The Shock Troops of the Great Replacement

The following video report from Germany is the clearest evidence to date that migrant invasion is more than just a rag-tag bunch of impoverished third-worlders seeking to escape oppression, and more than just economic migrants hoping for a better life. It’s a deliberately-organized invasion of armed young men.

The orders given to the border police to hold off from interdicting the arms suppliers come from somewhere further up the chain of command. Why are such orders being issued? In order to answer that question we would have to figure out the answer to an additional question: Cui bono?

What we are seeing now is the execution of a carefully-crafted plan. I’m not privy to enough intelligence information to specify who the planners are, nor exactly what final outcome they intend. But the dénouement which will soon be arriving in Europe — and in the United States, in a slightly different form — is clearly a deliberate action.

As Fjordman said more than a decade ago: “This is the greatest organized betrayal in Western history.”

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Afterword from the translator:

It’s utterly insane what is happening in Germany and the West in general.

What do these globalist puppeticians hope to achieve with this? Are they so full of themselves that they believe they are indispensable or even immortal? Haven’t they learned from history that a rabid mob of hostiles let loose on one’s own population isn’t going to stop at the gates of their own homes? No matter how much security they have?

Just look what happened to Gordon at Khartoum.

Video transcript:

00:00   What I can report now is information from two federal police officers
00:04   working down here at the border.
00:07   Ahem, they’re exhausted and ready to go — all of them — with their nerves shattered,
00:11   and they no longer speak of refugees, but of soldiers who are coming.
00:15   And one said:
00:18   They estimate that there are about 500,000 soldiers in Germany
00:23   that are waiting for day X.
00:27   Next thing is, everyone who comes up to you and says the word “asylum”
00:32   just comes in unhindered. When they try to stop someone,
00:37   then they get a disciplinary procedure and such,
00:40   and are immediately reprimanded. The same applies to cars, vehicles coming over the Balkan route.
00:47   They are sometimes checked, and then they see
00:51   there are weapons in the trunk; sometimes the trunk is full of weapons,
00:56   and they may not be confiscated.
01:00   and then what the police officers meant on top,
01:04   500,000 soldiers are said to be here in Germany already
01:09   and we have 260,000 Bundeswehr soldiers.
01:13   We are already seeing an enormity where the state is no longer able to protect us.
01:18   On the contrary. They then decide and pass laws against sports shooters and the like.
01:23   Well, they’re allowed, but if I’m referred to as a “Reich citizen”
01:26   and have the small firearms license, I get it withdrawn immediately,
01:30   and I’m not even allowed a blank gun,
01:33   and not even a knife. Yeah.

27 thoughts on “The Shock Troops of the Great Replacement

  1. Those supplies of arms works both ways, the 3rd world orcs may get their day x sooner than they anticipated. I keep telling my German and Austrian relatives and friends to arm up and damn the so called law, because the bloody orcs sure as hell are and the gov won’t be there to protect you, and when they argue I say this, are you a Wolf? Or a sheep? Because an unarmed man is a sheep and always gets sheared then eaten. Forget the bloody sheepdogs, they are gone and won’t be coming back anytime soon.

  2. .

    Sorry, it’s already five past twelve!

    By Hermann Ploppa

    Published on: 5 November 2022

    The Third World War has long since begun. As in the two previous world wars, we in Germany don’t notice much of it at first.

    Well, what could it be? Our homes have not yet cooled down completely. Meteorologists are predicting an exceptionally cold December. Yes, and then I was just in Berlin. It’s been crazy there all day and even crazier all night. Constant party. Just like before the Corona gala. People are fully enjoying the free life. Where can anything go wrong? Outside the tourist streets, people look quite gloomy and introverted. There is a normal war going on between citizens, who are annoyed by the increasing chaos and the constant sound of ambulances, mainly against each other.

    But war? Even the third world war?

