Corona Psychosis

Several weeks ago when I went to see relatives in another part of Virginia I chose a back route that took me close to where an old college friend of mine lives. Before I left I called him up and asked if he wanted to meet up for a cup of coffee.

This fellow is a liberal, like most of my college friends, but he’s not woke or progressive or anything; he’s just a standard-issue liberal. It doesn’t bother me; I just avoid political topics as much as possible when I talk to him. However, I knew he was worried about the Wuhan Coronavirus, so when I called him I asked if we could meet outside somewhere, wearing masks and sitting six feet apart.

“No,” he said, “I can’t risk it.”

“But why?” I responded in bafflement. “You’ve just had your booster.”

“Yes, but I’m a smoker and have high cholesterol, so I’m at risk. You’re unvaccinated. I just can’t take the chance.”

I was very disappointed, to say the least. He said something about maybe getting together “when all this is over.” I didn’t tell him that Corona is here to stay. He’ll keep getting boosters every six months until heart disease or the prions finally get him. The Zeta, Omicron, Upsilon, and Omega variants will continue to rage through the population like clockwork, also every six months, and be blamed on the unvaxed. And I’ll probably never see my friend again.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Needless to say, all this seems like complete insanity to me.

When you parse what’s going on, it makes no logical sense whatsoever. If Our Savior the Vaccine is as wonderful as proclaimed, why doesn’t it protect my friend enough for him to be willing to sit six feet away and talk to me when we both have masks on?

He’s not stupid. He graduated from William and Mary with a degree in computer science. Intelligence is obviously no guarantee against being possessed by irrational fears. In fact, higher education may even help enable the condition.

My friend acknowledges that the vax (including the booster) doesn’t prevent the recipient from being infected by or transmitting SARS-CoV-2. But he says it reduces his risk of hospitalization or death. That is, it serves a protective function for him — it doesn’t protect anyone else from being infected by the Corona if he has it.

Well, then. How could it be that the selfish, filthy unvaxed like me are the cause of all the variant surges?

He has an answer for that, too: If he gets COVID, he will carry less of a viral load in his mucous membranes, which will make him somewhat less likely to infect others with it. But the data don’t support that assertion. I emailed him several references from reputable sources (including the CDC and Yale*) to studies indicating that there is no significant difference in viral load carried by the vaxed and the unvaxed when they are infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus. He didn’t reply; I’m not even sure he read my email.

I didn’t tell him that according to the latest data from the NHS in the UK, the percentage of those who die from the WuFlu after being “vaccinated” is roughly the same as it is for the unvaxed. And I especially didn’t tell what the experts say all those boosters will eventually do to him after he’s had enough of them. I don’t tell any of my vaxed friends about those things — since they can’t do anything about it once they’re vaxed, why would I want to ruin their day?

I refer to my friend’s syndrome as “Corona Psychosis”. It’s completely irrational, recognizes no evidence that might contradict it, and is clung to with a ferocity reminiscent of a religious mania.

It should have its own entry in the DSM-5.

There is a lot of variation in the severity of Corona Psychosis. My first thought was that my friend is at one extreme, but after pondering it for a while, I realized that some people are even more Corona psychotic: even if they’ve been vaxed, they stay shut up in their homes, don’t socialize except on Zoom, order necessities online as much as possible, and sanitize every item that comes into the house. I know some people like that, but obviously I don’t see them anymore.

People at the opposite extreme — and I am one — don’t observe any of the restrictions and prophylactic measures except to the extent that they would for a flu outbreak or something similar. Prudent caution, in other words. Live your life normally, insofar as it’s possible to do so these days. Stay home if you have symptoms.

Some people have milder versions of the Corona Psychosis. They wear masks when they go to the grocery store. They don’t hug anyone except immediate family members. They wash their hands more than they used to. But they don’t live in constant fear.

Almost everyone I know is vaxed, so I’m praying that all the horror stories about it are wrong. Some of them got the jab for the sake of expediency, not because they were afraid of the dread Corona. One guy wanted to go on a cruise, which required the vax. A woman got the jab because her much older husband was afraid he might catch COVID from her. And so on.

Interestingly enough, most of my college-educated friends fall into the “very fearful” category. All of them have been vaxed, and some of them are more relaxed about the whole thing now. But others are afraid.

Another data point: all but two of my college-educated friends are retired employees of the federal government. So there’s a correlation there, but that doesn’t imply causation.

I also find it interesting that the federal government lures people with college degrees like a Venus fly trap draws in flies. I’m the odd one out — virtually my entire cohort spent their careers working for the feds and are now reclining on the luxurious retirement cushions provided by FedGov.

One question about the Corona Psychosis is whether or not it was a planned feature of the “pandemic”.

Even if the Wuhan Coronavirus wasn’t deliberately released in late 2019, it’s obvious that the government and the pharmaceutical industry (yes, I know; same thing) had long since mapped out their response in detail. Simulations of a pandemic had been gamed repeatedly by globalist groups. The mRNA treatments had already been developed and could be brought into production immediately, with no research time required.

Governments all across the world deliberately induced fear, even panic, in the citizenry so that the “vaccines” could be pushed out to billions of people. But was the Corona Psychosis part of the plan? Or was it just an incidental byproduct of government-induced panic and hysteria?

