One People, One Reich, One Currency

Some years ago, when the idea of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) was first floated, the new all-electronic money was touted as an innovation that would make commercial transactions easier, more convenient, and more secure for the consumer. Then, when the “pandemic” hit, digital money was also promoted as a touch-free way to avoid contagion with the dreaded coronavirus.

There was always much more to the CBDCs, of course. The full potential of the new currencies is now being openly discussed at Davos as I write this. Once cash is abolished and all your income and payments are put through via CBDC, every transaction you make will be fully tracked by the government and financial institutions (between which there will no longer be any meaningful distinction). What you spend your money on will be known in detail. Your spending habits will be analyzed by AI systems, which will monitor your carbon credits and your use of non-sustainable resources. Since the currency will be tied to your individual digital identity, your ability to purchase certain goods and services may be limited when the State deems it appropriate.

Throw in your cell phone and the ubiquitous 5G surveillance, which includes facial recognition, and you will have no privacy whatsoever, just as the WEF promised. You’ll own nothing except for the limited personal items that you are allowed to possess. And you’ll be happy! All while you eat those delicious crickets, which can be prepared in a mouth-watering variety of culinary ways.

The following article discusses the European variety of CBDC, the digital euro, which will be deployed and controlled by the European Central Bank.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from Der Wochenblick:

Objections are only possible until June 14

Total surveillance by digital euro: ECB boss is pushing WEF expropriation plan

The last veil falls: the WEF globalists and EU grandees want to rob the citizens of even the last bit of freedom. The plans for a digital central bank euro are taking on more and more concrete forms. While a cash ban is only a matter of time, decentralized cryptocurrencies are also being hit.

Crypto crisis as a springboard for ECB digital money

The star witness for the threatening process is none other than ECB President Christine Lagarde herself. In an interview with a Dutch broadcaster, the former French finance minister and ex-head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) expressed the view that she considers the free digital currencies to be completely “worthless”, thinks they are based on nothing. In doing so, she reacted to price turbulence in Bitcoin & Co. — you can never trust the “highly speculative” values. In her view, the situation is quite different with the digital Euro, which her institution wants to promote. Because the Central Bank can be trusted…

It was precisely the implosion of a so-called “stablecoin” linked to the US dollar that was responsible for the unrest on the crypto market. Although the mechanism differs from that of the digital euro — unlike Bitcoin, for example — only in the controlling instance, Lagarde is intensively beating the drum for her prestige project, which is soon to take concrete form.

“Supplement to cash”: Sand in the people’s eyes

Objections to the EU Commission are only possible until June 14. This was hardly communicated publicly. No wonder: because actually one only wants to hear objections from so-called “financial experts” and other “stakeholders” — and not those of the citizens. To prevent them from protesting, ECB Director Claudio Panetta asserted months ago that the project would not replace our cash, only supplement it.

But many critics have their doubts: the EU and ECB have been campaigning for upper limits on cash payments for years — always under the pretext of the alleged fight against money laundering. So it turns out that you mainly want to throw sand in the eyes of the people.

Digital euro also topic at the WEF meeting

The idea of digital central bank currencies is also an important topic at the current summit of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. Also in the plenum: the immediate successor to Lagarde at the head of the IMF, the Bulgarian Kristalina Georgiewa. But Lagarde, after all a WEF board member, is also an active participant in events dealing with the “global role of Europe”.

The close involvement with the think tank around the “Great Reset” mastermind Klaus Schwab makes us skeptical that it is really about making things better for the Europeans. After all, the WEF predicted that by 2030 we would all “own nothing”. As is well-known, digital censorship is also a core issue for the globalist clique.

Eliminate dissidents: We shall “own nothing”

Schwab, Lagarde & Co. are still gently waving their velvet gloves — but in the end, when there is no alternative to the centralized digital euro, they would be able to interlock their control mechanisms, among them the EU plans for a digital identity that includes a social credit system. It would then be possible to rob annoying dissidents of their existence at the push of a button.

