slithering movements. Likely, elites despise the characterization of being reptile-like, since it is so perfectly descriptive.

      • @ Moon

        “I don’t think most independent minded people really think that he means these globalist elites are literally reptiles.”

        Agreed. But Icke and Jones claim just that: that there are LITERALLY reptiles behind the ‘elites’ — and it seems to be a strategy that targets those that are not so independent minded.

        And therefore the question is whether Baudet is playing that strategy. I would say probably he is; or he made an incredibly stupid mistake.

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