Perhaps MK-ULTRA and similar projects had done enough experimental research on unwitting subjects to determine a way to create mass panic psychosis among the populace. Instruct the media on what to say to induce fear, augment it with official government propaganda, and then exploit the resulting psychosis to increase and perfect state control of the citizenry.

The fact that millions of people are afflicted with the same psychosis at the same time makes it easier to maintain the condition. When just about everyone you know is afflicted with the same irrational mania, there’s never any need to confront the irrationality of it. Everything you hear from major media outlets confirms the basis of the psychosis. People get arrested for not adhering to the required psychotic protocols.

The Corona Psychosis has become self-sustaining within the majority of the population.

One final question: Why do some of us escape the psychosis? What makes some people succumb to it, while others get by relatively unscathed?

I don’t have an answer to that question. My friend and I are basically the same: similar educational backgrounds, similar fields of interest. Why should he develop Corona Psychosis while I remain blessedly free of it?

The only thing I can think of is that he spent forty years working for the federal government, and I didn’t. But I don’t know if that has any bearing on it.

In previous editions of the Corona Chronicles I’ve described the way COVID-19 killed the tiny Episcopal church that I used to attend. Nobody got infected by the disease, but differing reactions to the “pandemic” caused a permanent schism in the congregation.

In the late spring of 2020 a fault line appeared between those who were afraid of the disease and those who weren’t. Those who were very afraid — the ones who developed Corona Psychosis — were alarmed that those who were not afraid continued to hold services, take communion, pass the Peace, and enjoy coffee hour together after the Eucharists. Not wearing masks! Not social distancing! Bringing snacks in containers that everyone touched! The HORROR!

I learned from what followed that extreme fear makes people ruthless. Those who were unafraid (including the priest) were in the majority, but that didn’t matter to those who were certain that their mission to make everyone “safe” was the only acceptable response to the crisis. We were breaking diocesan edicts with our unsanitary behavior, so the fearful ones contacted the bishop and brought down diocesan wrath upon our little church. It was closed for more than a year, and only recently reopened with a rump congregation. I hear that for a while the vaxed were allowed to attend without wearing masks, but that changed when the variants began their surge. As far as I know they all wear masks now. And, as I understand it, the diocese discourages congregational singing, but grudgingly allows it provided that everyone keeps their masks on while they sing.

They found another supply priest for a while, but he has moved on, so now they just have Morning Prayer with three or four people. I don’t know what that’s like; I haven’t attended any services. But I’m willing to bet they’re still masked.

The congregation split into two factions, which, interestingly enough, seemed to coincide with those who voted for Donald Trump vs. those who voted for Joe Biden.

The majority (I guess that makes us Bolsheviks) were and are unafraid of the Corona. When we could no longer hold services in the church, we reconvened in the house of one of the members of the congregation. He has a baby grand piano in his living room, and the organist was one of the unafraid, so she became the pianist for our little dissident congregation. Our priest continued to minister to us gratis.

We celebrated Eucharists all through the lockdown and the closure of the churches. I don’t think we ever violated the letter of Governor Coonman’s ukases, but we certainly violate the spirit of them: we take normal communion, shake hands and hug each other during the Peace, sing unmasked with great gusto, and gather afterwards in the dining room for a communal lunch (which we refer to jocularly as a “vestry meeting”).

Our little dissident church has held regular services now for sixteen months in a living room with a makeshift altar and chairs carried in from the dining room. To my mind this is the way Christianity should be. This is the beating heart of the Living Church of God.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I don’t know how many other dissident churches there are like ours. I’ve read that the major Protestant denominations still impose stringent restrictions on services, if they hold them at all. I notice from the event calendar in the local paper that some churches still hold only Zoom or parking lot services. The Pentecostals and some Baptist congregations seem to be exceptions, and have resumed normal services.

Medical and dental offices have the worst case of the Corona Psychosis. All of the ones I go to require masks. So, if I want to have my teeth cleaned or get a shot in my eye, I have to put on the damned mask. At the retinal specialist’s office the whole charade seems to be pro forma, thank goodness. Everything is relaxed and normal except for those ugly things on everyone’s faces. My primary care provider, on the other hand, has the full Corona Psychosis. I stay away from there as much as I possibly can.

Other than that, I come and go as I please without wearing a mask. If a store has a sign up about masks, I studiously ignore it. Since the Delta surge began more and more masks have appeared in the grocery stores. I’m generally in the minority now, but even in Whole Foods there are plenty of other maskless people. And out here in the Nether Boondocks there are places and events where you don’t see any masks at all — it’s wonderful.

I don’t know how all this Corona Psychosis will turn out. I’ve long since given up predicting the future course of the madness that is currently abroad in the land. The only thing my intuition tells me is that it will not end well.

*   From the CDC itself (July 30, 2021) [emphasis added]:

Today, some of those data were published in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), demonstrating that Delta infection resulted in similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people. High viral loads suggest an increased risk of transmission and raised concern that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus.

