Putting Words in Her Mouth

Ebba Busch is the leader of the Christian Democrats in Sweden. The following report describes the way Ms. Busch’s words were deliberately mistranslated by Radio Sweden, the state broadcasting service, in its Arabic, Somali, and Kurdish channels.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nya Dagbladet:

SR accused of deliberate mistranslating of Busch

Disinformation in the media

Isac Boman
May 6, 2022

In Radio Sweden’s Somali, Arab, and Kurdish channels, Ebba Busch’s statement after the Koran riots was translated in a seriously erroneous manner.

Critics believe that the incorrect translations are deliberate, and the Christian Democrats (KD) are demanding a meeting with the leaders of the tax-financed channel.

As Nya Dagbladet was earlier able to report, Ebba Busch, in an interview with Radio Sweden, asked why we didn’t see injured Islamists instead of the 100 (actually at least 180) police who were injured during the riots.

“So we have at least 100 injured police, and the big question that should be asked is: “Why don’t we have at least 100 injured Islamists, criminals, and rioters?”

When Radio Sweden reported on the statements on its channels, the term “Islamists” was suddenly changed to “Muslims” in both the Arab and Somali broadcasts.

The Bonnier* newspaper Dagens Nyheter first reported that Radio Sweden’s Arab-language editorial staff incorrectly reported that Busch asked, “Why have we not seen 100 injured Muslims?”— a mistranslation that was noticed by an Arab-speaking man who also reported the post to the media ombudsman.

Editor-in-Chief Gabi Kratz claimed in defense that it was all a “mistake” that came up in the reading of the same news — in spite of the fact that the incorrect translation was also found in text form on the editor’s official Facebook page.

The site Doku has also revealed that Radio Sweden’s Somali editorial staff incorrectly translated Busch’s statement and used the word, “Muslims” instead of “Islamists”. In addition, a caption in the feature claimed that “KD’s party leader, Ebba, was complaining that police didn’t kill many Muslims.”

The Christian Democrats maintain that there are indications that the incorrect translations are “sitting out there in the system” and demand that Radio Sweden officials explain themselves.

“We are very upset that they are spreading pure lies, and they are doing it on channels where it is the hardest to detect”.

“We demand an explanation and a meeting with the management of Radio Sweden. They must now explain how they run their publishing business. It is four months to the election, and we do not accept disinformation from anyone,” he continues.

Johan Ingerö tweet, May 3 (1)

In addition, who takes responsibility now for their mistranslations? When and where will the Arabic-language denials come?

So we are already talking about riots with hundreds of injured. This can worsen the situation and increase the danger.

Johan Ingerö tweet, May 3 (2)

They are also different words in Arabic. “Muslim” = Muslimoun. “Islamist” = Islamioun.

And there are also different words to describe different things. It doesn’t sound like this was likely a mistake.

Johan Ingerö, policy chief for the leadership of the Christian Democrats, asks whether Radio Sweden’s publishing management even knows Arabic, and further wonders how they can run the publishing in a language they can’t even master, while ensuring that the reporting is correct.

He states that the word for Muslim compared to Islamist is different even in Arabic and that it is untrue that the mistranslation was a mistake.

It has also emerged that the same mistranslation from “Islamists” to “Muslims” also occurred in the headline of Radio Sweden’s Kurdish section. Radio Sweden’s publisher has avoided answering further questions, but claims that it is something they “are investigating”.

Critics have pointed out that tax-financed Radio Sweden’s frequent mistranslations not only risk leading to increased tensions and violence such as what took place during the Koran riots, but also that the distortions of Busch’s statement can influence the Christian Democrats’ opinion polls and the election results in the fall.

*   Bonnier is the name of a Jewish family that has long been prominent in Swedish publishing.

4 thoughts on “Putting Words in Her Mouth

  1. Paludan has surely ignited a conflict, the swedes have planted for 45 years.

  2. Yet the rioters most probably think of themselves as “Muslims”, not “Islamists” which is a non-existent category in Islam.

    I think Radio Sweden played according to Sharia, meaning that if you are not Dhimmi enough then you are not moral enough.

    A good Dhimmi recognizes the superiority of the Muslims, and thus always names the Muslims the way the are demanding. And they often demand the opposite you named them, just for the sake of the conflict: if Ebba Busch had said that those rioters were “Islamists”, the media would have skewed the story, saying that she branded all innocent Muslims as terrorists.

    The underlying Koranic idea is that the Muslims must always be above everyone else and must always win; and must be painted in a good light whatever they do: Muslims never ever attack Dhimmis first because the attack is always “provoked” by the “Unclean” and therefore justified.

    In this case the violent attacks were also justified by the Sharia because Rasmus Paludan committed “Fitna” by burning the Koran. This goes to show that the ruling “legal” system in effect is already the Sharia in those ex-Swedish “no-go zones”, so Paludan actually violated Islamic law which is already the law of the land in those areas (hence “no-go” for non-Muslims).

    This whole Swedistani conflict described in the article reminds me of contemporary stories from Africa, about the persecution of non-Muslims. Kafirs can never be morally right, not even when they are raped and killed by Muslims — in fact a Dhimmi is the less right the more he/she is victimized by the Muslims, because he / she “deserved it”.

    A good-enough Dhimmi must live in constant misery and humiliation by the Muslims, and must always be teteering on the edge of annihilation, so that they are forced to convert to Islam or leave the area. This is how the “no-go” zones have come to existence: non-Muslims have been gradually pushed out.

    Therefore this sort of nasty conflict in Sweden will never end, because the core of the conflict is Islamic conquest that will never stop by definition. Paludan wants to show exactly this — but it could only be understood by sane people who can think for themselves — which is unfortunately not the case in Socialist Sweden.

  3. Anyone who ever read H.G. Wells “Time Machine” would instantly identify Swedes as “eloys”.

    I applaud those who dare speak up, wherever they may be.

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