What’s a Little Pain When You’re Saving the Planet?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

Are people supposed to now do without anesthesia during surgery in order to save the climate?

In Germany, people are constantly developing backwards: if the invention of anesthesia was once considered a great medical achievement, since people no longer have to endure the pain of surgery while fully conscious, the broadcaster Arte now warns that anesthetic gases may damage the climate. But many clinics are now paying more attention to sustainability, it says. So will we soon be operating again without anesthetics?

First Henryk M. Broder wrote in Die Welt about the latest coup by the climate paranoids. He referred to a documentary by the broadcaster Arte, which advertises it on Instagram as follows:

“Did you know that hospitals are real climate killers? Many pollutants enter the environment there unfiltered… This also applies to anesthetic gases, which are used in seven million operating rooms in Germany every year. The gases are potent greenhouse gases and are often discharged directly to the outside via the hospital roof. But many hospitals are now paying more attention to sustainability.”

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So woe to those who need surgery: they pollute the climate and make tax increases necessary! One would think that the healthcare system would already have been sufficiently rundown, without the climate sect making calculations about the emissions from medical treatments.

In his pointed article, Broder raises the question of whether doctors will in future be obliged to point out the climate damage of anesthesia before surgery:

“Are you sure you really want this?” the doctor will ask the patient. There will definitely be patients for whom climate protection is more important than their own lives. Those who are still hesitating could be enticed with the offer that they could tell their stories with Markus Lanz or Anne Will [TV hosts], as role models for dealing responsibly with nature.

A Karl Lauterbach could certainly be lured with an appearance on Anne Will, but it would probably look bad for the average citizen. In any case, Broder himself will not do without anesthesia for his upcoming minimally invasive surgery: “In these cloudy days, when cold showers are made a national obligation, you have to treat yourself to something good from time to time.”

How true. If German citizens cannot avoid surgery, they should at least be able to enjoy a break from green madness during such an operation. A growing number of people are already being deprived of sleep, which is so important for recovery, due to the increase in prices promoted by the Greens.

Afterword from the translator:

I still remember very clearly when the stigmatization of the AfD began… there it was said, among other things, that the AfD would catapult Germany back into the Stone Age… *cough*… I don’t think I need to write more, do I?

And just as the AfD was/is/should be to blame for everything else, so it is currently Putin. They just always need a new sow that they can drive through the village to be jubilantly applauded by the voting cattle waiting patiently for the butcher.

21 thoughts on “What’s a Little Pain When You’re Saving the Planet?

  1. I wonder how much carbon, hydro-carbons and worst things go into the atmosphere when Moslems riot in Germany ,France and burn thousands of cars a year in the many riots. Riots over over hurt feelings ,cartoons , not enough welfare benefits , lack of pray rooms in schools ,or blind hatred towards non-Moslem native Europeans? The carbon “foot print” over arson created by the lefts Moslem pets must be much larger then all the anesthesia for all the operations in western Europe.

  2. At some point the gasses and chemicals that cause global warming according to the latest computer models must be at the level American MBA’s referred to as Mouse-milking, and which Lawyers refer to as De Minimis.

  3. https://www.friatider.se/fn-toppens-skryt-om-att-hon-styr-googles-sokresultat

    UN top’s boast that she rules Google search results

    Published 2 October 2022 in Fria Tider

    Melissa Fleming, the UN’s head of “global communications,” is now talking about how she got Google to weed out search results about the so-called “nuclear threat” that don’t match the UN’s own version.

    It was during a meeting on “disinformation” organised by the World Economic Forum that Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary for Global Communications at the UN, spoke about her work.

    – We have started a partnership with Google. For example, if you Google “climate change” you will get a range of results from the UN at the top.

    We started this partnership because we were shocked to see an incredible amount of distorted information coming up at the top when we googled “climate change”.

    She continues:

    – ‘So we’re starting to be much more proactive. We own the science and we think the world should know it, and so do the platforms themselves.

    Melissa Fleming also spoke about another UN project, “Team Halo”, which aims to spread the global organisation’s views on covid-19 on the social media platform Tiktok.

  4. The Green Commie fanatics must be the stupidest people on earth, yet they seem to have become our new rulers.

    This is exactly like the story of the Emperor with no clothes except in our case it is turning out that we will have no heat and no light.

    I can only wonder if the Demo Commies are so obsessed with saving the planet that they won’t notice that they too are freezing to death in the dark caves that were once their warm and cozy homes.

    How is it even possible that this small minority of insane morons have obtained so much power over the majority of good, God fearing people who just want to live their lives in peace?

    The answer is the corrupt alliance of the all powerful Tech giants with their colleagues from Hell, the Satanic politicians. I believe that our only hope is, as always, Divine intervention. Let us pray.

  5. Wow, Germans are going off the deep end for environmentalism. Maybe we should provide them with copies of the old Morgenthau Plan so that they can implement on themselves.

  6. All the effluent from the pharmaceutical industry has drained into the water supply, thereby driving people crazy and turning boys into girls. The good news is, with all the runoff from birth control pills, men are not getting pregnant as often as they used to.

  7. I just wish to wake up from this surreal dream and find myself sitting in the audience of the Muppet Show with Kermit the Frog greening the helm.

    • Yes, solar panel arrays shading asphalt-paved parking lots. That will reduce the local temperatures considerably. Asphalt radiates 15% to 20% more heat than it absorbs, but never mind the oil runoff when it rains.

  8. Is hilarious to see those fanatics of the CO2 criminalizing the anesthesia or the cow´s flatulences, and at the same time they just ignore the millions of tons of nanoparticles of aluminum, bario, strontium or aero graphene sprayed in the atmosfera day after day 24x7x365 all year round, wich is killing the layers of life support in our troposfera.

  9. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/10/05/beacon-of-bountiful-green-energy-uk-to-build-first-nuclear-fusion-plant/

    This must be driving the greecom’s completely nuts. The only thing worse than “fossil fuel” advocacy is nuke, especially fusion, advocacy. Fossil fuels are a never ending source of grievance and contention, and opportunity for grift, what with battles over environmental rules, pipelines, drilling permits, leaks, etc., etc. But, if someone proves fusion feasible then it is game over for the green grift permanently.

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