This paper (September 28, 2021) comes with the imprints of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, BMJ, and Yale [emphasis added]:

No Significant Difference in Viral Load Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated, Asymptomatic and Symptomatic Groups Infected with SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant

Finally, this paper says roughly the same thing [emphasis added]:

Findings: Between 11th-25th June 2021 (week 7-8 after dose 2), 69 healthcare workers were tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. 62 participated in the clinical study. 49 were (pre)symptomatic with one requiring oxygen supplementation. All recovered uneventfully. 23 complete-genome sequences were obtained. They all belonged to the Delta variant, and were phylogenetically distinct from the contemporary Delta variant sequences obtained from community transmission cases, suggestive of ongoing transmission between the workers. Viral loads of breakthrough Delta variant infection cases were 251 times higher than those of cases infected with old strains detected between March-April 2020. Time from diagnosis to PCR negative was 8—33 days (median: 21). Neutralizing antibody levels after vaccination and at diagnosis of the cases were lower than those in the matched uninfected controls. There was no correlation between vaccine-induced neutralizing antibody levels and viral loads or the development of symptoms.

Interpretation: Breakthrough Delta variant infections are associated with high viral loads, prolonged PCR positivity, and low levels of vaccine-induced neutralizing antibodies, explaining the transmission between the vaccinated people. Physical distancing measures remain critical to reduce SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant transmission.


46 thoughts on “Corona Psychosis

  1. Dear Baron. Thanks for the insightful article on the state of the church in Virginia. Here in Alberta, Canada several pastors were arrested & imprisoned for defying the gov’t and keeping the church doors open. The Baptist church I go to was closed March & April 2020 but since has been open w/o abiding by the gov’t edicts. Church life is like how it was pre-Covid and I am so blessed to be part of it! When others are not meeting at all or loosing their minds our church is doing life together, encouraging & supporting each other. Yes we sing our hearts out w/o masks, celebrate communion every other week, church fellowship meal monthly, etc. We are not “proud” of ignoring gov’t covid edicts it’s just that they have no authority over the church at all. And we believe in freedom of conscience in that each person can decide for themselves what they believe an appropriate response to covid should be (which is precious little for most congregants besides common sense things like staying home when your sick, etc). Unfortunately my church is an exception most churches have compromised to accommodating gov’t edicts.

  2. Oh my God Baron , how people can. Be that severe brainwashed it’s beyond my mind , and some of this people are high educated,, speechless totally speechless..

  3. This really struck a chord with me. I am so saddened because I cannot participate in services at my synagogue. They allow only vaxxed into the synagogue for services and everyone else has to participate by zoom if they want. And I do not. My husband and I sent an email right before the High Holidays after receiving a congregation-wide email about the new covid “rules”. We were not to attend unless vaxxed. I told them we were not going to accept second class citizenship and we would be suspending our membership. The Rabbi said he was heartbroken over our decision but offered nothing else. Heartbroken? We’ve been members for 17 years! And now, all done. I am very religious and this shunning truly breaks my heart, but what can I do? God walks with me regardless.

  4. All my fellow contractors ( electricians, plumbers, carpenters ) except one are not vaxed and, so far, say they will not get it. Nine of us. 95% of the customers do not ask about the vax or even require masks. I have always had a supply of N95 masks for demo work only. Coal dust from old homes is nasty. All 9 of us go about our daily lives without fear. We are all high school grads, no college. Not trying to make a correlation – just putting it out there. I fully respect those ( my kids included – all in their late 40’s ) who have college degrees. Love your insight.

  5. It’s really weird that anyone actually got the vax. Surprising that so many ‘high-level’ people have gotten it. I just don’t understand how anyone can take this covid stuff seriously. I still don’t believe anyone has actually gotten the vaccine. Ri-right guys?

    • I have my doubts that prominent leaders have actually gotten the vax. I suspect that those who ostentatiously get vaxed on video are really getting saline solution. For example, Kamala Harris just got her Moderna booster (third vax), but I think it was more likely a third dose of saline.

      • I saw the video of the Whore of Babylon, aka Heels Up Harris, getting what was supposed to be the “vaccination”.

        Speaking as a former addict, I can tell you that she was as high as a kit, stoned out of her mind in the video. Just watch and listen to her. It’s should be obvious, even to teetotalers.

        That wasn’t a vaccine in that shot- my guess is that it was something a bit more psychedelic if you get my drift.

      • You bet your bippy the “elites’ are not sticking that filthy bioweapon into themselves or their children. Ever since the “vaccines” were used in the concentration camps (Boar Wars–instigated/funded by the Banksters of London), 45,000 people were experimented on, maimed and killed by the demonic (Luciferian) Cabal who funded Marx, Darwin and Lenin & Mao–to wipe Christianity off their Mother Gaia. They put monkey viruses into polio vaccinations from 1955-63 for slow kill of the Little People. Flu vaccines for years have both monkey-mice viruses injected into us (Dr. Mikovits)–with other toxins including fetal cells for the joy of the giddy pedo-psychopaths. They LAUGH at the willing extermination of old people (useless eaters).

        They need to get rid of the pesky Common Law, Magna Carta and US Constitution (Natural Rights from God) for their Baphomet Rites Utopia of baby-killing (blood sacrifices), pederasty, sodomite orgies and slavery. As Pike desired–the “radical egalitarianism” so ALL differences of the Little People (us) will be eliminated in the masses: no ethnic traditions other than their New Age of Aquarius Babylonian Religion (Luciferianism/Pike’s No Morals and Vile Dogmas), no borders, no sexes, no other religions, only serfs/slaves–all LOW IQ. Why? No ability to “Know” the Truth which sets us free. The ability to discriminate (think) will be impossible–like people who experience “psychosis” (“cognitive dissonance” as Yuri Bezmenov described it).

