Jihad at the Stade de France

Éric Zemmour is a popular French commentator who became a candidate in the recent presidential election as the leader of the Reconquête (Reconquest) party. He did not make it to the runoff, and is now running in the upcoming legislative elections.

Last weekend the League of Champions soccer final was held at the Stade de France in Paris, with Liverpool playing Real Madrid. North African “youths” staged violent riots for the occasion outside the Stade de France, and police had great difficulty controlling them.

To save face, the official French line was that Liverpool fans — you know, those English soccer hooligans — were behind the violence. But this was a canard: all those arrested for significant violence were culture-enrichers.

In the following opinion piece Éric Zemmour addresses last weekend’s shameful events at the Stade de France. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this op-ed from Valeurs Actuelles:

[Tribune] Éric Zemmour: The two matches at the Stadium of France

Violence broke out on the sidelines of the League of Champions final, in Seine St-Denis, Saturday 28 May. Éric Zemmour, the president of Reconquest [party] and a candidate for the legislature in the 4th district of Var, denounces a “civil war led against our people by the barbarians,” and issues a wakeup call.

by Éric Zemmour
May 30, 2022

On Saturday, while the Real Madrid-Liverpool match was being played on the field of the Stadium of France, another match was raging on the outside of the enclosure. This second match saw the police against the enemies of France. France lost this second match in the eyes of the whole world.

What happened? France organized the most-watched sporting event of the year in the entire world. In terms of popularity, the final of the League of Champions is surpassed only by the World Cup. On the five continents it is awaited with passion. The number of TV spectators is over one billion, and the organizing country knows that it must deploy the treasures of professionalism so that the event is a great moment of sporting and festive communion. Especially when you have on the bill two absolutely mythical teams, the splendid Real Madrid and the legendary Liverpool Football Club.

But the international festival turned into a local civil war. What happened? Delayed by the public transport strike, knowingly organized that day by the leftist unions, ready to sow disorder, a number of Liverpool fans arrived late to the stadium. One can easily understand their disappointment: The evening was one of the most important in their lives, and then the French unions caused them to miss the opening kickoff. Jostling, anger, and trouble began. But the incident would have ended there, and the match would have been simply delayed a bit — nothing serious.

Then a crowd of scum from Saint-Denis showed up. The media call them “youths”. A crowd? A horde. Or more precisely, an army. Because if they had, perhaps, a vague desire to attend the match without paying, their first, deep motivation was to sow chaos, to loot, and to confront the police in closed ranks.

This army quickly overwhelmed the police, and the madness set in around the Stadium of France, which is French only in name. Our heroic police managed to hold back the tsunami of barbarians, but the images are dreadful. It is a raid of pillage and violence. Some fans are beaten up, abused, and robbed. The violence is total. The next day, the experts say we almost had an even worse catastrophe, which might have resulted in several deaths. Fortunately, this battle did not produce any deaths, but it did happen, and it has a global repercussion. In every country, the media are formal and unanimous. They have never seen such scenes in connection with a match, and many English and Spanish fans say they will never return to France. France is being described as a third-world country, afflicted and quite incapable of organizing a League of Champions final. Shame descends upon our reputation.

And it is even worse. Because the State, Gerald Darmanin in the lead, designates the Liverpool fans as the most culpable of this great security Beresina [battlefield where Napoleon fought Russia in 1812]. Gerald Darmanin no doubt finds the risk of a diplomatic incident with the English less dangerous than with Seine Saint-Denis. This time, dishonor is added to the shame. Because in refusing to point the finger at the true culprits — the openly anti-French scum — Macronism is not content to insult the entire English people, and through them, football fans as a whole. It shows unspeakable cowardice and a denial of reality that borders on willful blindness.

Because we know perfectly well that the army of thugs who attacked the Stadium of France is a direct result of immigration: The first arrestees at Saint-Denis Saturday included not a single Englishman, nor one Spaniard, but a majority were Algerians (18), Tunisians (2), and Moroccans (2), as well as “9 French of whom 7 had Magrebian (N. African) or African names,” as a police source confided to Valeurs Actuelles. And their hatred of our country is carefully stirred up by the extreme left (61.13% for Mélenchon in the first round in Saint-Denis). They want to submit France to their frenzy; they say it, they sing it, they shout it, and only the deaf refuse to understand them. The battle of the Stadium of France is for them a moment of universally publicized glory, a spectacular victory over French civilization. In avoiding denouncing their dangerousness, in letting them off as innocents and blaming the Liverpool fans, the authorities only encourage them to go further. They will, we can be certain. Real Madrid narrowly defeated Liverpool, but it is the general delinquency that won on Friday evening.