    The First World War never really reached Germany. Only indirectly through the shortage of supplies, which became increasingly painful due to the blockades of the oceans thanks to the British navy. My parents always remembered with a shudder the so-called “rape winter” of 1916-1917. And the Germans initially experienced the Second World War mainly through cinema newsreels, the UFA sound weeks. People watched in their cinema seats as the Wehrmacht rushed from one triumphant victory to the next. It wasn’t until Hitler, that idiot, unleashed a two-front war against Russia and the United States that things really, really heated up in Germany. The mad British commander Harris’ treacherous incendiary bombs wiped out 34,000 innocent civilians in Hamburg in one fell swoop in Operation Gomorrah. Preferably in working class districts. The phosphorus bombs were already a foretaste of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The three years between 1943 and 1945 were hell for Germany. The horror was deep in the minds of the generation that witnessed this inferno.

    Of course, it was always the leading states that “took the hit” first. At present, it is the unfortunate civilians in Ukraine who have to go through the escalation of the war first. And it’s always the same pattern: at first, both sides still try to avoid “collateral damage” as much as possible. The higher the bloodshed, the more the souls and tempers of the combatants harden.

    Unless a way to negotiate is found quickly, this terrible killing will come to pass. There is no doubt about it.

    Meanwhile, we have already reverted to what was the case in the first two world wars: anyone who even begins to advocate a negotiated solution is a weakling, a dreamer or – we have not got that far yet – a traitor and an agent of the “enemy”. Such a person is punished by death.

    Something like this is also always accompanied by a complete reversal of the media scene. The same media that for years preached “change through rapprochement” suddenly lapses overnight into a warlike frenzy, with the same war drums in the media as before and during the first two world wars.
    Journalist Caitlin Johnstone’s jaw dropped as she scoured the US media and was horrified to find a chorus crying out in unison for war and more war materiel . The liberal magazine The New Yorker, for example, now asks: could it be that the US is already in World War III? Author Susan B. Glasser believes that the US must then behave in a correspondingly belligerent manner . Thomas G. Mahnken, writing in Foreign Affairs, notes that the US could well be fighting a two-front war against both China and Russia . Foreign Affairs, by way of explanation, is the house journal of the most influential think tank in American capital and finance, the Council on Foreign Relations . What is said and written there is almost always translated into concrete policy fairly soon. The CFR also runs a second foreign and “security policy” journal, Foreign Policy. And there Matthew Kroenig trumpets out: a war between “democracies” and “autocracies” is inevitable! Who offers more? The oh-so-liberal news portal Bloomberg! There, Hal Brands notes that the US can easily take on China, Russia and Iran as well . In the words of former German President Gustav Heinemann, “Well, win the day!”

    It is true that the US arms budget is by far the highest war budget in the world and is double the war spending of all 29 NATO members combined. Officially, the US war chest has about $700 billion at its disposal. However, there are still many billions of dollars hidden in other departments, such as the Department of Homeland Security or the Department of Veterans Affairs. The actual US arms expenditure is probably closer to $1.2 trillion. However, the US cannot be completely confident of its readiness. The various maneuvers against live objects such as Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Afghanistan required only the heroism of a teenager beating a blind wheelchair user. In the awarding of arms contracts by the US government, open bidding is extremely rare. It is much more common for defence contracts to be awarded in such a way that as many US states as possible are covered in order to get all the congressmen in Washington to give their approval. It is unclear how much money seeps into corruption and nepotism.

    And because the US government cannot be absolutely sure that its own conventional weapons are always so reliable, it has recently changed its nuclear doctrine.