        It is 200 yr. plan–the Psychosis (on steroids) by Tavistock Institute after WWII. TV/Google made it possible and centralization of ALL textbooks so ideas/images/associations of Big Lies (satanism/Marxism) could be embedded into every subconscious of all the little children raised in front of “screens”/in publik factories of “group think” to be TRIGGERED at WILL by the “elite” pederasts who want to annihilate the Natural Family Unit. “Cognitive Dissonance” prevents Truth (God) from entering the Mind of brainwashed, conditioned children usually for life (all in pubic skkkools since commie John Dewey removed the Trivium, Quadrivium, Bible (tools to think for self).

        Just read letters of the Fabian Socialists like Justice Felix Frankfurter and John Maynard Keynes (Sugar Keynes at Harvard) who were bragging about where to find little boys for a “shilling” in Tunis, etc., for their homosexual orgies & couldn’t wait until their “Love” overcame the Christian Worldview with their condemnation of pederasty, adultery, fornication, baby-killing, etc. (Vice). All the Founding Fathers knew that Vice makes only Slaves for the State. Only virtuous people can be “free”–but people from birth are conditioned now into satanism/vice/slavery–ideas that there is a “Rite” to kill your own genetic offspring and mutilate and drug little boys to make them into “girls”. It is all Big Lies of Luciferians–the Cultural Marxists who captured ALL our agencies/school curricula by 1940s… as patriot Sen. Joseph McCarthy & many others revealed and were destroyed or killed for doing so.

        • There’s a lot packed into your comments there. As for the skkkools, my dad always told me, “Son, you’ve got to read the Bible and Shakespeare”. He meant ALL of it, and he meant the King James Version of the Bible. When I wouldn’t read Shakespeare at night before bed, he sat at the foot of my bed and read it to me. I’m so sorry that I fell so short of his expectations, but he tried.

          I also have “Blacklisted by History”, the story of Senator McCarthy. And I have a 1933 hardbound copy of R. E. Lee, by Douglas Southall Freeman. A good book if you can find it. Lastly, I have 1949 and 1951 editions of the Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary. Those were about the last years the American English language was still whole and entire, and had not yet been mutilated and transformed into the monstrosity it is today.

  6. Baron: He is not really your friend. An old acquaintance, maybe. But not your friend. And when the time comes, such people will turn on you in a heartbeat. Bleib ubrig.

  7. Actually, when the time comes, he will be pushing up daisies after a stroke or a heart attack or vascular disease, after receiving his fourth or fifth booster shot. And I may or may not be extant when that happens, but if I have shuffled off this mortal coil at that point, it won’t be because of complications due to an injection with an experimental mRNA treatment designed to prevent infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

  8. Degree of risk tolerance likely has a lot to do with whether someone succumbs to corona-psychosis. Initially the virus seemed quite deadly but once it was revealed the survival rate was almost 100% and the most likely to die were the elderly and the morbidly obese, I stopped worrying and ignored any measures I deemed to be impractical, illogical, or just plain stupid.

    An interesting hypothesis would be that motorcycle riders, especially those with crotch rockets vs the big Goldwings or Harleys, are far less likely to have submitted to the fake vaxx than those who do not ride.

    • Fear is not the only key attribute of the corona virus event useful to the World Economic Forum and its members; isolation is another. Social cohesion is what political scientists and sociologists term the bonds which form between different people in a well-functioning society. It is considered something of an indicator of civilizational well-being and health, since humans are – many of them, at any rate – highly social creatures.

      Studies of how people make decisions in various environments have shown for years that people who are atomized or isolated from others – in particular those relations they have come to rely upon the most – suffer from higher anxiety, greater uncertainty, and generalized levels of stress. Such people are also more vulnerable to propaganda, disinformation and psychological manipulation.

      As well, during an event like the corona virus, absent much contact with others, this isolated individual may feel that he is the “only one” who has doubts and misgivings about the official narrative of circumstances. Whereas if he is out-and-about and in frequent contact and communication with others, he may learn that others feel as he does, and take strength from that and give strength and hope to others in return.

      This risks starting a “preference cascade” which turns public opinion against whatever it is that the powers-that-be ware trying to do…. and they do not want that.

      Isolation and fear potentiate one another, serve to multiply the other. And that is by design. That’s no bug, that’s a feature.

  9. replace the word unvaxed for Jew. It sure has a Germany in 1938 feel to the setup from the Feds.

    You need new friends. And women to dance with.

    • I translate unvaccinated more as “unclean”, as in Biblical lepers, but the sentiment holds. I read signage that announces vaccine required as “Aryan only”. Same purpose: same “science”.

  10. @ Baron B.

    Re: “One question about the Corona Psychosis is whether or not it was a planned feature of the “pandemic”.

    Almost certainly. H.L. Mencken observed a century or so ago: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

    Tranquility and the dull routine of existence do not serve the ends of those who would be our masters. Crisis and danger, now they are a different story. In “normal” times, absent some crisis or other with which to herd people and their opinions and thoughts, the ruling class would find instituting its aims and goals tough going, perhaps even impossible.

    But if the powers-that-be can induce fear in the population at large, their task becomes much easier. Why? Because of the simple truth that fearful people are much less amenable to reason, logic and the facts than they normally would be. It is for this reason that “manufactured crisis” has been the method of choice for advancing their agenda. If a crisis of some sort happens, seize upon it to advance the agenda; if none appears, then one can made-to-order by the black-bag artists who specialize in that sort of thing.

