The Mean Streets of Little Mogadishu in Borlänge

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

SVT reporters attacked in “Little Mogadishu”

Borlänge: Not everyone is happy when SVT’s Investigative Assignment comes to visit in Tjärna Ängar in Borlänge. Indeed, some become aggressive and violent. One person threw a rock at journalists and shouted, “F*** SVT.”

Investigative Assignment has done reportage from the Tjärna Ängar neighborhood in Borlänge — the country’s northernmost vulnerable area, which is called “Little Mogadishu” in the vernacular, since at least half of the residents come from Somalia.

Among others, they meet an older woman who has lived there for 18 years but has still not learned Swedish.

“What are you doing? Hello! Don’t film me, bitch,” shouts one guy when reporters drive around the area.

Official statistics say that just over 3,500 people live in Tjärna Ängar, but according to certain politicians and police, the true number is upwards of 10,000. Families are large with many children, which leads to overcrowding.

The area is marked by high unemployment, welfare dependency, and the rule of criminal networks and foreign customs while police control and intelligence are extremely limited.

When Investigative Assignment was there one evening, they were attacked by a person who threw a rock at them, screaming, “F*** SVT!” then ran away.

Shortly thereafter, some masked men come and ask why they are filming in Tjärna Ängar. The guys are insistent on not being filmed, and push the camera down.

“You have to say nice things about this area if you are going to record,” says one of them.

“You have to focus only on the positive.”

“Damn, we were attacked,” exclaims one of the reporters, referring to the rock-thrower.

SVT also meets with local politician Mursal Isa (MP, Green Party). He says that the foreigners who come to Tjärna Ängar primarily receive their information on the new country from other immigrants.

Newcomers are told that the “Swedish language is a local language”, which you don’t need to learn, that it doesn’t pay to work, as well as that they should not testify against criminals since they themselves run the risk of being hurt.

“This is still going on today, and I think it has even become worse,” says Mursal Isa.

7 thoughts on “The Mean Streets of Little Mogadishu in Borlänge

  1. Good that they are all concentrated in one neighborhood; makes it considerably easier to cordon off and fumigate should the Swedes ever decide they are tired of being the host for an invasive parasite.

    The chances of such a golden opportunity being utilized are likely nil, since the typical Swede appears to be just as lacking in common sense and a sense of self-preservation as the average German if not slightly more so.

    • I would not underestimate the Swedes, they all have little cottages in the forrests, they know how to hunt and fish, camp in the winter, etc. But many of these “newcomers” don’t even see a difference between dry road and snow covered road. In case of long winter blackout, I bet the Swedes would prevail, but these “welfare dependents” would not. The only question I have is whether such long winter blackout is even possible in Sweden?

      BTW I worked in these neighborhoods: It was funny to watch – 6-7AM, all Swedes on bicycles driving to work… 8AM-14PM peace and quiet silence in the streets. 14PM till midnight “Mogadishu time” 🙂

      • Same pattern prevailed in Mogadishu according to the soldiers deployed there. The young toughs all chewed khat which made them lethargic until early afternoon when the stimulant kicked in. It was a big part of why the raid turned into such a complete goat rope.

        • They sure did fall like wheat when mowing the lawn though. LOL We Marines tried to warn the army but that idiot Gen Garrison said and I quote, “This is an army operation now and you Marines will sit back and watch how we do things and if I want your opinion I’ll ask for it”. Bloody moron would not listen to a damn thing we told him and his staff. The D-Boys did ask us lots of questions though, Rangers were dumb as rocks.

          • Futile operation in the first place. Futile intervention in an evil place that wasn’t even worth wasting a nuke upon. Gassing the whole worthless city would have been only marginally of value when simply interdicting international food aid would have accomplished the same objectives for far less cost.

          • We keep feeding these savages so they can breed more useless savages, and exercise in futility I ever saw.

      • “Mogadishu time”, I do so like this phrase, I will imitate the virtuous migrunts (sic) and steal the phrase from you and use it vigorously.

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