It’s Time to Vax the Chix

A few months ago the narrative surrounding the Wuhan Coronavirus had begun to unravel, so the Russo-Ukrainian war had to be arranged. Evidently that war has now stagnated to the point where it is losing some of its Great Crisis punch, so another pandemic needs to be launched. This time it’s the bird flu, and the initial focus will be on the chicken population.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German website Arrangement Group:

Now comes the vaccination requirement for chickens and with it the shortage of eggs and poultry

In the US, bird flu has long since returned, and it has already caused shortages in egg and poultry supplies. For this reason, vaccination for chickens will soon be compulsory in the USA and private chicken keeping will be banned.

As a result, many states have now completely banned the sale of chicks to the public. The largest egg producer in the US has culled all of its chickens and fired its workers.

How can these viruses coordinate so well and make one of them Corona during the winter while the others will soon spoil our summer? It’s all just starting slowly for us, but due to the flight movements of the birds in spring, the viruses are making good headway towards us at the moment.

The coronavirus flies by plane, and the bird flu comes straight to us with the birds from Ukraine.

There, such viruses were grown in the high-security laboratories and in the video below you can see the malicious grin of the wife of the Virus Lord (Billy Boy) when he announced the next pandemic.

We will probably see the bottlenecks in the food trade with eggs and poultry in Europe around the middle of the year. But as always in such cases, that’s only half the story. Because not only are chickens threatened by the bird flu, but also people. Incidentally, the new bird flu virus was deliberately developed in such a way that it can be transmitted directly from birds and chickens to humans. This is where you should start getting worried. They want to starve you and make you sick at the same time. This will end tragically.

Afterword from the translator:

When will the vast majority wake up to the threat towards their own LIVES? Or are they so blinded by prejudice and hatred towards those that can still think for themselves, that they would rather see their children and themselves perish than to acknowledge that those “people” want us all dead or enslaved, especially when those “people” are completely OPEN about it?

I know that people can easily be fooled by those they place their trust in, but why they are placing trust in the same people over and over again after being lied to over and over again is beyond my understanding. Frankly, I’m starting to despair of my fellow man.

See also this video:

Former CDC Director: Bird Flu is the Real Pandemic — Covid-19 was just practice

8 thoughts on “It’s Time to Vax the Chix

  1. “are they so blinded by prejudice and hatred towards those that can still think for themselves, that they would rather see their children and themselves perish than to acknowledge that those “people” want us all dead or enslaved, especially when those “people” are completely OPEN about it?”

    If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    “The history of the failure of … can almost be summed up in two words: too late.”
    Douglas MacArthur

  2. The problem is partly one of leadership. The greater part of the current collection of leaders appears to be in on the scam, or threatened into compliance. If a new leader arises, will he not be treated like Trump, or perhaps worse. Trump at least had the wealth to protect himself from some of the consequences. With the Georgia Guidestones saying only 500 million should survive and the current World population of 7.9 billion, we are talking of a 6.3% survival rate. How anyone can think he will survive almost Holocaust levels of slaughter is difficult to imagine, though perhaps that is what has been promised to current officeholders.

    • No, they all live in La-La-Land.

      The majority of people are like sheep. They do as they are told. They may see that the politicians are doing something wrong, but if the press pushes enough, then the politicians are the good guys.

      There is only a small minority of people who can think outside the box. who notice something is amiss.
      Yes, they could be duped too, but that would be too much effort.
      The majority with its group pressure, the law etc will solve this problem.

  3. I’m sorry, but this is difficult to take seriously.

    1) We mammals manufacture antibodies in our bone marrow. Birds (and bats) have hollow bones, so they’re light enough to fly (even chickens, as their ancestors flew), making them particularly susceptible to infection; hence the ease with which diseases cross the “species barrier” from wild- to domestic fowl.

    2) Peasants in SE Asia traditionally live in close proximity with their chickens, etc. This is why so many ‘flu pandemics have started there, long before humans got clever enough to engineer or use biological weapons.

  4. C’mon people! VIRUSES DON’T SPREAD!! If they truly did, EVERYONE would have been sick by now! I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, I HAVE NOT been sick in the past 2 years! At All! If you think you can “spread” a virus to me, I invite you to come within 6 feet of me, breathe or cough on me without your mask, HELL, I’ll even let you spit in my mouth, WON’T GET SICK! Viruses don’t spread! The end!

  5. What is that little nugget I just read: private chicken keeping will be banned?? Seriously? No more backyard chickens, no more chickens for those seeking self sufficiency? What’s next, duck, geese? Any and all animals?? Something is very wrong in the world.

  6. I read somewhere that they’re justifying the culls with PCR tests run at high thresholds, same as with the covid hoax. Anything to move more money out of the middle class and into the oligarchs’ pockets. It never dawns on them that money – whether it’s dollars, euros, or gold – only holds value for as long as the nation agrees that it’s valuable. When life gets hard enough, people will notice that the oligarchs’ beloved money is pretty meaningless and is being propped-up in a desperate bid to hang on to their ill-gotten status. That’s when the knives come out. That’s the real “great reset,” and mankind has gone through many resets throughout history.

  7. It seems that quite a few people around me now have chicken coups, and they will never let some government lackey shut them down.

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