    It is germane to note that the cult of safety – sometimes termed “the nanny state” – has been a long-time psychological precursor and prerequisite to our present dilemma. Americans used to prize freedom above all else, even safety.

    It was understood that life was a contact sport and that being free sometimes meant being unsafe. The famous American military leader, General Douglas MacArthur, once said quite sagely, “In life there is no safety, only opportunity.”

    But over the last half century or more of life in these United States that safety has been replaced independence of mind as the highest value. The psychological attack upon liberty has been of a piece with attack upon traditional manhood, which has always been animated by the willingness of western men to take great risks and suffer grave dangers in return for great rewards. Duty – and not safety – was considered the overriding imperative for any man worthy of the name.

    So, to return to the question at hand: Yes, absolutely, fear has always been a key component of the corona virus event. Whether the outbreak was a manufactured crisis or a genuine one or someplace in between, the fear it engendered in the population has always been its most useful feature to the globalists, oligarchs and billionaires behind the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset.”

    Gates, Soros, Schwab, Fauci, et al. know perfectly well that the great mass of the world’s population don’t like and don’t want what the globalists have in store for them – which means that these ambitious and ruthless men will have to resort to coercive and manipulative measures to get what they want.

    • I agree with what you say: the fear and the panic were part of the plan. That seems obvious.

      But what about the Corona Psychosis? That is, the disconnect from reality and rational thinking, the descent into collective madness.

      My intuition says that it was intended, that it was all part of the plan, but I have no evidence with which to back that up.

      • I myself have two friends who belong to the hard-core of the branch covidians, both of them structural engineers, she works for the government engineering office, he works from home, government contracts… We meet often, drink beer, but while I am able to talk corona madness openly, these two are unable to talk about those topics at all. They literally run away from the conversation when I try to tell my views on the vaxx. I have come to the conclusion, that their reaction is a learned reflex that the mainstream media are somehow capable of inducing in people with “closed horizonts”. There is absolutely no rational reason for these two Covid Witnesses to run away from discussion about vaccines, and the fact that they do must be the result of “something bigger” – which I understand to be a “learned response” from the media.

        They both, + one other Covid Witness I know, do not go outside of mainstream media fence, they are all “atheist” and have good understanding of engineering and science, but they refuse to listen to “alternative sources”. Too much trust in the establishment is radiating off from them into distance.

        Funny thing how Corona made us allies with some guys who I don’t personally like, we kind of hated each other in heated discussions on the edge of fist fighting, but when the Corona came, establishment guys who I would never judge to be particularly open minded immediately saw the same covid scam that I saw. But these “university educated engineers” that I know – they all eat covid hook line and sinker. It must be brainwashing, I have no doubts about it, at all.

        “NATO is spinning out an entirely new kind of combat it has branded cognitive warfare. Described as the “weaponization of brain sciences,” the new method involves “hacking the individual” by exploiting “the vulnerabilities of the human brain” in order to implement more sophisticated “social engineering.”
        Until recently, NATO had divided war into five different operational domains: air, land, sea, space, and cyber. But with its development of cognitive warfare strategies, the military alliance is discussing a new, sixth level: the “human domain.”

        “B.F. Skinner, an American psychologist inspired by such works, developed educational methods in order to train children using a reward system, which can be seen in schools today in the form of rewards such as gold stars. Skinner coined the term ‘Operant Conditioning’, a process whereby desired behaviors can be reinforced through reward whilst undesired behaviors are punished to prevent their repeating. Such methods may seem obvious, since that is how we train animals to behave in a prescribed fashion, however such methods of education do not create free thinking, critical individuals which is a requisite for a free thinking, critical society, instead they produce more compliant, accepting members of a society more readily to comforming to a prescribed order, such as government rule.”

        • @ Barn Swallow

          If NATO is investigating “cognitive warfare” as you say, and I am pretty certain your info is accurate and on-point, then that is not necessarily or even probably good news. Why? Because they may well be investigating such methods with the intent of turning them upon the very people they are supposed to be protecting.

          NATO hasn’t worked for the common people of Europe – or anyplace else – in a long time. The globalists own them, lock, stock and barrel.

          • Not for long, for the General’s are not going to put up with it for long. They are after all nationalists.

    • Two of the most powerful chemicals in the known universe are manufactured in our bodies in response to pleasure and fear- Dopamine and Adrenaline.

      I often think that the Corona Psychosis is based on our addiction to them more than anything else.

      When you are able to manipulated human beings on that level, the sky’s the limit for all sorts of tyranny.

      • The Excitement (adrenaline/Dopamine) binds the Stimulus (fear of death or ostracization) to Subject (you/me). Overly simple? Yes, but accurate. It takes an informed intelligent person to grasp this and let it guide them.

  11. The Corona Psychosis is worse than anything I can imagine. So many of my friends sold their soul because they “were afraid”. Of a –>disease<– that we were told is so smart that it knows when you are wearing a mask and when you aren't. How else to explain being in a mask to enter a restaurant but taking it off when your food is served!! And the insanity continues. Mr.Fraudulent has issued his "decrees" about mandatory vaxx and vaxxing anyone over 2…….Masks to shop in stores, getting your car gassed up, buying a new washer and dryer-the list goes on ad nauseam. I am done. The damage being done to children who use your facial expressions as guideposts, to the deaf who must read lips if you aren't able to sign, or no family photos because masks cover any joy at being together. All of this madness needs to end.

