Purging the Bible of Homophobia

The German judicial system has arrogated unto itself the unenviable task of determining what is correct and incorrect within Christian theology and scriptures. I hardly need to add that what will be deemed theologically correct is that which is politically correct.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Are you prepared for the end times?
00:06   Olaf Latzel finds himself in court again and has changed his legal representation.
00:09   The pastor of Bremen’s St. Martini parish was convicted of incitement of hatred after allegedly
00:13   making homophobic statements, and was prohibited from preaching for a while.
00:17   However, following this conviction, he appealed the judgment. The proceedings began today
00:22   at a regional court. The very first hearing day makes it is clear that two worlds are colliding.
00:28   The court must decide about theological treatises
00:31   according to secular standards. Uwe Wichert reports.
00:35   Olaf Latzel believes he has been wrongly convicted.
00:39   He’s only keeping God’s word, living and preaching according to it. What could be wrong with that?
00:45   The prosecution sees the matter quite differently. In their view,
00:48   the pastor from Bremen is guilty of incitement of hatred,
00:51   irrespective of what the Bible says.
00:55   Now there will be a legal assessment of theological statements that Olaf Latzel made here,
00:59   in the St. Martini congregation in Bremen’s city center,
01:03   at a so-called “marriage seminar” 2½ years ago.
01:06   Among others, he said the following statements in the original recording: “This homo-lobby,
01:13   this devilry, is becoming stronger, growing more massive, and encroaching more and more.
01:17   These criminals run around everywhere from this Christopher Street Day, celebrate their parties,
01:24   bring things out, on our city hall the rainbow flag is hoisted. These are
01:28   deliberately anti-Christian, anti-Biblical things.”
01:32   By criminals, Olaf Latzel says, he meant activists who had attacked his congregation several times,
01:38   not gays or lesbians in general. But homosexuality is a sin,
01:42   according to the Bible, that is God’s word. But is it?
01:46   The answer to this question is supposed to be determined today by this theology professor
01:49   from Vienna and another theology professor from Bochum.
01:54   Their answers could hardly be more different.
01:59   It’s not Christian, in my view, to use the argument in this case that the
02:03   Bible says homosexuality is sin or to reject it.
02:09   In both the Old and New Testament, homosexual practice is seen as morally reprehensible,
02:16   so, in that respect, one can not call his position unbiblical.
02:22   WAKE UP!

13 thoughts on “Purging the Bible of Homophobia

  1. I like it when Nazis are openly Nazis, Communists are openly communists, etc… If you let them speak, hear their position, then you can react to the things they say or do that you don’t agree with. So why do these guys want to silence “Christianity” because they don’t agree with it? Don’t they want to convince us about the righteousness of their ways??

    Oh – I know! –> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asch_conformity_experiments

    It is a matter of fact that they are currently deleting almost every comment that mentions LGBTQ in less favourable ways, on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook. It’s practically impossible to speak fully about these things on social media and in news forums. Why?

    Because 30% of people always go with the flow, and another 30% of people always go with the flow – unless there is someone who speaks against the flow, then they may change their direction. But under total censorship conditions, when they get rid of all dissenting voices in the mainstream, they are capable of controling as much as 60% of the people. That’s why: They really need censorship because “The Truth” is their enemy. It can be scientificaly proven 🙂

  2. The German judicial system is sawing the branch on which it so comfortably sits.

    All Western civilization – including its traditional notions of justice – is based on Christianity. By destroying Christian faith and Christian morality Western elites the welfare of their nations and threaten to the very existence of the basic institutions of Western society.

    What will replace Western society if they succeed? Islam? Or something worse?

  3. I believe it’s in the same chapter of Leviticus, where it says it’s permissible to keep slaves, so long as they’re not from one’s own country. Does the pastor defend this?

      • The slavery in the Holy Bible was when someone owed money to another Israeli. There is the seven year Jubilee when all debts were cancelle and he was release from the debt.

        There is another reference about slavery when someone would hide an idol in their tent. When they were exposed they became slaves to the rest of the population.

    • https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Leviticus-Chapter-25/

      Verse 39 and on…

      The Mosaic law had been given to the slaves who have escaped from the Egyptian Slavery some 3500 years ago. It includes things that were meant for those ex-slaves, like that “you will not enslave your brother”, only a stranger. It allows for divorce, though Jesus said that divorce is not good but it is in there – because the men back then would not handle it if it wasn’t there. (For the hardness of your hearts God allowed for divorce…)

      Moreover – it is a “national law” given to Israel. Christians don’t circumsise, though the Israelites do.

      All in all – there are even worse things than “homophobia” or “slavery” in the Bible. There is also Genocide, ethnic clansing, killing of the innocent children…

      …and the question is: Is it good to keep these things secret from the people? Is it ok to judge the Bible as “evil” because it talks about “evil”?

      • Thanks, BS. I didn’t go through all the chapters, but I may have got it wrong about both references being from the same one.

        I guess my point is that religious fundamentalists, of various stripes, forget that some rules were made for a particular time and place. The dietary and burial customs of Judaism and Islam are almost identical; both were intended for a hot climate with no refrigeration, when people- and particular foods- went off quickly, but there’s no need for them here and now.

        Equally, it is only quite recently that science has shown that homosexuality is not a matter of choice.

        • I agree with you. Though I believe the problem with homosexuality vs. Christianity is a bit deeper: Christianity preaches “duality of the soul” (I don’t know if this is the correct term) – one part of a man is physical, another is spiritual. And the two fight each other: The physical body lusts after food and sex and drugs and pretty much anything that comes with it. The other part is the “divine part”, which is meant to overcome the lusts of the body and “be good”.

          The Bible preaches homosexuality is not good for people, because it comes from “the body” and it is even not natural at that, and I believe Christians are right to point it out.

          But on the other hand, there are weightier matters than that, like fornication and divorce.

          I, as a christian, believe that homosexuality is the least of our worries right now, in this society where every other marriage ends in divorce, men and women have 100+ sexual partners before they are 25, and they teach 6 year olds about sex, etc.

          (I was just looking for this picture to explain myself better)


          “Just like in the days of Noah, people will be eating and drinking, and have sex or be raped, and then the flood will come and take them all away.” – This is my own understanding of one of the Jesus’ quotes. Men are simply not meant to be “animals”. That’s what I see in it.

      • It was a righteous act when the Hebrews killed the enemy because they were sacrificing babies to Moloc. And they were sexual degenerates as well. The JEWS did NOT killing innocent babies.

      Dont you know?
      The fanatics misread the Quoran, thats all.

      Now, you are given a choice:
      Either you now criticize Christianity for the next half hour, you know Crusades etc, or we will see you as an Islamophobe and then Antifa and a SWAT Team will pay you a visit.
      So, whats it ganna be?

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