Ice Cream for Uncle June

Some American conservatives still believe that if only the Republican Party can be rescued from the RINOs, it can once again become a party that embraces conservative principles and provide a welcoming home for Christians, libertarians, and fiscal conservatives alike.

We’re well-positioned to take back the House next year! If only Ted Cruz can borrow enough money from Goldman Sachs, he can sweep the primaries and revive the Republican Party in 2024! We need to twist the knob on our Magic Decoder Ring and make the Dominion voting machines stop taking orders from the DNC!

Yup. Uh-huh. Been there, done that.

We have a UniParty now in the USA. One wing of that party pretends to be conservative so that it can siphon off the anger and discontent from the deplorables and keep it from triggering open rebellion. Decades of open borders, abortion on demand, and an ever-expanding federal government have made that abundantly clear. Nevertheless, some conservatives haven’t yet woken up to this ineluctable fact. And — if four years of Donald Trump didn’t make the light bulbs come on over their heads — maybe they never will.

A few years ago a young man at my (now defunct) church asked me about my politics. He wasn’t woke or anything, just a standard-issue liberal. I told him I was a right-wing extremist. He shook his head at me in mild reproof and said, “No you aren’t, Ned!” I said: “You have no idea.”

A couple of months later in another political conversation he referred to me as a Republican. I interrupted him, and said vehemently: “I’m not a Republican. I HATE Republicans! The only thing worse than a Republican is a Democrat!”

That’s a handy comeback. I’ve used it a number of times when the occasion warrants. It tends to baffle standard-issue liberals; they don’t know how to respond.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I bring all this up because of all the conservative attention that is currently being lavished on Uncle Joe, our beloved ice-cream-eating Puppet-in-Chief.

Conservatives love to make fun of Joe Biden. They create innumerable memes, cartoons, jokes, and disparaging references to his obvious senility, his love for ice cream, his penchant for sniffing children’s hair, and the ludicrous bafflegab that issues from his mouth every time he stands in front of a microphone without a script — and sometimes even when he has one.

I must admit that I’m not above enjoying a joke at the expense of our puppet president, and every now and then I might even make one. But I don’t spend more than five minutes a day on such foolishness — there are more important things to pay attention to. Droolin’ Joe and his pretend second-in-command Kamala “Skippy” Harris have been set up as a foil to draw conservative attention and ridicule while the real business of the UniParty gets transacted behind the scrim.

A while back I posted this meme:

It doesn’t mean that Joe Biden is doing the breaking of America, but rather that the demented puppet is part of the deliberate breaking of America, propped up in position to do exactly what he’s doing: rending what little remains of the national fabric. All the crises and gaffes and ostensible policy mistakes are planned and fully intended. The fiasco in Afghanistan, the chaos at the border, the heavy-handed totalitarian measures on the coronavirus and vaccination, the massive unprecedented inflation — all of these are intended to further the fractionation of America into a myriad disparate components that will be easier to control once the Great Reset kicks off in earnest.

And while all that is going on, conservatives are preoccupying themselves with jokes at the expense of the Puppet. Who, I might add, was propped up on the national dais for exactly that purpose.

I realize I’m being a broken record, but you are being played. Every minute that you spend focused on Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or Alejandro Mayorkas or the bemedaled general Mark Milley is a minute wasted, one that could have been better spent investigating and identifying the puppeteers.

There is ample material for paranoid “conspiracy theorists” in today’s events. Some theorists propose Barack Hussein Obama as the puppeteer-in-chief, while others identify Susan Rice as the power behind the throne. George Soros, Bill Gates, and numerous other billionaire “philanthropists” obviously play major supporting roles. But instead of spending their time investigating the real story, too many conservatives get caught up in ridiculing Joe Biden’s ice cream, or his recurring aphasia.

President Biden’s assigned function reminds me of The Sopranos’ Uncle June (also known as Junior Soprano and Uncle Junior). Uncle June was set up by younger members of the family to be its ostensible capo. Later, as his dementia progressed, the Feds focused on Uncle June rather than the real criminal business being transacted by the family.

