The Beatification of St. Angela

The great thing about secular sainthood is that a doubleplusgood dignitary doesn’t have to die, but instead is permitted to enjoy the perks of beatification and canonization before he or she shuffles off this mortal coil.

Now seems to be the turn of St. Angela the Bountiful. She lavished so many boons on millions of arriving culture-enrichers from 2015 to 2021 that she has been granted the privilege of dwelling in resplendent radiance for the remainder of her time here on Earth.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from T-Online. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Merkel receives prize for refugee policy

“A lesson she leaves to history”: In 2015, ex-Chancellor Merkel decided to open Germany to refugees. Now she has been honored for it.

Former Chancellor Angela Merkel has been awarded the Peace Prize by the UN cultural organization UNESCO. “The entire jury was touched by her courageous decision in 2015 to take in more than 1.2 million refugees, particularly from Syria , Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea ,” said the president of the jury and 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner Denis Mukwege in Paris. “It’s a lesson she leaves to history.” [Just like Adolf, Josef, Vladimir, Attila…]

UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay also paid tribute to Merkel’s commitment. “Peacemaking is also about opening doors for those who are suffering,” she explained. [And then slammed the door into the face of the victims of her policy afterwards.] “The jury’s decision is a reminder that welcoming migrants and refugees is a key concern.” [Especially when your crime rates are far too low if you want to expand the police to a State Thug Force for the better control of the law-abiding citizens.]

The prize is named after the former head of state of Ivory Coast, Félix Houphouët-Boigny. The Peace Prize has been awarded every year since 1989 to people, organizations or institutions that have made special efforts to promote, research or secure peace. It is not yet clear when the prize will be awarded to Merkel.

Afterword from the translator:

Well, the “friendly face” that Merkel and her social-romantic followers showed the world turns out to be not only expensive fun worth billions a year, and thanks to Merciful Angela the stream of economic refugees has not ebbed since 2015, and now more of “those” are packing their suitcases — no matter how well they are doing — and making their way to Germany or to the German honey pot, since the queen bee Angela willingly opened the “doors” to the hive for the wasps, hornets and bee moth. However, it is not only the costs that are getting out of hand, but also crime and foreign infiltration, which means that internal security in Germany is no longer given and cities are turning into the Middle East and Africa. And laws protect the criminals, as long as they aren’t white native Germans.

Ms. Merkel has really earned the “Peace Prize”, after all. She has managed to leave behind a deeply divided Germany and caused a great deal of damage, or to put it in other words, she has carried out her given globalist task in a masterly and thorough manner. Truly a lesson that will be written down in the history books… if Germans and the rest of native Western Europeans survive it.

17 thoughts on “The Beatification of St. Angela

  1. She should be in prison for treason against Her own country and people!!, unbelievable just unbelievable…, now she is a hero ..

  2. There was once a rumor that she was Hitlers Daughter.

    Now I think she is a female HITLER for damning her country and causing death to Gerrmans. She is just EU trash.

    • Angela Merkel is younger than I am, born well after 1945. So unless Hitler didn’t really commit suicide in his bunker, and then fathered a child while in exile in South America, she’s not his daughter.

      • rumours have it that Hitler worked night shifts at Volkswagen Argentine. Adolf Eichmann drove one of those beetles where AH had scratched a swastika onto the engine bloc. A rare item whose price is skyrocketing in auctions.We have to get a DNA sample of Angela to prove that she was breast-fed in South America. But then, Adolf would never have allowed his daughter be given a roman- latin name.( irony off)

    • Merkel is a communist, has always been a communist and will die a bloody communist, ole Hitler would have had her shot for her treason.

  3. Angela Merkel is a card-carrying member of the globalist movement – a.k.a. the European branch – and her de facto elevation to secular sainthood is just her bosses and paymasters rewarding her for sticking to the script and following the program. She is a past recipient of the Charlemagne Prize, which is also called the Kalergi Prize, one of those baubles handed out to good little globalists and traitors to their own civilization, such as fellow recipients Tony Blair, Pope Francis, and Emmanuel Macron. Yes, it is quite the collection of rats in that particular nest…

    • Merkel is a communist, has always been a communist, she just hid it very well when she came out of east Germany claiming to have saw the light of democracy, and the useful idiots believed this evil woman and made this traitor their bloody Chancellor.

  4. How powerless and de-bawled the current opposition seems. Turkey Russia and China have big plans for the third weird unplucked chicken.

    • Well, Turkey does.