      • The Danes can congratulate themselves on being ahead of this thing, but the stats I’ve seen say that most of their population has taken the jab. Which means their troubles are just beginning.

        As for the “corona virus” madness being “over,” the globalists will be back with some other evil scheme, count on it. If it isn’t a virus, it will be something else. Evil, like rust, never sleeps.

  12. @ Baron

    Re: “But what about the Corona Psychosis? That is, the disconnect from reality and rational thinking, the descent into collective madness.”

    What’s the old saying? “People go mad in crowds, but regain their sanity one at a time”?

    As long ago as the 1890s, when French psychologist Gustav LeBon was doing research into the behavior of crowds, of large groups of people, as compared to small ones or individuals, it has been understood that crowds are not simply larger assemblies of individuals; they have their own rules of behavior and function according to different imperatives than individuals do.

    Within twenty or twenty-five years, Edward Bernays – the man today acknowledged as the “father of public relations” (and its darker cousin, propaganda) – was writing propaganda for the Wilson Administration’s Committee on Public Information and trying to figure out better ways of shaping the behavior of the masses. Later, in the 1920s and after, he did work for the federal government in psychological warfare aimed at foreign nations and peoples, as well as his standard work in private-sector PR and advertising.

    If you take LeBon, Bernays, and throw in Sigmund Freud and a few other bits, you get the bare-bones of how modern public relations, propaganda and psychological operations work. The “manufacturing of consensus” as they term it in that business.

    The fascists took the developments of the Wilson regime (Mussolini and Hitler were both admirers of the American president) and super-charged them by marrying the developments of LeBon and Bernays with electronic mass media and modern communications.

    It is germane to note that around this time, too, is where we see for the first time the ability of masterful propagandists like Dr. Josef Goebbels and Hitler himself – to whip the masses into an irrational frenzy or what one might call a mass psychosis. The Nuremberg Rallies and similar events such as the 1936 Olympics.

    The pageantry, the parades, the stirring martial numbers and sentimental old Barvarian folk songs; Nazi iconography; the staged but none-the-less effective drama – much of it directed/produced by actress, film-maker and photographer Leni Riefenstahl – Hitler’s “favorite film director,” and so forth. The massive chants and repetitive pledges, at full-throat by the multitudes, to the new Fuhrer; his fiery orations.

    Here we see the basic tools: Simple messages, repeated ad-nauseum; the big-lie told over and over again. Convenient scapegoats which allow – which encourage – the common people to blame others for their problems. “Us against them” dichotomies presented as the only viable means of seeing reality – “You’re either with us or you are against us” …. the psychological (later the physical) carrot-and-stick. Whipping up anger and weaponizing it against scapegoated minorities.

    It is important to note that Hitler and the National Socialists were not the only ones using such methods; the communists in the USSR also used them to great effect – but the Germans were the ones to develop them the most-fully. The U.S. and Japan also fought a long-running psychological warfare campaign during and before the Second World War, which was remarkable for its racial hatred and the ugliness of the stereotypes used by both sides.

    If you add in all of the inventive methods developed by advertisers and PR specialists over the last century in the shaping and molding of public opinion, tastes and feelings – both in the U.S. and elsewhere – you can see that the architects of the corona virus event had a great deal of information and experience upon which to draw. And that’s just the stuff that we know about and is open-source. Who even knows for sure what’s behind the curtain of government secrecy?

    We know for a fact that around 2013-2014, some language was slipped into the huge and quite volumnous annual defense authorization bill – the measure which funds the armed forces for that fiscal year – repealing the long-standing prohibition upon the creation/dissemination of propaganda by agencies of the U.S. government designed to be used against the American public.

    Did you catch that? Whereas heretofore, agencies of the federal government could only author/use propaganda & psychological warfare methods against other nations, that restriction was done way with, leaving the way open for the government to write and use propaganda however it wished – even against the people of this country.

    As to your original question: Fear, panic, uncertainty, a vague sense of free-floating anxiety, dread of the future…. these things exist on a continuum with outright psychoses and disorders formally recognized as such by medical specialists and the like.

    As you are doubtless well-aware, even well-adjusted, well-socialized psychologically-healthy people occasionally suffer from maladaptive or counterproductive states of mind. It is entirely natural – and human – to feel various emotions in response to a crisis or something perceived as such. Fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and other such states of mind only become pathological when they predominate to an unhealthy or extreme extent.

    In other words, the line between sanity and insanity can sometimes be a fine one, just as the line between a healthy adaptation to a crisis and an unhealthy can be. There are no hard-and-fast diagnostic markers for some of the things you are talking about – and anyone who claims otherwise isn’t being completely truthful. Psychology and psychiatry are as much arts as they are sciences – which means there is a good degree of subjectivity and judgment involved even with the most-qualified practitioners.

    As for how to push otherwise healthy people over the edge and into psychosis, it’s just a matter of how far the people inflicting the psychological conditioning are prepared to go. How hard are they willing to turn the crank?

    During the Korean War, the communist Chinese and their North Korean allies were already using some of the techniques of brainwashing, psychological warfare, and reconditioning we now see in action over the last eighteen months. Specifically, they did such experiments on Allied POWs. One of their favorite means of conditioning captives to be compliant was the enforcement of the wearing of masks.

