Stay Away From Those Swedish Whores!

The above graphic seems appropriate for the following report, given that today is St. Valentine’s Day.

The report from SVT (Swedish state television) explains that “Swedish” culture-enrichers — in this case, Somalis — are telling their daughters not to associate with those haram Swedish girls. The attitude is seen as part of a larger trend towards the building of parallel societies within Sweden that are governed by sharia.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Police in the area say that young Somali girls cannot socialize with Swedish girls.
00:05   The reason is that Swedish girls are described as “whores”
00:10   based on their lifestyle, including the way they dress.
00:14   I think foreign-born parents have prejudices about Swedish youth that are exactly the opposite,
00:19   and want to try in their own way to protect their own daughters in this case.
00:28   Protect them from Swedish girls, whom they describe as whores, right?
00:31   Yes, I infer that from the information that we hear.
00:35   I think it’s awful that they have this image.
00:40   No matter what image you have of whichever youth,
00:44   whoever has a wrong image or prejudice that’s not true,
00:50   it is so incredibly destructive.
00:53   In 2019, it appeared developments were going in the right direction when
00:57   the number of reported crimes decreased — but an internal police report gives a different picture.
01:01   A superficial analysis might see it as positive.
01:05   A deeper analysis, however, can probably prove to be significantly more alarming
01:08   and indicate that the legal system is out of the game in essential parts…
01:11   where criminal networks and traditions rule, at the same time that police
01:14   have no understanding or almost no control over developments.
01:17   It can be when a person has become the victim of a crime,
01:20   perhaps, by another resident of the area, and then handled
01:25   by a “jurisdiction” by which, perhaps, two relatives, or the equivalent, compensate each other.
01:32   If they then have parallel jurisdictions or handle it outside the law,
01:37   then you get away from democracy as well.

7 thoughts on “Stay Away From Those Swedish Whores!

  1. Well, technically, they are not wrong. After some time in Sweden I came to the conclusion that Afrodite was, indeed, a blonde! But sometimes, Sweden is rather boring: In many places, all Swedish girls look the same: Friendly, sporty and beautiful.

    What do the ugly girls say about the popular girls at school? “They are all whores!”

    • I doubt the Swedish girls are selling access to their bodies, which is the modus operandi of a whore. If they are anything like American teenage girls then they are likely giving access for free, which is the behavior of a slut.

      Hypergamy seems to be the default for most young women, and many social customs and mores arose over the millennia to control this impulse, which is highly destructive to society. As much as I dislike islam for it’s backwardness I would have to agree with it in regards to trying to control the worst impulses of female behavior.

      • [“…mores arose over the millennia to control this impulse, which is highly destructive to society. As much as I dislike islam for it’s backwardness I would have to agree with it in regards to trying to control the worst impulses of female behavior”]
        You are wrong in willing to ‘control’ the ‘worst impulses of female behaviour’. You seem to be a purist moralist with your agreements on islam.

      • I always understood the word “whore” to be more connected to the unfaithfulness – although it is only a second to “protistute” in Webster: 2 – “a promiscuous or immoral woman”
        …or “to have unlawful sexual intercourse as with a prostitute”

        Anyhow – hypergamy is the way girls roll, and every “religion” tries to regulate it: But Islam is only second to “Christianity”, in the world of “oppressive Patriarchy”, the Bible is a very “redpilled” book, not shy of calling out stuff that would get you banned from Twitter and Facebook for life: But still, Christianity goes about it in a different way than Islam: This woman from John 8 would deserve death in Islam, but not so according to Jesus:

        It is the irony of the ages that people reject Christianity and then go for something like Islam, forgetting how the old Christian West was better than that of Islam: but that’s the way of this world, I suppose.

      • NAILED IT, Moon! As an American, who knew the mores when they were yet reasonable, long, long, ago. I find it appalling! It is as you said, apparently with about 90% or so, and worse than just “mere” hypergamy, is used as bribes, and payment of dollar obligations among some lesser percent, I hope lesser.

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