      It is said that Vladimir has plans for Belgium, Scotland, and Iceland but I see no evidence of that. Monaco and Liechtenstein, well, of course. This is well known..


    The young Bill Gates?
    Or the young Angela Merkel?

    Angela Merkel, of course, circa 1968.



    Madam Chancellor, forty years on, everyone is writing and talking and arguing about 1968 once again. And hardly anyone asks what was going on in the east of the country or in Prague back then. Does that annoy you?
    Angela Merkel: I’m surprised, and regardless of that, the events of 1968 were not specifically German, but there was an international movement, the first global, Western movement. Although it also had its own German manifestation, it did not originate in Germany. This international development had various driving forces, the most important of which in the Federal Republic may also have had something to do with the development of post-war prosperity.

    The prosperity?
    I mean that an important prerequisite for 1968 was that, unlike in the years after the war, people were no longer hungry every night, that they were materially out of the woods, that the basic structures of the Federal Republic had been created. Now, for the first time, a young generation had the freedom to deal with new social issues. And then, of course, the Vietnam War in particular had a major impact. There were more and more television sets, so that images of the war were more present for many than ever before in history. The invention of the pill also played a role in the discussion, of course. All of this ultimately led to the changes we know as “68.” This movement existed in America, in France, in Germany, but also in Eastern Europe. In this respect, I miss a bit in our discussion the classification in the international development: What were the American motives? What were the specifically German ones? What was it like in Paris? How was it in Prague?

    And what was 1968 like in East Germany? You were only 14 years old that year, but…
    …subjectively, you already felt relatively wise at that age. What I still remember very well is the really profound atmosphere of departure in Czechoslovakia. In the summer vacations of 1968, I was with my parents and siblings in the Giant Mountains, in Pec pod Snezkou. Every day they talked about what was going on in Prague. The children were excited. The young people were excited. The adults were excited. Then my parents went to Prague for two days. I would have loved to come along because it was all supposed to be so exciting there on Wenceslas Square, very open conversations and even Western newspapers were supposed to be available for purchase.

    Angela Merkel at a New Year’s Eve party in Berlin in 1972/73.

    Angela Merkel at a camping trip in 1973.

    Angela Merkel at a class outing (at the net) 1970.

    Left photo: Angela Merkel (second row, center) with her class 10b of the high school in Templin, 1971. / Right photo: Angela Merkel at a party (bottom of photo).

    From child to chancellor: Angela Merkel.

    Previous picture
    Next picture

    What did your parents experience?
    They came back from Prague very animated, with the hope that things within socialism could apparently be broken up after all. This had been discussed to some extent in church circles in the GDR: not copying West Germany, but going your own way. And what happened in Czechoslovakia would have been wished for the GDR as well. I remember well that at that time I myself was rather doubtful about whether socialism could be reformed in itself. But at the age of 14, of course, I didn’t have a final position on the matter.

    Angela Merkel was 14 when the political spring broke out in Prague and the ’68 revolution in West Germany. The fact that Merkel, born in 1954, experienced this time in the GDR was due to her father’s profession: shortly after the birth of his daughter in Hamburg in 1954, he took over a parish in Brandenburg. After school in Templin, Angela Merkel studied physics in Leipzig, and her involvement in the Democratic Awakening in 1989 launched her astonishing career in the purely West German CDU, culminating in Chancellor.

    (Photos: Joerg Glaescher/laif, Bettina Flitner/laif, dpa, Picture Press, Ian Berry/Magnum Photos/Focus Agency; photo editing: Delta E.)

  6. I hope she gets reborn as a christian in a muslim controlled country – Pakistan with its abduction of christians comes to my mind.

    Yes, I know she still breathes, but on the one hand it would be nice if this rebirth happens as fast as possible, on the other hand it would be nice if she could enjoy a lot of years chained to a non-functional body (aka locked-in-syndrome) feeling everything but not being able to communicate with the outside.

    Do you think I am evil?

    • No you are not evil, but where this evil woman is concerned, there is only one option where traitors are concerned, the gallows, and have a lottery on who gets the privilege of kicking out the stool.

  7. God, how I utterly despise that evil commie Merkel. She has done more damage to Germany both short and long term than any Chancellor in Germany’s history, the amount of destruction that is coming will make WW2 pale in comparison when winter comes and the dead start piling up from starvation and cold. When the German people see how well the 3rd worlders are living on their dime the hate and resentment will come to the forefront and all hell is going to break lose, mark my words, it is coming.

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