    • I agree with what you say, by and large. But the question still remains unanswered: Did the Powers That Be intend to unleash the collective madness that is now our general condition? Or is it the unintended (but not unwelcome) side effect of the deliberate generation of the fear of contagion that was weaponized for nefarious ends?

      My intuition says that it was all deliberate. Mass insanity was part of the recipe. Which may be an instance of hubris on the part of those who rule over us, but we shall see.

      • Excellent essay, sir! Your commenters have great insights as well. well done, all! I will only add my lonely hope (and prayer) that, as sometimes has happened in the past, the insane mob suddenly turns its’ hate upon those who have incited them. God be with us, amen.

      • Baron:

        According to his particular worldview, your friend is behaving rationally, as are all the other people who live in fear of Covid. These people, including your friend, view themselves as part of the collective, through which their perceived needs for security are being met. These people value the collective over the individual.

        The rest of us value the individual and resist the collective. We, too, are behaving rationally, according to our worldview.

        The problem we face is that individualists and collectivists cannot live together.

        Covid psychosis is not a disease, rather, it is the manifestation of a political struggle.

      • @ Baron

        Re: “But the question still remains unanswered: Did the Powers That Be intend to unleash the collective madness that is now our general condition? ”

        I thought I was fairly clear in the explanation above – but in case I was not: The answer is “yes”…. the mass psychosis was intended from the first.

        You might ask yourself if the people behind this thing are “really that evil”? Yes, they really are.

        Be well, Baron…. and I mean that in more ways than one!

  13. Same here, former friends and family don’t want to meet any longer because I’m not one of them.
    I didn’t sign the Darwin Award application alongside them.
    Yep, provide people with a sufficiently “attractive” set of ideals to flatter themselves with, and you can command them to do anything for the sake of the cause.
    They are fools, worse than fools.
    They are dangerous to other people, and more importantly, they are dangerous to themselves.
    Ideals are figments of a delued imagination in my eyes.
    They are tools to be used on the gullible by selfserving men and women for the enslavement of mankind.
    And with every turn of the wheel it seems to get worse.

    What I cannot understand, with all the knowledge that humanity has acquired the hard way, almost each and every Generation falls for the same old lies, just in a different wrapping.
    Why can only a handful of people see this?
    And when you point it out, you’re considered a bad person.
    You’re the Enemy.

  14. You ask: “One question about the Corona Psychosis is whether or not it was a planned feature of the “pandemic.”

    Based upon my research, what I see, hear, and sense, I conclude that it WAS a planned feature of the ‘scamdemic.’ Why?

    Let me cut to the quick so that warriors on our side (yes–“WARRIORS,” since truth and light fight this mental disease) we must realize that the inclusion of this psychosis into the CV19 mix reveals our enemy for what they are: TOTALLY RUTHLESS. A war of total annihilation–no retreat for any adversary [us.]

    Consider: the enemy knew in advance the jab would disable and kill millions, even though the disease was a minor flu. So, the enemy “supercharged” the engine of destruction to instill fear and isolation into us as stage #2.

    And how? Simple–developing and instituting this “Corona Psychosis.” It is the creation of a group of evil and violent manipulators, whose criminality knows no bounds. It is inhuman. Believers will term it demonic.

    Reflect on the 1979 Marlon Brando (“Kurtz”) Apocalypse Now movie clip where he finally realized the war with the enemy was lost. His realization crystallized when he saw that Fathers–men who loved their own children–could be disciplined enough to hack off the arms of other beloved children just because they took the “enemy” American vaccine. No mercy.

    THAT discipline, that cruelty–is what we warriors face. Look at it head on and ponder your action. An enemy which has pulled out all stops in using the Corona Psychosis, a psy-ops. Not content with merely killing, they wish to terrorize the living. MERCILESS. You are corrent–this will NOT end well.

    Harden your heart. Act accordingly.

    The readers’ comnents here–GOLD!

  15. The babbar / orcs are fat and lazy from all milk and honney

    Published October 29, 2021.

    DOMESTIC. The fact that immigrants are hit harder by covid-19 is mainly due to “socio-economic factors”, according to a report from FHM in April. But now a study shows what it is more specifically about.
    – Low fitness, high BMI and smoking, says a researcher.

    Socio-economic factors, ie such as occupation and income, have affected how seriously people have become ill from covid-19 both in Sweden and in other countries, according to FHM.

    “Such factors may explain some of the differences between foreign-born and Swedish-born. Adjusting for socio-economic factors and housing conditions reduces the relative risk of needing IVA care and of dying significantly for certain groups of foreign-born,” the authority said in a report in spring.

    But now a new study shows that it is about attitudes and lifestyle choices that are common among immigrants. Although immigrants have lower incomes and simpler occupations on average – but they also smoke more often, are more often obese and more often choose a lifestyle that involves avoiding exercise and other forms of physical exertion. This was shown by a study from the National Institute of Public Health as early as 2002.

    Now a recent study from GIH shows that just low fitness, high BMI and smoking explained a large part of the excess risk of getting serious covid-19 that could be seen in socio-economically vulnerable groups.

    – This is an important finding, as in many contexts a simplified connection is made between socio-economics and disease risk, without studying in more detail what the real cause of ill health and illness is, says Associate Professor Elin Ekblom Bak, one of those behind the study, in a press release.