Joe Biden is Uncle June. By all means, mock him, laugh at him, make fun of him, but don’t waste much time on him. He’s not the point.

Keep the larger picture in mind.

31 thoughts on “Ice Cream for Uncle June

  1. Yeah, and even Trump was Fozzy Bear to Biden’s Kermit and Obama’s Miss Piggy. The Deep State has been in charge of things since the Depression. The only difference is that now they are more obvious about it because they can be, and that is what is frightening. My/Our only comfort is that YAH has seen all this and is playing the Deep State, their minions and their cohorts as the fiddle that they are. It is up to us who know Him as Lord to fight the good fight of faith as He has given us His Word about the future to prove to us who is ultimately in charge. Now about that prophetic timeline MC, it seems that you and yours will be center stage very shortly.

    • I hope Yah will be centre stage, at the moment Adam (and his serpent puppeteer) seem to have the major in good and evil and as a consequence the Law of the Sin and Death holds sway.

      Maybe the Law of the Spirit of Life will soon shine through when we purge Adam’s knowledge (judgement) of good and bad, and receive Yah’s true Knowledge (Torah) instead. Torah (the Word) was made flesh and dwelt amongst us, and will do so again, but not as ‘Jews’ or ‘Christians’, but as “Followers of the Way” as Paul describes himself.

      We are not to be followers of Politicians or Rabbis or Popes or Vicars but Followers of the Way, The Truth and the Life….. A personal choice not a group choice.

      • Ezekiel and Isaiah laid it out rather well. I would hazard that what is described in Psalm 83 is next up followed by Ezekiel 38-39. YAH has said it and so it will occur at His time and command. We are told to be watchful and prepared as the steward who was on the job when the master of the house returned in the middle of the night. From this business management analyst’s (and real estate appraiser) observation of the events in this world and the direction they are taking, I would hazard to say that it is pretty close to midnight, so make certain that you have plenty of oil, and your wick is trimmed and your lamp is burning as we will be using our “lamps” as it were to read by.

  2. @ Baron

    Re: “There is ample material for paranoid “conspiracy theorists” in today’s events. Some theorists propose Barack Hussein Obama as the puppeteer-in-chief, while others identify Susan Rice as the power behind the throne. George Soros, Bill Gates, and numerous other billionaire “philanthropists” obviously play major supporting roles. But instead of spending their time investigating the real story, too many conservatives get caught up in ridiculing Joe Biden’s ice cream, or his recurring aphasia.”

    Man alive, you are hitting on all cylinders lately, my good man!

    We’ve been played for suckers for so long that it is hard to remember a time when that wasn’t the case.

    “What’s this ‘we’ stuff, Kimosabe?”

    By that, I am admitting that I once believed the political theater myself, but thank heavens due to good fortune or maybe having a brain cell working on that day, I snapped out of it. It is a hard thing to look yourself in the mirror and admit that someone or something has made of a fool of you, played you for everything you are worth…. which is probably why many people never quite manage to do it.

    That’s the great truth about human nature that the grifters and con-men and snake-oil salesmen have always known – that once you hook someone into whatever illusion it is that is being sold, they’ll go to almost any lengths to avoid facing that they have been taken in. In extremis, having their illusions shattered is more than their personalities can take, and they break down entirely, go to pieces.

    This effect is seen in the excellent historical drama about the last days of the Third Reich, “Downfall” (2004), which shows the manner in which some of Hitler’s most-devoted followers just went to pieces and cracked up upon hearing of his death. They were literally unable to cope and devastated.

    The propensity of human beings, especially those who have led unfulfilled lives for some reason or in whom something else is lacking, to follow charismatic but hollow figures – is well-documented in history. That’s another secret that the charismatic figures know and use: They can be anything you want them to be, “you” being the individual member of the audience. That’s how an obscure local/state politician named Barack Obama rode a wave of euphoric leftist support all the way to the White House – by being whatever you needed him to be.

