Discrimination Against “Potato Germans”

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Bild. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

She Mocked Germans as “Potatoes”

Activist to become commissioner for anti-discrimination

Once again, a traffic-light personnel decision is causing heated debates. Ferda Ataman (43) is to become Federal Commissioner for Anti-Discrimination. Today the cabinet proposed the publicist and activist. The Bundestag still has to agree. In 2020, Ataman caused heated debates when she defended the term “potato” for Germans without a migration background in a “Spiegel” article. Many citizens “sometimes mutate into thin-skinned Emo-Germans” if they are called “potatoes”, for example.

Ataman was surprised: “A surprising number of people see this as insulting discrimination. Why?” Her answer: “The outrage about ‘potato Germans’ is about something else. It’s about the inner resistance to deal with yourself and your own privileges.”

Group Vice President Andrea Lindholz (51, CSU) says to Bild: “So far, Ms. Ataman has primarily attracted attention with clumsy provocations and hard left-wing ideology.” It is wrong to “insult the majority of society or play social groups off against each other.”

In Bild the domestic politician Christoph de Vries (47, CDU) expresses “doubts as to whether a woman who finds discriminatory terms for Germans completely okay” is suitable for the anti-discrimination job.

Stefan Müller (46), the parliamentary director of the CSU state group, describes Ataman to Bild as a “left-wing activist” who is being “raised to a government office funded by taxpayers.” She has “so far been noted primarily for verbal attacks towards people without a migration background” and is a “blatant misappointment” for the office.

The Islamism expert Ahmad Mansour (45) is also critical of this person. Ferda Ataman will “actually be an agent for cancel culture and the division of society.” Mansour continued: “This policy will create even more discrimination as it divides people according to race and skin colour. Criticism of ‘old white men’ or ‘potatoes’ is intolerance under the guise of anti-discrimination.”

Bild also asked the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens and Youth what Minister Lisa Paus (53, Greens) thinks of the term “potatoes” for Germans without a migration background. The Ministry did not reply to this.

A spokeswoman explained that Ataman will “contribute to strengthening an inclusive and democratic society.” Discrimination “for racial reasons or because of gender, sexual identity, religion or belief, age or because of a disability” is unacceptable. Ataman’s nomination was received very positively by the Greens. Sven Lehmann (42), the Queer Commissioner of the Federal Government, praised Ataman on Twitter with the words: “A strong voice for diversity and against discrimination!”

Bundestag Vice President Katrin Göring-Eckardt (56) congratulated Ferda Ataman, and wrote on Twitter: “It’s a good choice.” [She would think this, wouldn’t she(?), since she hates the people that are forced to keep her in “royal” state with their taxes, and would love to see them all dead and forgotten.]

Ataman’s tweets gone

Remarkable: On Twitter, where Ferda Ataman is very active, almost all the tweets she posted have disappeared. Although Ataman has been tweeting since 2012, the oldest visible post, a retweet, is from June 1, 2022.

A Bild request as to why Ataman deleted her tweets remained unanswered up until the publication of this post. According to the Ministry for Family Affairs, the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency is “an independent contact point for people who are affected by discrimination.” The position has been vacant since 2018.

Afterword from the translator:

Since our politicians are equipped with the biggest “brains” in the universe, they are doing exactly the right thing. The more they fight alleged racism, while being openly racist, and celebrate diversity as non plus ultra, the more people will turn against it. They’ll only achieve the opposite. I’m curious as to how long it will take until the tipping point is finally reached and the people have had enough to be treated as second-rate citizens whose only worth is measured by how much taxes can be squeezed out of them.

9 thoughts on “Discrimination Against “Potato Germans”

  1. When the government is racist against its native citizens, then they have been conquered.

  2. All racism aside, “Potato” was a term we used to use for the “less than the average IQ” – Russians, Belarusians, Eastern Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and so on – simply the agricultural class from that area… I would never think about this term being used on Germans. I might be wrong, but maybe that lady is not yet “integrated” enough to know these things?

    But then again, the pro-EU trolls in the Czech Republic used the term “Schwab” (Cokroach in Czech) – for Russians, which also doesn’t make sense. That’s the pejorative term Czechs use on Germans…

    It all has that “Babylonian confusion of languages” feel to it…

  3. I really can’t wait until the hammer falls, these feminaxi’s are in for one hell of a bloody shock.

    • A part of me kind of wishes for a long winter blackout, though it is easy for me to say, because I am still strong enough to survive winter in the forrest, and I know it would not hurt just them – but still, it would be amusing to watch… Strangely enough, I feel safe in pitch black darkness.

  4. According to a long since erased internetpage Prof Dr Heitmeyer once said that the insults “Kartoffel” (used by Turks against biological Germans) and “Kanacke” (used by biological Germans against Turks) are the same.

    But I give you three guesses (but I assume you only need one) to tell me which insult will get you prosecuted in Germany. Of course if it is used by the wrong person, aka biological German.

    • To be honest, I would rather be called Kartoffel than Kanacke 🙂

      Interesting, I didn’t know that this is what the Turks call Germans.

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