    Another study from the research group at GIH has examined how the combination of fitness and BMI has changed since mass migration began in the mid-1990s.

    The results show that the proportion with both low fitness and obesity has more than doubled, from 2.1 percent to 5.3 percent. In addition, the combination of high fitness and normal weight has decreased from 13.2 percent to 9.3 percent.

    – These results highlight the urgent need for broad preventive work to increase physical activity, and thus the future resilience to both viral pandemics and common lifestyle-related diseases, Elin Ekblom Bak continues in the press release.

  16. Baron,
    the sentence: He said something about maybe getting together “when all this is over.”

    I must remember that joke.
    It will never be over.

    Alexander Kekule, a german virologist, wrote in an article of FOCUS that Corona is here to stay, that we will never reach herd immunity (the vaxx is NOT sterilizing!!!) and the politicians will have to explain to the public that the serious illnesses and deaths by COVID are from now on the standard risk of normal life.

    I must admit, that at first I was frightened too, but over time my brain noticed some irregularities and I began to question the narrative. (I think it helped that my youth I read about how the communists brainwashed the people of Cambodia and I had brushes with fanatics of all kinds who wanted to brainwash me, but I escaped them, sometimes with help, sometimes because I was on my toes.)

    Now I am one of the minority of unvaxxed in my company (my employer pays two tests per week but I need three, so bummer, but I hope I can soon enter homeoffice.). And maybe I can convince my doc to give me an excemption, but as he is a vaxx-fanatic, I dont have much hope.

    It would be much better, if we would be honest and divide. You know, in a company it is said that the vaxxed use room 1-12 and the unvaxxed rooms 13-15.
    They can wear their masks and social distancing etc and we live like normal people.

    I saw the documentary about the Amish. They med COVID head-on and now they have freedom. They had no mass deaths. So I am now nearly 100% sure, that COVID is the seasonal flu, maybe a little bit more letha but still the flu.
    Just imagine we would have followed the lead of the Amish – no masks, no lockdowns etc and it would all be over by now.
    But our masters decided something else.
    I think it is not about making money – they must have more than enough for twenty lifetimes.

    More and more I am reminded about the confrontation between Cersei and Littlefinger in Games of Thrones: “Knowledge is Power” beaten by “Power is Power”.

  17. you should thank the oligarchy for this artificial situation of general mistrust and disbelief. i had finally to take it… after the gov said it was mandatory for working here, i did not mean to do it and found some ways not to take it; but at that point my mother said never to go to visit her again if i was not vaxed, while my wife simply got crazy and fled from home shouting (with my son). the brainwashing machine was effective and they finally put everyone against each other. there seems to be no going back to normal anytime soon, because this is the only way the elite can conserve their power and keep under the boots anyone, not just dissidents; by artificial creating crisis and then asking everyone to comply with their “solutions” it is not even anything of new… i do not believe even that covid existed at this point, from the beginning, it was all fake since day 1 as the statistics. afterall i think it is all a western operation to end globalism (after china economy grew too much for them) once and for all and to go back to a soviet era style system, with the world divided into 2 blocks that do not talk, travel or trade anything with each other. i mean, you can travel in europe with 4 kind of vaccines, but not with the sputnik, neither with sinovirus (in reality not even the same astrazeneka done in india is accepted). maybe they will lift the restrictions once they end the war with eurasia (china + russia) and agree on some kind of peace treaty.

  18. “The majority (I guess that makes us Bolsheviks) were and are unafraid of the Corona.”

    Nah, be easy on yourself. Cossacks, maybe.

  19. A church near me has a banner outside saying: WE ARE OPEN, and underneath: “Socially, but not spiritually distanced”.

  20. My entire adult life has been spent watching the college educated idiots of this country step on their wangs trying to show everyone how smart they were. The Coof indoctrinated are no exception. While in the Army, we watched as trainee after trainee either came down with heat cramps or heat exhaustion. They were forced to drink salted water from Lister bags, which made them vomit, and become dehydrated or cramped, often both. Or they avoided drinking it, which usually caused heat exhaustion. The medics assured us the wise doctors who ordered the water salted for troop health knew the right way. Some commanders revolted quietly by having iced water brought in, no salt. Then one day, it stopped. The doctors who ordered it must have retired. They also had us set up “sneeze sheets”, to keep trainees from giving each other the flu at night. They all got it anyway. Remind you of anything? Education is fine. Trouble is, a college education does not come with instructions about common sense, or about the fact that your degree doesn’t make you infallible. That’s why I quit college myself. The idiocy I saw there was sickening. I have simple rules, mostly learned in Vietnam. If it doesn’t feed you, make you richer, or protect you from harm, it’s [bovine effluent]. Goes for the spiritual as well as the temporal. Somebody ought to give me a Ph.D.

  21. 1.5 years ago, I had a custom mask made up for locations where it was unavoidable. It says, black background and white letters, “my mask doesn’t block anything, and neither does yours. Patients stay away from me. Nurses, PAs, and Dr’s laugh and open up about how silly it is.

  22. Excellent laying bare the Corona Psychosis. Canadians manage, I have observed, to add another twist to this absurdity: some are too polite to not shake the hand extended to them upon greeting a stranger, resulting in their shaking this dirty hand despite their fears! So neurotic.

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