    Someone, I can’t recall who, stated that Washington D.C. and the political scene in America were “Hollywood for the Ugly.” That’s not far-wrong these days, as politics becomes more-and-more about the successful selling of one illusion after another, and less-and-less about the real world. The selling of illusions, just like Tinseltown.

    How long will the buying/selling of illusions continue? Why, until they don’t work anymore, that’s how long!

    “The beatings will continue until morale improves”

    • Yes, it took a while before Dymphna and I moved beyond the idea that there might be some way to salvage the Republican Party. And I must admit that Dymphna went first, and then talked me into seeing the reality of the UniParty. And this was before Trump showed up.

      • @ Baron

        Re:”And I must admit that Dymphna went first, and then talked me into seeing the reality of the UniParty. And this was before Trump showed up.”

        The reality of the Uniparty manifests itself differently to different people, under different circumstances. What matters is that both of you took the “red-pill” (as an aside, that’s what spec-ops personnel used to say after hearing a Major Stephen Coughlin talk about Islam, that they’d been”red-pilled”). We all arrive at that point by somewhat different routes, I imagine.

        If you cast a discerning eye on the scene around us – and you most-certainly do – it becomes apparent that something fishy is going on. Certain problems never get solved, no matter who is in power politically, the Rs or the Ds: The border with Mexico being one example.

        Other subjects, despite being of vast importance to the lives and living standards of most Americans, are virtually never talked about or examined critically by politicians of either party, such as the “Creature from Jekyll Island” a.k.a. The Federal Reserve and what it has done to the real value of the USD over the last century. Or the existence of the petrodollar and its implications for our economy and foreign policy.

        Or, as Diana West noted years ago, the complete absence of official action/discussion concerning Saudi Arabia as the epicenter of the Great Jihad now being waged against the West and non-Muslim world. A fact which points back at the petrodollar and by implication the big central banks of the West.

        A final thread to consider briefly is that – off-duty so to speak – members of the GOP and Dem establishments can be seen having fun together, enjoying one another’s company, being pals… remember that photo of GWB showing newly-elected B. Hussein Obama around the White House and its grounds, Bush’s arm thrown around Obama’s shoulder and both men smiling?

        It also turns out that the usual suspects from both wings of the Uniparty belong to the same organizations, such as the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and go to globalist confabs like Davos. Where there are strict gag rules on what is said/done at those meetings. Well, don’t know about you – but when I see Dems and Republicans “cooperating” that way, my first instinct is to reach for my wallet to see it is still there, and close upon that, to see what is the latest outrage they have perpetuated upon us in “bipartisan” fashion….

        So much of it is political theater, nothing more.

        • Yes, I agree. And I’d add a couple of obvious indicators of the UniParty, besides the open border: the sudden appearance of gay marriage on the scene, and then later a repeat on all the “trans” stuff.

          A lot of people seem to have no recollection of what the country was like just 25 years ago, but I remember. Before about 1995 the idea of gay marriage was completely unthinkable, except on the far fringe of politics. Then the idea of “civil unions” started to be talked about, so that gays could inherit from, or make medical decisions for, or be put on the insurance policy of their beloved one. It seemed fair, and a nice thing to do. And everybody who talked about it was a pains to emphasize that it would NEVER move on to homosexual marriage; that was impossible.

          Ah, but after Y2K that was such ’90s thinking! The more fruity localities in the country started floating the idea of gay marriage ordinances, and eventually the most progressive states started passing laws. And if laws weren’t passed, why, by gosh! There were always activist judges to help out. Until finally the Supreme Court — which included alleged “conservatives” — stepped in and made it the law of the land from sea to shining sea.

          And it never had anywhere near 50% support in the country, any more than open borders did. The American people didn’t want it, but it was shoved down their throats with no dental dam to help out.

          After that it became mandatory to approve of it. Anything else was “homophobic”. To publicly express an opinion that was less than completely enthusiastic about gay marriage was to risk being suspended from school, losing one’s job, and being beaten with umbrellas and spat upon in public places. You have to get with the program. Dissent is not permitted.

