Shivering for Thee, But Not for Me

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Green politician

Others can freeze: Künast complains about a cold Bundestag


“Freeze for peace” is the motto of the Greens for anyone who dares to complain about gas prices, which have increased at least sixfold in the past year. Many families do not know how they will pay their heating costs. The Bundestag is heated at the expense of taxpayers. But for the prominent Green Party politician Renate Künast, it’s so cold there that she is complaining publicly.

On Twitter, the 66-year-old laments that she “sits with a coat and a third cup of hot water — also to warm her hands — in the office”. She doubts “that’s 19°C . Next week I’ll come with a blanket, hot water bottle and hat.” All public buildings are heated to this temperature to save energy.

Instead of pity, there is criticism for Künast

The Green politician, who collects a monthly allowance of €10,323.29 and has been a member of the Bundestag for twenty years, expected sympathy from her followers, but received scorn and ridicule. One headmistress replied: “I laugh softly and can barely resist feeling sorry… We are doing this for the third winter at the schools. And who cares? Not politicians.”

“Sit with a coat and a 3rd cup of hot water — also to warm your hands — in the office. I doubt it’s 19°C. I’ll come next week with a blanket, hot water bottle and hat.”

— Renate Kuenast (@RenateKuenast), November 18, 2022

Another commented: “Next week wear an FFP2 mask all day long, then you’ll know firsthand what you have done to the students for many months.” And so it went on — a woman wrote to the former Federal Minister: “Dear Mrs. Künast, at home at the moment I’m still only heating the bathroom. Because I’m scared of the cost. Unfortunately, I have no sympathy for you at the moment.”

And a former mathematics professor commented: “Well, you may be cold because you are following the reason of your own greenness. But complain about it here? This is almost anti-election campaign. Yellow card!”

Afterword from the translator:

Well, that’s how we know and “love” our leftist Green elite. Expecting a grain of common sense and decency from them is like trying to sink a cork with a hammer. And while the stupid serfs must drink water and pay exorbitant taxes, they themselves, as the “Elite”, can’t get enough champagne, caviar, rare single Malts and Cuban cigars. Frankly, I despise people who still vote for such human trash.

What about locking Künast and her comrades inside the walk-in freezer at -25°C [-13°F]; that would be just punishment for these fools. There they can have warm thoughts about their mindless retarded ideology and rub against each other — hopefully the wrong way — until they can be safely disposed of at a pig farm.

7 thoughts on “Shivering for Thee, But Not for Me

  1. This just in from rump vassal puppet masters FUSA and ol’ Vladdy:

    Your terms are acceptable.

    Note to the rest of the comrades of the glorious hive, how about that egalitarian equity.

  2. If she’s cold I have a solution to offer for herself and other like minded politicians.

    A remake of Jeanne d’Arc’s final moments would certainly keep her nice and warm. Wood for a source of combustibles might be problematic since Germans have already picked the forest floors clean of anything that will burn to heat their houses and ancient forests have been razed to make room for wind turbines that rarely run. However, those turbine blades which are extremely problematic to dispose of happen to have balsa wood cores; incidentally denuding South American sources of this wood.

    Three birds (ok, two birds and a bipedal rat) could be killed with one stone, so to speak. A source of combustibles is found for fiery pyres, disposal of useless wind turbine blades is accomplished, and numerous politicians and their brain dead voters are kept quite warm for a short while.

    Now that is a a win-win-win!

    • Hello Moon, if I may add.

      The latest news is that the police of Belgium has not enough capabilities of burning drugs they confiscated from drug dealers.

      Till now they have confiscated 100 tons of cocaine alone!

      And maybe a trip to the asylum seeker homes and the overcrowded houses where gypsies live. They all have problems with trash (they just throw it out of the window).

      I think then you have enough material to keep her warm.

      Maybe we can also add the COVID 19 jabs that are beyond their expiration day.
      So, if we use all this, we can kill four or five birds with one stone.
      Would be more efficient, dont you agree?

  3. Not to belabor the extremely obvious, and Heaven knows I’m no treat, but that is one powerfully unattractive woman. Her looks ain’t so great, either.

    • Some women’s appearance can only be improved by the addition of a burqa.

      Likely she also has a voice made for print to go with her face made for radio.

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