The civil war that is being led against our people by the barbarians is in full swing. There is nothing more hidden or underground. This war, I want to remind you, is one we never wanted. We have done everything to avoid it, but it has been imposed on us. The scum have imposed it on us with the help of the Islamo-leftist ideologues, who are their premier supporters. From this point on, it is a fact: it is there, and it must be stopped. Otherwise, France will be eliminated, not only on the international scene, but just as much from its own history.

So let us refuse to listen any longer to those who so brazenly lie about our situation and our destiny. We will not let them accept defeat. The legislative election is the time to show that the French people are still a great nation and that it is still capable of defending itself. It is up to us to be the best guardians of our country.

28 thoughts on “Jihad at the Stade de France

  1. “This war, I want to remind you, is one we never wanted.”

    Sooooo….. exactly what did anyone think they would get by voting for some variety of socialism over and over again for the last fifty years?

    • Well like here these white women thought the migrants would be living in another suburb but they now have too many to be contained in a suburb next to other poor people. These rich liberals make me sick here advocating for more mass migration which they don’t have to confront in their wealthy suburbs.

      • This is why letting women vote was the worst idea of all bad ideas, because most women(not all) vote on emotion, not common sense, logic or simple reason. Wonder why we are where we are today?

    • @ Tom S.

      Re: “Sooooo….. exactly what did anyone think they would get by voting for some variety of socialism over and over again for the last fifty years?”

      It is tempting to gainsay the French public, to blame them for this mess… but that isn’t the whole story, not by a long shot.

      It is true that France has the same problem as so many other advanced first-world nations in that urban people tend to be leftist in their political orientation and to vote against the interests of their own nation and people. Hatred of one’s own kind and one’s own civilization, in some circles, a prerequisite for advancement or being hired in the first place.

      These are the people who voted for the globalist Macron and his stooges at the European Union. But they do not represent France as a whole, or the people in small towns and villages across the nation, the ones who don’t merit mention in the elite schools attended by the French ruling class, but who are very real never-the-less.

      The genius of the globalists – one really has to give them credit here for being on top of their game – is that they have managed to stage the political theater in such a way that the people in places like France have an actual voice in how their nation is run. In reality, the elites have fixed the game …. heads we win, tails you lose, and all of that. And those whom they can’t control, like Marine Le Pen, they find some other way to destroy or sideline.

      If the French people at large are guilty of anything, it is that voting can solve anything. But that brings us around to that rigged poker game or roll of the dice we were discussing earlier.

      It is germane to note that Frenchmen and women outside of the biggest cities in France tend to be much more down-to-earth and traditional in their values and who they prefer to run the country. But as in so many other places, the urban elites carry the day, and since the globalists control them, they win again and again.

      • Until the bottom falls out of the well oiled globullist machine when someone sticks a monkey wrench in the gears, then the whole machine destroys itself. I love that these globulist really really think they and their wretched families are going to survive the coming Great Purge. The military, when they finally take over this mess, will have the final say in all things.

    • AFAICS, ALL Voting is Socialism, of some stripe.

      When you Vote, you cede personal autonomy, in favor of the Collective … and you reject the personal ownership of property.

      So, if you’re ‘looking for someone to blame’, well, it’s not just those people who ‘Voted the wrong way’.

    • Given what we have seen with election fraud, and the totality of the media propaganda, how do you know they’ve actually been voting for it?

      While I understand your frustration and anger, and your desire to blame someone, I can no longer imagine the level of general public culpability you espouse.

  2. In the end, there won’t be an Islamist-left. There won’t be any “left.” Don’t believe me? Then tell me what happened to the left in Iran after Khomeini came to power. Islam doesn’t share power.

    • Exactly, these idiots of the left think they can share power with Islam as their “right hand guy” but it is like the Lord of the Rings, Sauron does not share power. Neither does China.
      Politicians who are chinafiles think they will bring the Chinese in to maintain their power but China will just takeover.

    • @ tedh754

      Re: “In the end, there won’t be an Islamist-left. There won’t be any “left.” Don’t believe me? Then tell me what happened to the left in Iran after Khomeini came to power. Islam doesn’t share power.”

      Quite right… and the Muslims are past masters at playing both sides against the middle. One is reminded of Stalin’s “useful idiots,” those westerners and other non-Soviets who cheerfully and willingly sided with the Soviet dictator against their own kind, expecting to be celebrated and rewarded for it.

      But Stalin quite naturally did not trust traitors; if they betrayed their side once, what was to keep it from happening again? And so these “useful idiots” would be used up and then discarded when thier usefulness was done.

      The tension between leftist ideas and Islamic doctrine is plain for anyone to see, if they only open their eyes. The “Red-Green” alliance is functioning now only because the left still has ways of serving Islamic interests. But once that is over, look for the leftists to experience a sudden awareness that their prospects were not as good as they thought.

