A Surge of Cultural Enrichment in Austria

Immigration has been a huge issue in Austria since the Great Migration Crisis of 2015. However, based on the latest surge of migrants across the country’s borders, the cultural enrichment of Austria has not yet reached its climax.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian daily Kronen Zeitung. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Village Mayor Desperate

“Refugees wander around in the community almost every day”

As temperatures rise, so does the number of arrests in the country. Many citizens are unsettled. Demonstrations are announced by the border communities to “shake up” those responsible.

The influx of refugees never ends. Day by day their numbers are increasing. Soldiers and police officers have their hands full. The district of Oberpullendorf is particularly affected. 5,580 refugees have already been picked up there this year alone.

More than 5000 migrants

There were 5,034 Afghans, Syrians, Moroccans & Co. in the district of Neusiedl am See who had to be taken to an initial reception center and cared for. In comparison, according to the emergency services, the extent of the migration movements in the districts of Eisenstadt, with 493 cross-border commuters, Oberwart (464), Güssing (332), Mattersburg (173) and Jennersdorf (7), is at least manageable.

113 further seizures were reported within 24 hours in the district of Oberpullendorf alone. In view of the increases, urgent measures are required. In a Krone survey via the Internet, 72 percent of participants spoke out in favor of tightening refugee policy. Only 28 percent think that the current situation is okay and does not need to be improved. The mood is particularly tense in the communities near the border.

No Help

As reported, the previous mayor of Nikitsch, Johann Balogh, had asked the Ministry of the Interior for support, but had so far received no answer: “We are at the limit. Almost every day refugees wander through our community and have to be apprehended. That’s a problem for many residents.”

“How much longer will federal politicians want to just watch this?” [I rather doubt that he would like their answer to that question.]

Strong criticism can be heard from Deutschkreutz. It was noted that dozens had been apprehended again . “We can hardly control this unconstrained influx,” says the community. The former mayor, Manfred Kölly, goes one step further. He sees an urgent need for action by the authorities. “If federal politicians continue to do nothing, demonstrations will soon take place to shake up those responsible,” announces Kölly. Preliminary talks about protest marches at the border are already underway.

Afterword from the translator:

As long as the migrants are driven to the nearest initial reception center and the illegal entry is rewarded with an application for asylum, the influx will not change or stop. All this is done deliberately; nobody can tell me otherwise nor tell me that those in government don’t know what’s going on there and how much the people have to suffer as a result. They are fully behind the Great Reset and are rewarded with privileges. The native populace is to be tyrannized, and disunity is deliberately sown by politicians, the media and NGOs.

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