          All of this occurred in the space of less than two decades. How is that possible? Who was pushing so hard to make it happen? Who induced the media to fall into line? How did all major institutions become engines of public shaming directed against dissidents?

          Those are the questions we should be investigating, rather than whether Hunter Biden boinked his underage niece.

          The same game plan was followed for “trans”, only it happened MUCH faster. Trans went from fringe to acceptance to mandatory approval or else in less than a decade.

          Mass immigration has always been opposed by a substantial majority of American voters, yet it has continued steadily, no matter which party is in power. Even under Trump.

          These issues were things that Americans didn’t like and didn’t vote for, but they happened anyway, and there’s no going back. Why?

          • From civil unions to gay marriage to tranny nonsense in grammar schools is a classic example of the Overton Window.

          • Satan must get U.S. (pun intended) out of the way before he can seat his ‘son’ on the throne of this planet as we are still (barely) standing in the way of his glowball conquest.

        • Hence why we ain’t voting our way out of this mess. We will at some point have to shoot our way out. The Great Purge of these so called elites and their gab fests at Davos will be the order of the day.

        • I’m not sure that “opposing” politicians being friendly is automatically a bad thing; the former Conservative cabinet minister David Davies and the late, left wing Labour politician Tony Benn here in the UK were good friends.

          Indeed one of the most worrying recent trends is the polarisation of politics in democracies, where much of the intolerance comes from the left.

  3. “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

    Carl Sagan

  4. As David Wilkerson said shortly before his untimely death [or murder] America’s cup of abominations is full . When that happens there is no turning back the judgement .

  5. You should do more of these kind of pieces Baron.

    The trick as always is to engage people’s energy in pursuits that exhaust them and produce no tangible results.

    We can look back to Ancient Rome and the games they ran at the coliseum to keep people’s attention off the decay that had set in.

    So once a person mentions the word “Biden” they have fallen into the trap. The idea is for you to focus on Biden as if he is the source of people’s troubles so that you don’t focus on the manipulators behind.

    There is no Biden. There is only the globalist cabal.

    There are no legitimate elected politicians. There is only the globalist cabal.

    Once that is understood, the cabal can be identified individually and be hunted down.

    That is the cabal’s greatest fear.

    • Thank you. Well, I write them whenever I think of them. And sometimes it takes a while to get the ideas into words.

      My main point in so many of these things is that we are being psychologically manipulated by very skilled information warfare specialists who are difficult to identify. They have set up an elaborate political theater to engage our attention while they go about transforming our world into what they want it to be.

    • Another trap I keep pointingbour is that of the technical weeds of COVID. Endless talk of stats, how mRNA works, etc., is beneficial only if it doesn’t distract us from the bigger picture, that COVID is not a physical plague but a political and spiritual one, one more vehicle for the destruction of western civilization.

      Sadly, even the decent, successful men in my now former Bible study group can’t see the forest for the trees, and they don’t really bother to investigate the trees, the data and science, either.

  6. — don’t think any of the above are smart enough to create what is happening. Following the Pentagon’s Report of Yes to UFOs, perhaps it’s the Aliens!

  7. Wherever I have been on the web, I have echoed the fact you tell of us being played. Thanks for pointing it out. They are of course, trying to provoke a reaction that fits their narrative of ” insurrection”. Then it’s off to the races of cracking down extremely hard to work us, the “problem”. They’re waiting for someone to give them a lift so they’ll have lots of sheep behind them. Communists always want that veneer of legitimacy to convince a lot of sheep and useful idiots to go along with the pogrom, er program. So far I’d say it’s working very well, with all the lackeys, (FBI, MSM, party officials, bureaucrats and thugs for hire) giving stand up performances. There will come a time, however, when we’ll have to do more than let OPFOR roll on. There is almost no room to back up now.

  8. I’ve been calling Biden “The Vegetable” for more than two years now. His severe brain damage can be deduced from his two major brain surgeries, the brain disease that runs in his family, his weakness, fatigue, slurring and mumbling, his confusion, forgetfulness and inappropriate comments, and the embarrassingly short leash (and now the muzzle and choke-chain) that his caregivers keep him on. This is apart from the fact that he was never an above average intellectual.