    Every US president since Bill Clinton has published a so-called Nuclear Posture Report once during his term. This determines when the US will use nuclear weapons and when it will not. Still, it is not very cosy that the President of the United States, as the only country in the world, has the sole right to press the famous red button to trigger nuclear weapons. The President of the United States always carries the bag with the trigger mechanism with him wherever he goes. The 2022 Nuclear Preparedness Report lowers the threshold for preventing the use of nuclear weapons. Stephen Young of the Union of Concerned Scientists is appalled: ‘The Biden administration’s latest Nuclear Posture Report is a frightening document. It not only puts the world on a path of increased nuclear risk. It also, in some ways, increases the risk. Citing the growing threats from China and Russia, he argues that the only viable US response is to rebuild the entire US nuclear arsenal, while maintaining the full scope of the dangerous Cold War policies. And also threatens nuclear strikes at every possible opportunity.” And the Nuclear Posture Review states that “nuclear weapons can be used in extreme circumstances to defend the vital interests of the United States or its allies or partners.” This expands the use of nuclear weapons considerably: “vital interests” – it could be anything. Dagmar Henn therefore draws a crystal-clear conclusion: ‘It is always the victor who sets the terms. In no case is the winner called the United States. Since the US can win neither economically nor conventionally-militarily, it devises a nuclear strategy that virtually pretends to react nuclear before any defeat …”
    Another path to imminent use of nuclear weapons can be seen in the wide variety of nuclear weapons that now exist. They range from so-called mini nukes to large Hiroshima-sized bombs. A distinction is made between strategic nuclear weapons, which can wipe out entire continents, and tactical nuclear weapons, which can be used in battle. By 2024, the current “dumb” B 61 nuclear bombs in Büchel, which simply fall somewhere and wipe out everything, will be replaced by “smart” B 61-12 nuclear bombs. The new bombs will search for their target and can even destroy underground nuclear bunkers.

    The progressive degeneracy of Western elites allows these dummies to simply push the button without knowing what they are actually doing. Britain’s five-week-old Prime Minister Liz Truss was asked by a TV presenter if she would press the red button even if she knew it would wipe out all organic life on the planet. Her response, “I’m ready to do it!” So, “I’m ready to do it!” I wonder if the new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak would see it differently? At least he would never say it that way.

    Basically, this nonsense is always about money. Money in the pockets of arms profiteers. Former World War II general and US President Dwight D. Eisenhower already knew that. He said, “You can see that it’s not really about national defense at all, but about more money for certain people who are already fattened anyway.”

    Sources and Notes

    Skrivet av Mike Whitney

    • A few rabidly pro-war media talking heads getting whacked on live TV or winding up as freeway overpass decorations will significantly cool the ardor of the rest of them for war. Same goes for board members and senior management of defense contractors. Holding these types accountable for their actions in sending others to their deaths over a conflict that’s none of our business in a corrupt failed state will be the only way halt the rush to war when every peaceful and nonviolent avenue for de-escalation is shut down or ignored.

      • Why whack them?
        Too easy.

        Capture them, put them in uniforms and ship them to Ukraine or an African hotspot and get the popcorn ready.
        I would really like to see those hawks run around like chicken with their heads cut off, when the bullets are flying around their heads.

        And just imagine how they will soil their pants when one of their number gets a 40 mm grenade / mortar round as a close hit and the body parts start flying.

    • @ LN

      Re: “Basically, this nonsense is always about money. Money in the pockets of arms profiteers. Former World War II general and US President Dwight D. Eisenhower already knew that. He said, “You can see that it’s not really about national defense at all, but about more money for certain people who are already fattened anyway.”

      All wars are banker’s wars. Your observations about the defense contractors and the rise of the Military Industrial Complex are certainly apt, but incomplete. Cast your gaze higher: Who owns those defense contractors and profits the most from war as a business? The biggest banks, and above them, the central banks and the wealthiest political and financial dynasties in the world. Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller, etc. – you know the names.

      Matt Bracken and a number of other analysts did a You Tube video recently in which they broke all of this down. The emerging WWIII is not about such surface phenomena as the fate of the Ukraine – that nation is just the Sarajevo of this conflict – but is instead about whose system of finance will be dominant and whose emerging economic bloc will be dominant – the U.S. & NATO bloc with the petrodollar, or the emerging BRICS bloc, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, et al. and their yet-to-be named currency tied to physical assets and commodities?

      Saddam Hussein had been a U.S. ally in the 1980s, but that flip-flopped once the Iraqi dictator decided to form a market alliance to sell oil in currencies other than the USD, one which would compete with OPEC and the petrodollar. That’s the real reason Hussein was destroyed. The same for Libyan strongman Colonel Qaddafi, whose piece was knocked off the chessboard for the same reason.

      The uber-wealthy elites who run things don’t like competition and won’t consent to it. That’s the bottom line as to why the West is going to war with Russia, China and the rest. The western elites want the whole economic pie for themselves; they won’t share it with anyone else.

