Celebrate the Deviants!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“Sign of Diversity” at the Reichstag: Rainbow Instead of Black, Red and Gold

BERLIN [where else?]

The rainbow flag of the gay-lesbian-transgender “queer” movement is raised twice a year at the Reichstag. The Bundestag Presidium agreed on this yesterday. The flag should be raised either in front of the building or on one of the four towers.

It will fly there for the first time on this year’s Christopher Street Day (CSD) on July 23. On the “International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia”, the German Parliament wants to display a “sign for variety and diversity”. [Why is there no Caucasianphobia included? After all, that’s the prevalent phobia all over the place if they were honest.] This is celebrated annually on May 17th.

The huge, 60-square-meter “Flag of Unity” flies in front of the Reichstag every day. Raised on the night of October 3, 1990, it is the symbol of reunification. It is still unclear whether the rainbow flag will be on display there for the CSD instead. It could initially also be hoisted on one of the four towers. [Whose unity are they talking about? The unity against the German people, perhaps?]

Flag regulation recently changed

In any case, the exchange of flags will once again significantly increase the visibility of the commitment to variety and diversity, said Bundestag President Bärbel Bas (SPD). The Liberal Gays and Lesbians (LiSL) — a front organization of the FDP — spoke of a strong signal “that the community has arrived at the center of German democracy”.

Only a month and a half ago, the Federal Ministry of the Interior officially gave permission for the rainbow flag to be hoisted in front of federal government buildings on certain occasions.

Afterword from the translator:

Faeser recently hoisted the rainbow flag in front of the Ministry of the Interior. And anyone who doesn’t even know what a rainbow looks like (kindergarten knowledge!) shouldn’t dare to rule over an entire people. Although I think a solid black color would be more appropriate as a sign of mourning for the demise of a once prosperous country of poets, thinkers and inventors.

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  1. Gender-neutral Swedish folk costume has been developed



    Published 7 June 2022 at 15.50 in Fria Tider


    Artist Fredy Samuel Lund has developed a Swedish folk costume that can be worn by people who are neither men nor women.

    The Bäckadräkten project, supported by the Textile Museum in Borås, aims to “weave together the male and female ideals and norms of the Swedish folk costume tradition in a new type of unisex costume”.

    The project is led by artist Fredy Samuel Lund, who has developed the costume together with illustrator Ida Björs and a focus group of “young queer people”.

    Fredy Samuel Lund – who describes himself as “non-binary” – tells P4 Sjuhärad that the gender-neutral folk costume has met with some resistance.

    – There is always an “us and them” when discussing style and identity. And with gender it becomes so immediately. There are many who immediately go on about “there are only men and there are only women”. But then there are those of us who feel otherwise. It’s a sense of freedom for me to be non-binary,” he says.

    The unisex folk costume will be on display at the Textile Museum later this summer.

    The project is funded by VGR, Folk You and Kulturungdom and is being carried out in collaboration with Folk You, Kulturungdom, Borås Pride and the Textile Museum, among others.

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