Persecuting Those Who Point Out the Dirt

The following article discusses the persecution of dissident German citizens who dare to criticize government policies and actions. Its primary focus is the relentless hate campaign against critics of the “vaccine”, but the same techniques are being used against people who dissent from other governmental policies.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Boris Reitschuster’s website. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

The public prosecutor’s office is investigating because of #ichhabemitgemacht [I participated]

Legal parallel universe

In the US science fiction series “Spaceship Enterprise”, the heroes end up in a parallel universe one day. It is indistinguishable from theirs. Only the characters are “reversed” — “the good guys” are “the bad guys” in the parallel universe. Everything is upside down.

I have to think about this episode of my favorite series more and more often these days. And again today, when I read a tweet by FDP [Freie Demokratische Partei, Free Democratic Party] member Mic de Vries. The avid Twitter user is one of the brains behind the “We participated” campaign. It compiles the worst cases of hate speech and discrimination against people who do not want to be vaccinated against Corona (see my article “The ultimate (self-)exposure of the Corona agitators — hashtag #ichhabemitgemacht — causes a stir”).

Many of the statements collected in this way are perceived, at least by a legal layperson, as insult, defamation and/or vile slander as well as hate speech. Here are some examples:

  • “Vaccination opponents are crazy.”
  • “No opponent of vaccination is treated like an enemy of the state. He’s just not allowed to go out with people, hopefully soon, because he’s a dangerous social pest.”
  • “Would dividing society really be such a bad thing? It wouldn’t break apart in the middle, but fairly far down on the right. And such an appendix is not, in the strictest sense, essential for the survival of the entire complex.”
  • “First of all, we have to send a clear message to the unvaccinated: You are now out of social life.”
  • “Anyone who doesn’t get vaccinated is an antisocial freeloader!”
  • “Tyranny of the Unvaccinated”
  • “At this point, I would like to expressly request social disadvantages for all those who voluntarily do not get a vaccination. May the entire republic point the finger at them… The state has already rammed through more controversial things!”
  • “Vaccination opponents are crazy.”
  • “No more unvaccinated people in the office, no more unvaccinated football players on the lawn, no more unvaccinated MPs in the Bundestag, no more unvaccinated students in the lecture hall.”
  • “Society must now regulate this itself: If you are not vaccinated, then I do not want you to play with my children, either!”
  • “The unvaccinated must not terrorize the majority as a minority.”
  • “What rats were in the days of the plague, children are now to Covid-19.”
  • “In Germany it’s not enough to get on the nerves of the unvaccinated, one must do more.”
  • “The unvaccinated now need the stick instead of the carrot.”
  • “Avoid contact with the unvaccinated!”
  • “Only the unvaccinated, who are like deserters, are to be punished!”

If you thought that prosecutors would take action against those who made such statements, you are wrong.

Because exactly the opposite is happening: Mic de Vries, as one of those who collected these statements in order to document them, has now received a summons from the investigators. He announced this on Twitter — and commented on it with gallows humor:

Police investigation because of my #quote collection! Really? Well, let’s have fun. Let the games begin.

— Mic de Vries (@micLIBERAL) September 30, 2022

A user replied to de Vries on Twitter: “Oh ha. Have you disseminated publicly available data and information that those affected have published themselves? Privacy seems to be the last straw the vengeful are now clutching at.” Another user wrote: “Now that’s a joke, isn’t it? This is a waste of our tax dollars because a few snowflakes can’t deal with the reality of their OWN uttered words? I am shocked.”

Honestly — you feel like you’re in a parallel universe. It is not the defamers, slanderers and agitators that are being pursued by the investigators, but those who document their actions. Documenting public statements with hatred and defamation of unvaccinated people is therefore a “dangerous dissemination of personal data” according to the public prosecutor. That would be laughable if it weren’t so sad.

Nothing seems to have changed in Germany since the time when Kurt Tucholsky stated: “In Germany, the one who points out the dirt is considered much more dangerous than the one who makes the dirt.”

In fact, we are dealing with an instrumentalization of the Police and Judiciary against people with different opinions that is unprecedented for the Federal Republic. And as you otherwise only know from authoritarian states. For example, there was just another investigation of the AfD and the newspaper Deutschlandkurier. Critics of the government are terrorized with house searches, and the fear of them. The list of examples could be continued almost endlessly. Anyone who is unavailable like me and who lives abroad must expect the police to contact his family and those associated with him in Germany.

Even the left-wing New York Times has now published an article that complains in detail about the judiciary in Germany and the instrumentalization of criminal prosecutors for political purposes. Post caption: “Where online hate speech can bring the police to your door. In the fight against right-wing extremism, Germany has gone further than any other Western democracy in prosecuting individuals for what they say online and testing the limits of free speech online.”

If you consider that today every deviation from the “woke”, i.e. red-green-purple zeitgeist, is defamed as “right-wing extremism”, the article in the New York Times represents a swan song for the rule of law in Germany. Average readers speechless: Such a state action against “opinion crimes” is known from authoritarian states. But not from pluralistic democracies. [Think again.]

However, because Big Media either conceal or cover up or justify these grievances and this abuse of the judiciary to combat dissidents, a majority of Germans are simply not aware of it. Big Media and their journalists are thus accomplices in this general attack on freedom and freedom of expression in particular, which is unprecedented in a democracy.

Any coming to terms with the past will not only have to deal with this historically, but also legally in the future. For example, through proceedings on suspicion of perverting the law while in office.

Afterword from the translator:

In the US, prosecutors are elected and not appointed by politicians. I wonder why? Maybe so that they are independent of politics? I’m in favour of these terrible statements being recorded and also who made them. Transparency is supposed to be a part of democracy; after all you want to know who you can still vote for and who proved unfit for public office during the Corona pandemic. They weren’t strangers either.

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  1. The little boy in the story of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” would not have shaken the scales from everyone else’s eyes, as in the classic ending, but would have found himself drugged, restrained and cloistered in an insane asylum for saying such an obvious “untruth.”

  2. Replace the word “unvaccinated” with “Jew” and one will get a sense of how little Germans learned from their infatuation with the Austrian corporal.

  3. Maybe it is time for a protest movement. People may wish to pledge to refuse to take any vaccine or treatment originating from those pharmaceutical companies that created the multilayer mass murdering COVID “vaxx”s. We will be the new refuseniks.

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