      • @ huldah1776

        The Council on Foreign Relations is certainly one of the nodes or centers of globalism in the U.S. and the West, but it is far from the only one. Gee, if the CFR is so benign as its members claim, why is there a rule imposing strict censorship on what is said in their meetings? Which are not to be discussed with any non-member?
        Makes you wonder….

  3. Hordes of military age males an army do not make. They’re as likely to fight one another over captured females or stolen cars than engage in action against military or police forces that are actively trying to kill them.

    However, thats the rub; being that its Germany and Germans, in the absence of orders or all the proper legal niceties they will do nothing of their own initiative. Perhaps the intention is to raid armories and police stations of whatever weapons haven’t already been sent to the Cokehead of Kiev.

    The hubris of the elites organizing this will be their downfall. Likely they believe that they can find a head orc who will be responsive to their orders and will control the horde through their lieutenants. And as always, without the ability to personally do violence on their own behalf they will cede control to whomever they appoint to do so.

    • Re: “The hubris of the elites organizing this will be their downfall. Likely they believe that they can find a head orc who will be responsive to their orders and will control the horde through their lieutenants. And as always, without the ability to personally do violence on their own behalf they will cede control to whomever they appoint to do so.”

      The globalists of Europe believe that they are using the Muslims to get what they want, but it may very well turn out to be the Muslims who are using them to get what they want. It’s happened before, as recently as the Cold War, when the American CIA helped the Muslim Brotherhood establish a foothold in Germany (in a mosque in Munich), hoping that the ‘Brotherhood would fight the communists as surrogates. Instead, more than fifty years after the fact, the Muslims turned out to be the ones using the guys from Langley.

    • Yes,Moon, I couldn’t agree more to your first paragraph.
      It takes some skill to make efficient use of a firearm especially a hand arm.And those guys will waste ammo by firing salvos into the air just for the fun of it, when in any disciplined unit, you would face martial court for that waste. And whenever they show up at my house,I will not call 911.

    • You forget Moon, the military have their own plans despite what the politicians have to say about anything, once the bloody orcs act, the politicians will find whatever they say to the military will fall on deaf ears, if the politicians survive that is. As you know, it is easy to shut off a city from everything and siege takes place. then it is a matter of time.

  4. Re: “What we are seeing now is the execution of a carefully-crafted plan. I’m not privy to enough intelligence information to specify who the planners are, nor exactly what final outcome they intend. But the dénouement which will soon be arriving in Europe — and in the United States, in a slightly different form — is clearly a deliberate action.”

    Well over a decade ago, a number of military theorists and strategic thinkers – such as John Robb and William Lind, to name two – spoke of large flows of people, i.e., migrants, refugees, whatever they may be called at the time – as being strategic in their impact.

    Indeed, Lind stated that an army of armed men is less-dangerous to a nation than a similar number of unarmed, apparently harmless migrants. Why? An army of occupation sent from another nation is openly hostile, and will be resisted by the population of the nation being invaded. And sooner or later, unless the aggressor nation intends to stay in their new home more-or-less permanently, sooner or later that army must return from whence it came. An army of migrants, on the other hand, is often there to stay.

    The crux of the matter is the power of weakness. The more pitiable and sympathetic these down-trodden migrants and refugees appear, the more they can benefit from the David-versus-Goliath effect. The natural sympathetic reaction many people – especially women – have in response to a “humanitarian disaster,” even a fake one. Our almost instinctive siding with the perceived underdog.

    In plainer terms, this is the weaponization of compassion against the very people and nations displaying this trait.

    What is the probable denouement? We can only speculate, but the globalists themselves are on record as wanting a world without borders, one in which distinct borders on maps, nation-states, languages and other unique features of the countries humans call home – are for all intents and purposes obsolete. What better way to achieve this end state than by flooding Europe, for example, with de facto invaders disguised as refugees?

    Recall, too, that the ruling elites prefer to use manufactured crisis as their modus operandi for advancing their agenda, specifically the Hegelian dialectic of crisis, reaction and synthesis.

    To return to Lind, he has stated that to import vast numbers of foreigners and alien peoples into one’s home nation is to import fourth-generation warfare. Already, many places in Europe are suffering under what must be termed sustained low-intensity conflict, such as the epidemic of arson of buildings and automobiles, the dramatic increases in rape and the rise of grooming gangs, formerly peaceful cities turned into crime-ridden ghettos, the shooting-up and bombing of police stations, etc.