Afterword from the translator:

After watching the “Führer” Klaus Schwab giving his speech at Davos, I noticed something that was missing: the crowd shouting “Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil” I guess they were told not to, because it might otherwise wake up too many of the sheeple to what is really going on. “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy — with the scraps from our table, until it’s time for you to shower” is most likely the complete sentence.

12 thoughts on “One People, One Reich, One Currency

  1. This delusion of control only extends to those who are deeply enmeshed with the current monetary systems. New black market systems would spring into existence before the ink dried on their transnational agreements. Utopian systems designed by narcissistic broken personalities searching for ways to become significant are doomed before they are even implemented. Freedom has existed in varying degrees for all of history and all peoples strive for that autonomy naturally. It cannot be extinguished by technology or any type of social control for it exists outside of any system. A good life cannot be bought with wages. Self respect has no price tag.

    • Absolutely.

      Tyrants can never take away the liberty of the soul as such, because it doesn’t belong to them.

      But they are ready to kill trying.

    • I wouldn’t call “organized crime” the “good life” or “having self-respect,” after all it’s just replacing one system of artificial dependence on others with another… maybe with even less hygene (physical, mental, moral, or otherwise).
      This is my main problem with “current day nazis” too. They seem to adopt so efficiently everything “the nazis” did… with the exception of what actually made “the nazis” great: respect for nature, assuming responsibility, kepping their word.

  2. Does Klaus the Slob own nothing and is be happy?
    I’ll venture to say the Slob man owns a lot and is extremely happy with himself.
    It’s laughable that these creatures never lead by example.

  3. At the “end times” in the Bible, there is this woman riding a beast… Europe has always been the woman riding the beast. But the Bible predicts that the beast will throw her down and trample upon her and kill her. Now why would he do that?

    …when I see the heads of the current central banks – and that includes the Russian central bank, it’s like a club of nice grandmothers. They all dress and behave the same. Isn’t that interesting?

    Anyhow – back to the beast: I am of the opinion that they will manage to play their “digital total control” play, but that they will make the “kingdom” angry to a point “Europe” itself will throw them away and trample upon them. It’s just my guess, but people get rather angry and violent when they have no food, which seems to be the direct result of the current state of affairs…

    By the way, there is also one “King” mentioned in the Bible, a king that had destroyed his own people, destroyed the cities of the Earth, and made the whole Earth desolate. God made that “King” go to the lowest hell for that, even separated him from his own kingdom at his death…

    He was (and still is?) the king of Babylon, and he’s called “Lucifer”. It’s a similar story: The guy in charge just doesn’t care about his own people, and will be destroyed for that. Just like the woman riding the beast. God takes seriously the things people in charge of other people do.

  4. The UK government is singing from the wrong hymn sheet; they plan to tackle the decline in the number of high street bank branches and ATMs.

  5. Hunger has a funny way of getting folks to obey. Even more effective than pointing a gun at them.

    Try living without your electronic devices. ALL of them. A thought projects. No credit, no banking, nobody taking your golden barter tokens unless in black market with the risks there.

    Then tell me again about “Delusion of Control”.

    Rothschild was correct, control the currency and He care not a whit who writes the laws.

    Unless you’re a food producer you’re a consumer and their trap is waiting for you.

  6. If they move everything into electronic I just make a countdown for Ransomware or something equivalent.

    As I write this there is a problem in Germany when you try to pay with your cards.
    It seems that some of the little machines you have to put your card on, doesnt work properly. So, now it`s cash time.

    And if the Baron allows it:
    We all know about the oldest profession of mankind, e.g. women selling ahem, “something”.
    Yes, we all agree, that it is demeaning, bad etc and we all swear on our scout honour to never visited such a soiled dove.
    But how will they get their money? And what will be written in the statement of your card that your bank sends you?
    In a joke it was called “Cleansing of a barrel”…

  7. One Currency to rule them all, One currency to find them; One currency to bring them all

    and in the darkness bind them.

  8. It’s time to bring this psychopaths, sick freaking criminals to justice , it can’t go on like this !!, Klaus Schwab and His elite belongs to prison for life big time ..

    • They will all end up at the end of a rope or put against walls and ditches, what must be done to these destroyers of men must be profound and absolute.

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