Sweden is Racist and Hate-Filled!

Below is a letter to the editor of Petterssons Blogg from a Sweden Democrat named Johnny Hornbrink. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation:

Hate campaign against Sweden is the price for failed integration!

February 20, 2022

Letter to the editor — There is now ongoing an extensive hate campaign against our country and Swedish social services.

The image that is disseminated is that Swedish social services are taking children for an unjust reason, that of secularizing them. Abroad, Sweden is pointed to as a fascist state, and hate campaigns against Sweden and particularly social services also contain threats of violence and terrorist acts.

According to the Agency for Psychological Defense, this is an organized advocacy campaign against Sweden. The Muslim Brotherhood and violence-advocating Islamist organizations as well as an imam sentenced to deportation are the driving forces behind this anti-Sweden campaign.

The Islamist party Nyans also participates in protests against Swedish social services. The party also intends to make LVU [Law for the Protection of the Young] one of its election issues, and they also say they want to restrict free speech and forbid certain blasphemy. Strangely enough, it appears that no media sees it as being absurd that the party can stand for election in Swedish municipalities while its representatives incite against the country with support from religious minorities, extremists, and foreign power(s)!?

The Islamist hatred against Sweden and social workers is not surprising; that certain Muslims are angry when they cannot raise their children according to their own values and culture is logical.

But what is surprising is that Swedish politicians and journalists who propagandize for this multicultural society are now everything from surprised to upset when they see its consequences!?

How did this happen here?

The answer is very simple.

What we now see is the result of decades of irresponsible “cultural enrichment” and immigration without requirements from countries with a completely different viewpoint on children’s and women’s rights, which have led us here.

There is no simple solution to this, but a first measure to greatly increase integration and counter exclusion is to require Swedish language fluency as well as a knowledge of Swedish social values.

It should be obvious to all that Swedish authorities take custody of children because they are judged to be in danger, not because the parents happen to be Muslims. Those who choose to move to Sweden should be obliged to learn our language, our laws and rules, etc. It is embarrassing that this has to be mentioned.

It cannot continue that social workers, emergency personnel, teachers, caretakers, and Swedish youth — in short, ordinary people — are those who always have to pay the price in the form of threats and violence due to immigration policies and non-existent integration!

With its “blessed” and uncontrolled immigration, the politically correct establishment has turned our suburbs into a world they themselves don’t want to live in. These lost multicultural advocates face a tough future since they have closed their eyes far too long. It no longer helps to cry that everyone is racist and that it is all SD’s [Sweden Democrats’] fault. SD did not exist when the experimental mass immigration policy was launched, but just like exclusion and the Islamist party Nyans, it is a direct result of the policy!

— Johnny Hornbrink (Sweden Democrats)

15 thoughts on “Sweden is Racist and Hate-Filled!

  1. I suppose it’s a small step in the right direction that some of the foolish leftists are beginning to realize that there’s a problem. However, what can be done about it at this point to remedy decades of foolish decisions? Is there any way out of this mess that doesn’t involve rivers of blood or Swedish surrender to the invaders?

    • You know any leftist, especially the elites, not just college inculcated ignoramuses, who have admitted, “Gee, maybe we have been wrong about this.”? I don’t know a single one who has that much humility.

    • Well, a start, is always a start. I sure hope they are learning their lesson, by not allowing any more, “cultural enriches” into their country, integrating everyone they can, stop being politically correct, and getting MUCH tougher on carrying out deportations, and sentencing violent criminals.

      • The time for deportations is long past. The problem is that there are now so many spawn of the original invaders who have Swedish citizenship who are impossible to deport since they have no other country of citizenship. Combine this with the inability to deport the adults since their children are citizens and you can begin to see why this isn’t likely to be solved without either surrender by native Swedes or violence.

  2. “There is no simple solution to this, but a first measure to greatly increase integration and counter exclusion is to require Swedish language fluency as well as a knowledge of Swedish social values.”

    Yeah well this point was a source of disagreement I had with the Swedes I know: You can expect Serbians, Czechs, Poles, or even the Russians to learn Swedish withing a year or two, and accept “Swedish social values”, because we all admire the boring Swedish way of life, where you work and are well paid and everything works and you are free to go camping or whatever, etc.

    But you can’t expect the same “integration” from every group on the planet. Gypsies, for example, don’t go around with the vision that they will work and live, because they seek something else altogether. As every Swede should be aware by now, the beggars at the supermarket doors are an organized crime. And that’s just one example.

  3. Do what the Scots are considering or have already done. Reduce the age of consent to 13. Inch by inch Islam is a cinch.

  4. The alarms have been ringing out about islam for years and Sweden’s politicians have been too cowardly or too blind to act. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. I urge all Christians, get out, migrate to a country that resists this evil so-called religion.

    • There is nowhere to bloody run too! We all in the western world have the same 3rd world problem and getting worse by the day, this is only solved one way now, the old ways until none are left.

  5. https://www.friatider.se/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/lindas_0_3.jpg
    © Riksdag -Linda Snecker (V) in the Riksdag.

    “Swedish quarrelsome disease paralyzes the country”

    Letter to the editor

    Published February 21, 2022

    You can almost see your ears waving. Like a dog. They listen to the opponent. The. The left. And its media entourage.

    Well, listening is too much to say. Because they are not looking for arguments that they can counter. No, they listen to be able to perceive if the right-wing politician is saying something they can use. A grain, if even an embryo for a story. Twist. Screw. Ferment. Turn upside down and then season with plausible hit-on.

    Most recently, it was Åkesson and the infernal studio question of choosing between Biden and Putin. The quarrel disease manifests itself in the left’s malicious questions to entice right-wing politicians to resign. And thus lose the word value and expose themselves to massive attacks from the hating left-wing mob. Ruling by dividing is a classic tactic; combined with value-based branding, quarrelsome disease has become an epidemic that paralyzes and damages the country.

    ************************************************* *********
    This is a diagnosed Swedish quarrelsome disease. 2022. Sweden. The country that has long stood as a model for reason and fair play is today the skeleton that other countries’ universities use to warn their debaters.
    ************************************************* *********

    Mary Agnes McGrath

    • Ole Linda is a mudshark who likes to fly to Afrika to get her jollies since she hates white native Swedes. Linda needs to be dealt with as the feminaxi she is.

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