Et Tu, Russki?

Germany is already swamped with “refugees”. The usual suspects — Afghans, Syrians, Iraqis, etc. — keep pouring in, to which Ukrainians may now be added, and maybe even Russians. All this while Germans prepare to shiver in the dark during a gasless winter.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Bild. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

And Now the Russians?

Over 1.1 million refugees!

Around 1.1 million people fled to Germany in 2022

Cities and municipalities are now sounding the alarm

The figures announced by the Federal Ministry of the Interior are unbelievably high: This year alone, 992,517 war refugees from Ukraine (as of September 17, 2022) have come to Germany. At the same time, the usual migration routes are back in full swing.

By August, 115,402 initial applications for asylum had been made, mainly by Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis. A total of more than 1.1 million people, that is more than Cologne has inhabitants.

The municipalities are now warning of overloading like in 2015. The general manager of the association of towns and municipalities, Gerd Landsberg, told Bild am Sonntag: “The municipalities are already facing a situation like in 2015 and 2016, and there are many indications that many more people will flee to Germany in the winter.” Putin is deliberately destroying infrastructure in Ukraine that people need in winter. At the same time, poverty, unemployment and food shortages are growing in other parts of the world. [Why is that? Why aren’t they researching and questioning all this willful destruction of farmland by governments and private business? One wonders why that is.]

“There are already many municipalities that have to accommodate people in gyms because all other capacities are exhausted. If that increases even further, then we are heading for a real bottleneck in accommodation in winter,” warns Landsberg.

His sober conclusion: “Many standards would have to be temporarily overridden.” Means: school classes and daycare groups will have to be larger. City Day President Markus Lewe calls for federal and state real estate to be prepared as accommodation in a less bureaucratic manner.

The situation is getting worse, especially in Brandenburg, Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia. The government in Düsseldorf has already announced a freeze on admissions. The Baden-Württemberg Minister of Migration Marion Gentges (51, CDU) also told Bild am Sonntag: Housing and administrative staff are “meanwhile largely exhausted”.

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (52, SPD) admits: “The longer the war lasts, the more difficult it is to house and care for so many refugees.” [And whose fault is that? Who is drum-rolling for that war to continue?]

Faeser is planning a refugee summit: “On October 11, I invited the municipal umbrella organizations so that we can coordinate as best we can.”

The fact that more people are coming to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea and the Balkan route “worries me,” says Faeser. The border controls with Austria have been extended, and the federal police are increasingly checking the Czech border as part of the dragnet manhunt. “Because one thing is clear: we all have a responsibility to stop illegal entries so that we can continue to help people who urgently need our support.” [And according to the Greens, it’s all of the Third World.]

There are also Russian reservists who left their homeland after Putin’s general mobilization. Greens and Liberals want to take in the deserters. The Union, on the other hand, warns that Germany’s willingness to help benefits the wrong people. CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt (52) says he expects Faeser to “present a concrete concept for quickly interrupting the transit routes and to work with the EU to better protect the external borders”. [Where was his “concrete concept” when Merkel did this?]

But one thing is also clear: the accommodation of Ukrainian war refugees must work. Germany cannot tell the Ukrainians that we have no place for them, says Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil (63, SPD) to Bild am Sonntag: “That’s out of the question. I realize that accommodating so many people in such a short time is difficult and that the schools are at their limit. But there is no alternative.”

“We would do it again”

Claudia (44) and Jörg Waniek (53) live with their daughters Louisa (12) and Theresia (1) in a village near Cottbus (Brandenburg). When the war began, they took in two refugee families, one after the other, in their guest room, both of whom have since moved on. Jörg Waniek to Bild am Sonntag: “We were happy to help, would do it again immediately.” [I wonder how many homeless Germans they’ve taken into their home in the past? Those who lost everything because the German Government destroyed their livelihoods with their “measures”. My guess: NONE, because that wouldn’t give them a virtue-signaling platform.]

Afterword from the translator:

Aha, there’s another one drifting on Merkel’s “No alternative wave”. We have an alternative; the voters should vote him out!

Alternatively, one should unload the refugees in his state. This has also proven itself in the USA. Texas and other Republican states have shipped out the immigrants that the Democrats let in to Democratic states as well. That was where the fun ended. It’s a thought, and it will put their actions were their mouth is.

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  1. Now the US has destroyed Nord Stream 1&2 to force German industry to move to the US who is going to pay for all this? Many of the Ukrainians only go there to collect money then catch train/bus back to Ukraine. Germans are paying welfare for people who don’t even live in Germany. Incredibly stupid people to do that. Who are they scared of?
    The rest of the EU should be very afraid as there will be no more developments grants and if the new third world members, Albania and Kosovo join, who will provide the big handouts they will expect? It will be the Poles and Czechs etc. Bet they haven’t realised yet as they are still very pro EU.

  2. Refugee racism? See it all the time. People feel more saintly giving their money to a coloured person than helping the struggling white person living next door. Charity begins at home has been thrown out with Christianity.

    • Love your neighbour the same you love yourself…
      this does not go for dogooders over here. They( lefties I have known personally) never practised this ” Nächstenliebe” as it’s called in german. They prefer
      “Fernstenliebe” , the love for the most afar residing human.
      For instance, they always had a penchant for Kuba or Nicaragua, Angola or Cambodja, but gave a rats gas for the fate of next door neighbours in need.

  3. Oh well, who cares, right? If the electricity goes out everyone can all just huddle to stay warm.
    I assume that’s what the WEF, and all the greenies would love. Minimal energy usage and all that.
    How nice.

  4. so … “we all have a responsibility to stop illegal entries so that we can continue to help people who urgently need our support.” Oh really … so NOW we have to stop illegal entries … NOW! Seven years ago ANYONE could and did go into Germany and was welcomed with ‘Wir schafen Das’ … ‘we can do this’. Now we have to stop them?

    “More people are coming to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea and the Balkan route “ worries me,” says Faeser. So if it is – for the first time ever that – ‘It Worries’ the Federal Interior Minister Faeser. Shouldn’t she should join with all other countries in Western Europe to tell the new Government in Italy to stop the rescue boats dumping their cargo in Italy every day and put a Naval blockade off the coast of Lampedusa to stop the arivals there!! Wake up Faeser!!

  5. A real german government would throw out all, repeat ALL, asylum seekers because in our current situation german people must be protected first. But as the german government does the exact opposite thing it is clear they are traitors.

    Even the AfD.

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