Who Rules in Sweden?

The Gothenburg Post has published an exposé of the extent to which criminal gangs — typically composed of third-world immigrants — have taken control of certain neighborhoods in Gothenburg, and now exert a covert form of political power in those regions. The report below is an introduction; the full exposé is behind a paywall.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from today’s Gothenburg Post:

Christofer Ahlqvist: Why we must consider gang leaders to be those in power

Murdered children, kidnappings, and witness testimonies that are withdrawn. The criminal gangs affect tens of thousands in Gothenburgers in the neighborhoods they hold hostage. Today the Gothenburg Post examines the gangs, and here Editor-in-Chief Christofer Ahlqvist explains why the identified gang leaders should be viewed as being in power.

“You’re not getting in here!” The message to our team was clear. The threatening people did not want us to carry out our journalistic assignment in the neighborhood. The incident occurred when we were going to report on the unrest that broke out in connection with the fatal shooting in Hjällbo last year. We were forced to do our live broadcast from a different location from what we had planned. The next day we were back in the neighborhood again and did our report. That day the Gothenburg Post was directly affected by the actions of the gang and network. But there are others who are affected daily.

Criminal gangs are terrorizing the neighborhoods where they operate, and according to the police affect tens of thousands of Gothenburgers just in our suburbs alone. In the last few days, we have been able to report on murdered children, kidnapped teachers, and witness testimonies being withdrawn.

The foremost mission of the media is to examine power. Those who run the criminal groups undoubtedly have both great influence and power. That is accompanied by significant public interest, which motivates us to report to our readers as much as we know about the gangs and their leaders. Thus, in today’s examination we are publishing names and photos of convicted criminals who are identified by authorities as gang leaders.

The power that a gang leader possesses is not official, compared to, for example, a politician or a business leader. These individuals often deny that they have such a role or a position of power. That makes our job harder, but also more important. Behind today’s publication lie months of intensive work, which is based on several years of accumulated knowledge and experience. Our reporters have gathered and put together official documents such as investigations and court judgments. They have interviewed sources, both public officials and people who speak confidentially. Due to a lack of answers from the identified individuals, we have utilized their answers from trials and hearings in order to present their version, in spite of everything. We have also interviewed those who are truly affected by the gangs in our local community. All in all, we can show the influence and power the gangs and their leaders have, whether they admit it or not.

In Sweden, the number of shootings has increased this year compared to the previous five years. At the same time, the situation in Western Sweden looks somewhat brighter. A partial explanation might be that so many gang criminals in leading positions are behind bars. But according to Mats Bergström, Acting Deputy Regional Chief for Region West, that could quickly change.

“Even if the numbers go in the right direction, something serious can happen that upsets it. The situation is so serious. We have heavy conflicts in our region, but we are keeping tabs on it, and we have found methods that are working.”

The Gothenburg Post will continue to watch and scrutinize what the authorities and politicians are doing to overcome the problem. But we will also examine the unofficial people in power who are causing so much pain to so many citizens.

10 thoughts on “Who Rules in Sweden?

  1. The inevitable fate of a feminist and female dominated government and the country it purports to lead. A humanitarian superpower indeed…

    • Sweden is an example of what white women, if given the power, will do to their own men.

  2. I have worked all over Sweden, from Malmo to Kiruna – and in and around Gothenburg we had the most trouble with company vans being broken into and our equipment stolen. When I think about it – I know only one theft that happened in Stockholm, and about 5 times in Gothenburg. They even stole 70kg batteries from us, which I thought was kind of amusing, athletic performance…

  3. They refuse to believe in Islamic eschatology. The Swedes don’t have to believe but the muzzes do. They are doomed as doomed can be. (with credit to Ed Grimley)

  4. It amazes me that Sweden and South Africa now have in common the fact that 3rd worlders are destroying them, but in SA the native Boers and those of European extraction are no longer following the so called rules and are armed to the teeth and take care of problems themselves and refuse to call the bloody police, the Swedes could start taking the SA example and get busy. The bloody Swedes did everything they could to destroy the whites in SA and Rhodesia, now they are getting payback in spades.

    • Absolutely 100 % . Unfortunately the Swedes have a history of playing the moral author to other countries and now it has come back to bite them. I cant wait till the Swedes are 9 % of their countries population . Perhaps then they will start to arm themselves and go hunting.

      • It takes awhile to get a Swede angry, but when they finally go off they do lots of damage. Sooner or later, for the law of averages says so, someone is going to go hunting and start actively stalking and taking their prey, by ones and two’s and get away with it. Then these 3rd world sub human savages will start to fear, because they won’t know if they are next. Once that Rubicon is crossed, others will soon join it the fray, it is not a question of if, but when.

  5. Re: “The Gothenburg Post has published an exposé of the extent to which criminal gangs — typically composed of third-world immigrants — have taken control of certain neighborhoods in Gothenburg, and now exert a covert form of political power in those regions. ”

    Political power, indeed. Even the one-time skeptics now recognize the extent to which Muslims get away with their activities of “cultural enrichment” in Sweden.

    Rape is endemic in the country, even though only a few short decades ago Sweden was famous as one of the most-peaceful nations on earth. In Stockholm and other major cities, roving gangs of young thugs and toughs terrorize the local population and set fire to hundreds of vehicles as amusement on summer nights. Police stations are besieged by grenade attacks and gunfire.

    Islamic grooming gangs are now common in urban areas, just as they are in London, Paris and other major European cities. And in heavily-Muslim neighborhoods and enclaves, sharia law is enforced by so-called “sharia patrols,” composed of yet more young, tough males who have come to Sweden from the Middle East and North Africa.

    Ian Flemming, the former Royal Navy intelligence officer, noted fictional author and inventor of the ‘James Bond’ intrigues, once said, “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, and three times is enemy action.”

    Sweden is long-past the happenstance and coincidence stages when it comes to official explanations and rationalizations of the actions of Muslim immigrants inside the country; indeed, they are now firmly in “enemy action” territory. Specifically, the soldiers of Allah are waging jihad against the Swedes and Sweden, just as they are against other ancestral European homelands and their peoples.

    The proverbial million-dollar question then becomes – Why are the authorities permitting this to occur, and to what end?

    The hard truth is that the European ruling class and elites have betrayed the common people of Europe and of nations like Sweden. The mandarins at the European Union in Brussels, are perfectly-well aware of what is going on, and yet they and their colleagues keep insisting that large-scale immigration is “beneficial” for Europe.

    The globalists wish to create a new European super-state, one whose historical connections to Old Europe have been severed, and in which distinct borders, languages and cultures no longer exist. But before they can “Build Back Better,” they must first tear down what remains of Old Europe. Sort of like demolishing an old building to make way for a brand new one.

    The Muslims, because of their inherent hostility to Old Europe and Christianity, are the ideal spearhead for such an effort. The believers have been trying to conquer Europe for well over a thousand years, and now they are within sight of that goal. In France last year, over four-hundred Christian churches -many of them priceless artifacts and historic places – were burned in acts of arson. If such data are published and available for Sweden, one cannot help but wonder what trend they would reflect.

    Not only are the soldiers of Allah tearing down European civilization, they are also serving, de facto, as an enforcement arm of the EU and its policies. This might seem to be an outlandish conclusion to reach, but what other such explanation fits the facts as they are now happening on the ground in places like Sweden, the “land of the midnight sun”?

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