    It is a mistake to blame “Biden” for anything. The Democrat Party is the ongoing catastrophe that unfolds daily and it should be named and blamed and challenged for each new horror. Otherwise, when The Vegetable is removed they will say “problem solved” and carry on as before.

  9. Thank heavens, I’m glad you wrote this, I was beginning to think it was me off on one of my flights of fantasy. What is happening now is just a diversion while everyone behind the scene gets down and dirty. In the meantime can anyone see poor old Joe making it to Christmas?

  10. Whenever my husband starts ranting about “Joe Biden”, my response is that Joe Biden isn’t even in control of his own bowels, never mind anything else. I really would like to know who is running this clown show though. Anonymous “global capitalists” just isn’t cutting it for me, nor is the WEF. Yes, I know all about the Great Reset, but to pull off something like this, worldwide, takes a lot more than the say-so of Klaus what’s his name and Bill Gates. These other people have names and they have addresses.

  11. Baron- this is one of your greatest hits and I am going to spread this post far and wide.

    You absolutely nailed the problem and I do agree with 99% of what you surmise.

    That being said, I must speak out in favor of the brilliant comedy and humor that the Bidenistas have inspired among the conservative and right wing wits.

    As you must admit, the Marxists have no sense of humor, they are utterly devoid of any self awareness that would allow them to have a good laugh once in awhile at their own expense. Right wing comedy is being used as a potent weapon against these creeps.

    People like Carpe Donktum some of the others post hilarious memes and videos on social media that are seen by millions of people. I’m including a link to a recent one that I thought was pretty damn funny. These videos that make viewers laugh out loud are invaluable tools in our arsenal.

    We on the right who are trying to save this once great Country, must never lose our fundamental decency and integrity or our collective sense of humor either.

    Thanks for all that you do to continue the fight.

    • Don’t misunderstand me — jokes at Biden’s expense are a lot of fun, and the most creative ones are absolutely hilarious.

      I like to be entertained. That’s why I read Power Line every day. I really like those guys, and they often draw my attention to things I might not otherwise be aware of. But they still believe that voting for Republicans is a good thing, and that elections still mean something. Just wait till next year when we take back the House! Then we can hold hearings about the border, or the vax mandate, or whatever.

      I can still enjoy their stuff, even if we part company on those serious matters. Steve Hayward’s Saturday morning “The Week in Pictures” is priceless. Most of the best memes are there.

      So laugh and have fun at the expense of the Puppet. But you would be well-advised to keep two things in mind:

      (1) Any meme or joke that implies that Joe Biden is in charge, holds real power, and makes decisions is counterproductive and should be avoided. Everyone needs to get out of the habit of thinking about him in those terms. The same goes for Skippy Harris and the cabinet. They don’t make the decisions; somebody else does, and then props them up at the mike in front of the cameras and tells them what to say.

      (2) Don’t spend an inordinate amount of time on Droolin’ Joe. It’s fun, and it takes your mind off the serious [excrement] that is going on all around us, but it’s a distraction from what’s important and crucial in these the Latter Days of what used to be called the United States of America.

      • Yeah, the Elites are merely Biden their time while the rest of the dystopian machinery is being installed and prepared for operation in the NWO factory. The reason is is a factory is that is where the facts will be manu-fact-ured.

        Punny Rabbit at your service

      • ” They don’t make the decisions; somebody else does, and then props them up “, yeah, I’m in the dark about–somebody else does–who might this somebody else be? So I don’t keep wasting my time. Kudos.

  12. Regarding distractions, another trap I keep pointing our is that of the technical weeds of COVID. Endless talk of stats, how mRNA works, etc., is beneficial only if it doesn’t distract us from the bigger picture, that COVID is not a physical plague but a political and spiritual one, one more vehicle for the destruction of western civilization.

    Sadly, even the decent, successful men in my now former Bible study group can’t see the forest for the trees, and they don’t really bother to investigate the trees, the data and science, either.

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