      Here in the U.S., the “solution” is already playing out on the fringes of things, a little at a time. Leftists are now converting to Islam in large numbers. It’s very chic, actually, almost like the Hare Kishnas in the 1960s. This cuts the Gordian knot in way that pleases both the believers of Islam, and the former leftists.

      I was skeptical of this conversion until I saw it a few times with my own eyes. Strange bedfellows and all of that. It is very real, though and driven by that old dynamic: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The Left and Islam will sooner or later sort out their doctrinal and ideological differences, but for the time being it is enough that both oppose the same enemies: Christianity and Western Civilization.

    • Islamists taking over Europe would almost be worth it to see them finally put the leftists, socialists, feminists, and sexual deviants and perverts to death. Several generations of Europeans voting for this manure deserve to get the governments they deserve – good and hard.

  3. @ tedh754

    When push comes to shove in France, I expect that the fence-sitters will have to chose a side. The real question is whether France still has enough of her once-widespread character as a Catholic nation. If enough residual Catholicism remains in Frenchman and women, then the day will come when they are pitted against the Muslims for control of La Belle France. If not, then one would expect that France would fall to post-modernism, secularism and more of the same forces which are crippling Britain, her old rival across the Channel.

    It will be interesting to see where the globalists sort out in this matrix. I’m still waiting to see myself. Again, as I have stated elsewhere, the Muslims have a long history of forming strategically-advantageous alliances with infidels and others, to advance their interests and then breaking the agreements when it suits them. It is as the prophet him, Mohammed, did 1,400 years ago and his followers still emulate his example.

    The globalists are riding the Islamic tiger, thinking they have got it tamed, but what if that tiger plans to eat them when the time is right? Which would leave the Muslims in charge of everything, which is what they have said they wanted all along. Far-fetched, I agree, but history loves to mock human expectations and arrogance and has done so on many occasions.

    • One way or another, cold, brutal, medieval violence is the only thing that will solve this muslim/marxist alliance, and the militaries of Europe already have this in mind when they enact their very own Night of the Long Knives.

  4. Only solution, IMHO, a modern CHARLES MARTEL, to bring down the hammer, a la Tours.

    Sorry–it’s the only thing barbarians respect and comprehend. RAW POWER begets changed minds or piles of corpses.

    “Les barbares: choisir.”

  5. A response of sorts might be for the British Government to seek reparations from its French counterparts for robbery and injury to British citizens resulting from the failure of the French authorities to control its Orcs but I do not think there is the backbone in the UK to attempt this.

  6. It’s about 1,500 miles from Kiev to Paris, about the same as New York City to Dallas.
    Ukraine is at its core a corrupt money-laundering operation posing as a nation.
    It’s anybody’s guess how many truck loads of Javelins and NLAW ATGMs and Stinger Manpads are being diverted into the garages and warehouses of future warlords and gangsters?

    When the European civil wars kick off, the imported Mohammedans are going to be armed not only with Bataclan AK-47s, but Javelins and Stingers. The ATGMs will be used against police cars and vans, police stations, and banks. The Stingers will close down European civil aviation until the governments cry uncle and grant autonomy to ever-growing Moslem enclaves.

    Bataclan terror attacks will seem like a picnic in the park compared to what is coming when the Ukraine arms find their way to Western Europe.

      • Tough to know with any certainty, but history over recent decades does provide some clues. When the communist regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu fell in 1989 in Romania, and there was chaos, civil unrest and violence in the streets of the major cities, a peculiar thing happened: Ordinary Romanians began appearing with firearms. This was noteworthy because the private ownership of firearms was strictly prohibited by the regime. Obviously, non-compliance with gun confiscation had been widespread and those guns had been hidden until such time they were needed.

        There is considerable evidence to indicate that such a high-degree of non-compliance is common in other nations, even today.

    • It is not just the muslims who are preparing and taking arms, it is the nationalist as well. As for the sheep, they deserve to get eaten by the wolves.

  7. If you had not reported this latest moslem outrage, I might never have heard about it, since the MSM monkey crowd haven’t got it on their minds. Might have got it at Gab, but the circular firing squad is in bloom there right now, and will be until things slow down or come to a head. Like Churchill, I ache in my soul for France to survive, and don’t know if they will. Looks pretty grim right now. It may be that the imported monsters there have grown too strong to be ejected, like in Camp of the Saints. The French lack the will to eject the monsters, and they may be past the point of no return. It’s like watching a really stupid play, written by sadists.

    • Once the military takes over, there will be no more niceties towards the bloody 3rd worlders, they will get mowed like wheat where ever they will be found, the smart sub humans will flee back to whence they crawled out of, but most will perish. There will be another Napoleon type who takes over and does what they do best, PURGE.

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