Austria is Having Second Thoughts About the Mandatory Vax

The Freedom Convoy in Canada has inspired similar movements all over the world. The nascent uprisings among their citizens has put the fear of God into a number of governments, causing them to rethink their most restrictive Corona policies. The following report shows that even the Austrian government is wavering.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of RT. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Obligation to vaccinate in Austria is on the brink

After several voices in Austria urged that vaccination be suspended, Chancellor Karl Nehammer no longer rules this out. Should the experts commissioned by the government speak out in favor of this, they want to suspend the law.

After more and more voices were raised in Austria against the compulsory vaccination that applies there, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer is no longer ruling out a suspension of compulsory vaccination. As he explained to the Kronen Zeitung on Sunday , the law would be suspended if the experts commissioned by the government spoke out in favor of doing so. Furthermore, the “vaccination fleet” is finally on the brink of collapse. According to Nehammer, the money should now go to people who did a lot during the Corona crisis, such as members of the health and nursing staff, soldiers in the army, and the police. He is in talks with the coalition partner in this regard:

“The vaccination lottery was a wish of the Social Democrats. They wanted this personal motivational bonus and they wanted the ORF to handle it. For me it was natural to respond to the request. But it’s not the way the Social Democrats imagined it could be done. That’s a shame, but not a broken leg.”

With regard to the obligation to vaccinate, the chancellor explained that the law “is constantly being evaluated anyway.” If the commission’s experts say that vaccination is “the tried and tested method”, the law will be upheld. However, if the commission proposes that vaccination can be waived, it will do so. However, the commission mentioned by Nehammer has not yet been appointed. [I guess they need to be examined first by Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates so that they can be sure that they are of (un)sound mind and will toe the line.]

The Green politician Sigrid Maurer explained in a comment in the Kleine Zeitung that the decision will “continue to be made on the basis of scientific evidence” and planned for the long term. It is “continuously evaluated whether the vaccination requirement is still necessary and proportionate,” also with a view to the coming weeks and months. A commission of medical and legal experts will be set up for this purpose, which is due to start work in the next few days.

Afterword from the translator:

First of all, I don’t believe it! But the resistance is great in Austria, greater than is reported.

Also, suspension is not cancellation.

And then there’s question: how independent are these experts? Who pays them? When was the last time they were paid by the government directly or through intermediaries/companies? There needs to be a disclosure for the last 10 years and the next 10 years! If necessary, obtain an oath and 10 years’ imprisonment for violation of the oath. But that would imply a government that does not hold power by the “grace” of WEF.

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  1. Go Austria!!, stop the tyranny, and thank you Canada for this movement, maybe you are saving all of Us ..

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