    It seems fairly clear that as the intensity of the chaos and violence is being ratcheted up, eventually something must give – there must be, in Hegelian terms, a reaction or backlash. Once this takes place, this is when the ruling elites and oligarchs step in to offer a “solution” or synthesis which just so happens to give them what they want, even as they promise to make whatever unpleasantness is occurring at the moment go away.

    We see and hear hints of action – such as renewed calls for the European Union to have its own military force, separate and not subordinate to NATO. Could not such a force be brought into being in part by being made “necessary” because of a crisis of a break-down in civil order of the very kind we are now seeing? And once established, such a force would then pivot to become what? An enforcement arm of the NWO in Europe?

    Even if the oligarchs do not use action-reaction-synthesis in this instance, the shahids and mujahadeen are still doing yeoman work, from the globalist point of view, in destroying and erasing much of old Europe. In one recent year alone, four-hundred churches and cathedrals were burned in France in acts of arson. Even though few will say so for attribution for fear of official sanction, it is widely understood that the Muslims are the prime suspects in these crimes, as well as the murder of priests upon the alters of their own churches and similar acts of terror.

    • The German and French leaders tried the ole let’s make our own army answerable only to us, the Generals put s stop to that nonsense a few years ago. The elites might have their solution to a self inflicted problem, but the Generals have their own plans where it concerns these bloody 3rd worlders, let’s just say, they will flee in fear, all of them including the half breeds.

  5. Famine conditions are not yet prevalent across Europe. But they will be, probably after the reduced/failed 2023 harvest. The imported third world hordes of military aged males will then rampage through residential areas like locusts, stealing everything edible, includes dogs and cats. The starved, weakened German populace will then die in the cold of the 2023/24 winter.

    • Wrong, it will anger the German to a point where the Generals take over and all 3rd worlders will run for their lives because the German is on the warpath.

  6. “What do these globalist puppeticians hope to achieve with this? Are they so full of themselves that they believe they are indispensable or even immortal?” (Hellequin)

    — Exactly!

    It is a known psychopathic trait that one does not care even about his own death. Psychopaths are fearless and they even enjoy and, therefore generate, situations where they can risk their own lives (as well as that of orthers). On the tactical level of war this is a huge advantage in cases when they play ‘the game of chicken’ with their enemies (humanity).

    On the other hand the top puppeticians do not have to risk their lives. They live on the top of a totally different, divergent society of the predatory overclass where they can isolate themselves from anything that happens here in our society, partially because they own all the weapons and resources that control our society.

    And the war they are waging on humanity is akin to a siege. We are under siege with limited suppplies, while our enemy that is attacking us has unlimited supplies from the stocks they take away from us.

    So even if it all comes down to a general armageddon, they, personally, will always have more resources than us. And that determines the outcome.

    We are talking about some hundreds of people on the top.

    So these control-freak psychopaths want to control everything, AND they do not care about the consequences at the same time, not even for themselves — a contradictory and sick mindset that is hard to fathom for a normal person. Therefore they are willing to risk literally everything, even their own lives, in order to win everything. This pretty much ensures dominance in any war.

    But that “everything” is primarily OUR world — which they consider THEIR world. This is the hassle all about: who owns you.

    So this long-term war boils down to the insane question: “who gets to own everything”, including everyone, and at what cost. Everything, to the last atom — this is the intention what the totalitarian WEF plans suggest.

    And since it is impossible to own everything (because only God can do that), this war is about The Impossible itself.

    Back to the original question by Hellequin: “they believe they are indispensable or even immortal?”

    Yes, they desperately want to believe that they are Gods, and the make us pay for the costs of sustaining that unsustainable belief.

    The best way — in the psychological space — to sustain the impossible belief that they are immortal and omnipotent, is by comparison: they must prove that all the others are more mortal than them and less capable.

    This is the “sustainability” scam all about: they must prove that all the others, but them, are unsustainable i.e. ripe for annihilitation. It is like the sick joy of hunting and killing animals.

    To achieve this, they must annihilate humanity — and that wish is behind all their plans. That is why they have been attacking humanity on all fronts and in all ways.

    It is a sick mindset of dreaming about omnipotence that can always be passed on to the next generation — and this is why the PTB have been able to further these goals of the conquest of the globe for so long.

    Back to the initital question: “”What do these globalist puppeticians hope to achieve with this?”

    Well, what they want to achieve is immaterial (in the psychological realms of insanity described above), but they are using the material world to prove themselves that they have really achieved that goal.

    This contradiction is behind the utter impossibility of this war, regarding the role of the “PTB”.

    (But there is also something material behind weakening the West: it is a tactical step towards owning everything, by imbalancing the geopolitical status quo on Earth. After all, planned destruction is extremely profitable.)

    To sum it up: one of the root causes of this war is the insanity of the top dogs of the globe; but it does not mean it is purposeless — it has its own inner structure and motives described above. It is just that its purposes are demonic.

    • The Generals have their own plans, and they do not include these so called elites, the elites think they are Gods, they are about to find out to their collective horror they are not and their deaths will end their bloody delusions, however many of them it takes.

  7. The US and EU do not understand what total collapse means. Time and brainwashing have made sure of that.
    My grandmother was one of those German women who was gang raped repeatedly in Konigsberg, OstPreussen, and during her flight to the west and died shortly thereafter. My grandfather buried her in Berlin and headed west to find his last son, somewhere in a US POW camp in France. I cannot imagine what pain he went through.
    Way too many Americans can laugh about how she had it coming, having raised 3 Nazi sons for the Reich, and then losing 2 of them on the Eastern front. But one day the ignorance and arrogance of the west will be put to the test, and as history will show, now it’s your turn. Nothing lasts forever.

    • My family as well had to flee Ost Preussen and lost the family lands and estates. I am looking with interest that Konigsburg is a cut off Russian enclave, ripe for the pickings. Semper Fi

      • I agree with both of you.
        Nothing lasts.
        In the end, entropy wins.
        And according to a study no empire survives more then 250-300 years in its original form.
        Yes, Rome (both West-Rome and East-Rome) underwent various changes, but in the end, they both fell.

        That happened to Spain, England and now the US is on the menue.

  8. Worked with a German immigrant. After many years, she thought me trustworthy to explain Berlin 1945. With tears in her eyes after 30 years–her account:

    All women–ALL WOMEN–age was no limit–8 to 80– in her family were brutally raped by Soviet forces. She said the far eastern Communists were the most savage. Her youngest sister died in her arms after being repeatedly gang raped for days.

    …and yet–YET–this ex-Berliner who witnessed brutality and murder beyond measure came to America and became a loyal operative of the Party of Chaos–the Democrats!

    • Years ago when I learned of the Rape of Berlin it infuriated me. Perhaps I have become much more coarsened and inured to such things over the years because while I can generate sympathy for individual situations, I don’t have much sympathy for the Germans as a whole. They, including the women, got what they deserved. If they didn’t want to be raped then they could have done like the Jews of Masada and committed mass suicide. Or they could have made such an act suicidal for any Soviet soldier and pulled the pin on a grenade when any soldier came near.

      The men of the Wehrmacht committed untold numbers of rapes on the women of the countries they invaded, and for the Soviets turnabout was fair play. Also, Hitler was elected and that included women in the electorate. He wasn’t elected exclusively by men. Total war and mobilization of women into the armaments industry meant they were legitimate military targets when their factories were bombed, and being raped in revenge for what they had done to Soviet women was a terrible but understandable consequence of their participation in the war effort.

  9. “Albanian Gangster Rappers”? Surely this must be “cultural appropriation”.

    Though I am informed that many of the young Albanian males trying to immigrate to Europe are trying to escape being forcibly inducted into the “Mafia ” which runs their country (like Honduras?). Which doesn’t mean we should welcome them, but some understanding is called for.

  10. All responsible, the men behind the curtain, their talking heads in the media, the teachers and professors, the celebrities, right down to the useful idiots in the street have one important thing in common. They ALL mistakenly assume they’ll somehow be immune to the consequences of their actions should they ever get what they think they desire. Possibly/probably DEAD wrong. Oh well.

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