Choose Your Battles Wisely

After President Biden announced that the federal government was going to force as many people as it possibly could to get vaxed, the deplorable patriots and domestic insurrectionists of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy immediately took to the Internet to express their outrage. Many of them vowed (some of them quite explicitly) to rise up in armed rebellion against a tyrannical government, which is exactly what the Deep State has been salivating for so that it can initiate a maximum-force crackdown on anyone who opposes the actions of FedGov.

I have just three words to say to those good patriots who are ready to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to overthrow the despotism that is being imposed on them:


It’s not the first time such a trap has been sprung on you. I can remember several recent similar operations, beginning with the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge back in 2016. It was pretty clear from the beginning that the patriots had been set up by the feds, and we were fortunate that the trial judge eventually required the prosecution to reveal who the FBI agents were among the occupiers. It turned out that a remarkably high percentage of the group (I forget exactly how many) were FBI informers, including one at a high level of the leadership with responsibility for strategy and planning. In other words, the foolhardy mission was at least partially instigated and directed by the FBI.

In that small battle against tyranny, the patriots lost. The operation was tailor-made to provide reams of negative publicity against them in the media, turning at least some portion of public opinion against those who stand up for their Second Amendment rights. LaVoy Finicum ended up dead, the patriots went on trial and just barely escaped long prison terms, the movement was discredited, and all for nothing.

They were played.

Except for the exposure of their infiltrators, the Feds won big-time on that one.

It was obvious from the get-go that Malheur was a set-up. It prompted Matt Bracken to create this meme pic in advance of the next one, the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville in August of 2017:

Wiser heads could tell it was a set-up, and stayed away. But enough people took the bait and showed up to create another fiasco, providing the Deep State with exactly what it wanted. The organizer of the event was clearly a government plant. Rent-a-Nazis were bused in to provide the desired photo-ops for the media. And the patriots were kettled in what was then called Lee Park, to be ushered out into the waiting arms of Antifa on Market Street at the end of the event.

The Deep State and the media got their martyr, and significant political damage was done to Donald Trump, which was the main objective. Now the statues of General Lee are gone from everywhere, and Trump has been successfully deposed. It was a big win for the feds, much bigger than Malheur, and the patriots gained exactly nothing from it.

They were played.

The next big one was the “insurrection” at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. That was also an FBI-managed event, probably to an even greater extent than Malheur. Antifa operatives turned up in MAGA gear to create the desired photo ops making Trump supporters look violent and evil. A large number of earnest, well-meaning, but imprudent patriots were deliberately let into the building to make sure that there would be hundreds of “insurrectionists” — cannon fodder — arrested for the eventual show trials. And once again Trump supporters were discredited in the eyes of millions of their fellow citizens who might have sympathized with their cause under other circumstances.

The consequences of that ill-advised operation are still playing out. The omnipresent surveillance imposed by the Patriot Act is being extended even further. Those who publish material like this that criticizes the State — or even milder dissent — are being marked as domestic terrorists.

It was a massive loss for the patriots, who gained nothing from it.

You were played.

Please don’t be played again this time.

Ever since January 6 the DHS, and especially the FBI, have been busy assembling the next trap for all those good patriots who just can’t learn from their mistakes. Every obnoxious totalitarian action of the past eight months has been designed to provoke Second Amendment supporters into imprudent action.

First they made us angry by withdrawing from Afghanistan in the worst possible fashion, making sure to endow the Muslim Brotherhood with better armament than the mujahideen had ever dreamed of.

Then they told us that we must get vaxed, and that they could and would force us to do so if we didn’t comply.

For many people this was (rightly) the last straw. Angry patriots are now ready to take up arms against federal tyranny. Which is exactly what the Deep State wants.

Just think about what happens when you grab the AR-15 and assemble at a local park with fellow like-minded patriots.

First of all, this is what the feds expect. They’ve spent many months preparing for it. They have unlimited funds at their disposal, which you don’t. They do this stuff full-time, which you don’t. They’ve spent all day, every day putting together the exact operation they want, on a battlefield of their choice, and at a time they have chosen. They’re ready for you.

And, most important of all, you’ve been infiltrated. Wherever two or three are gathered, at least one is an FBI informer.

I operate solo, so unless the feds have infiltrated a lobe of my brain (which is always possible), I don’t have to deal with this sort of thing personally. But over the last fifteen years I’ve watched it happen to various groups I’ve been in contact with, on both sides of the Atlantic. They always get infiltrated. It’s inevitable.

So you’re under constant surveillance. The feds know what you’re doing, and if you engage in any group planning at all, they’re aware of it. The moment you take that weapon into your hands, they will spring the trap on you and your companions. This is what they want; they’re ready for it.

Be the Indian, NOT the buffalo!

As Jesus said (Matthew 10:16), “Listen carefully: I am sending you out like sheep among wolves; so be wise as serpents, and innocent as doves.”

This doesn’t mean that you should take no action against your oppressor. It simply means that such action should be chosen thoughtfully and carefully, after lengthy deliberation, always bearing in mind what I outlined above.

You will choose the nature of the operation. You will choose the time and the place, so that it will be when the enemy least expects it. And your initiative doesn’t necessarily have to involve armament — the war that is being fought against us is largely an information war, and we can be effective in our turn by using information against our adversaries. By and large we’re smarter than they are, so we can play their game better than they do.

Big Country Expat, a.k.a. the Intrepid Reporter, has some (warning: salty language) shrewd thoughts on the topic that may prove useful to you.

And The Smallest Minority warns against “Taking the Ticket to Ft. Sumter”. Because that’s what you’ll be doing if you up and grab your gun to go after the feds. That will give them the excuse for the massive crackdown they’ve been lusting after. They have far more power than we do, at least for the time being, and they will squash us like bugs.

To finish up, I need to return to the topic of infiltration.

If you’re part of a group, unless it’s made up entirely of close kin and/or good friends that you have known continuously since grade school, then you have been infiltrated. It’s inevitable. Even a modest-sized patriot group will have at least one FBI informer among its membership.

I’ve always counseled people to take the time and effort to mount counterintelligence operations within their group. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. You will need to vet everybody suspiciously, trusting no one except possibly your grandma — but even she warrants a background check.

When I was in Europe at a Counterjihad conference more than ten years ago, the guy who drove us around the city and acted as a tour guide later turned out to be a police agent. He was a really nice guy, and probably genuinely sympathetic to our cause, but nevertheless was still reporting everything back to his superiors.

And I wasn’t surprised, because I expect infiltration. I didn’t organize the conference, and I didn’t speak the local language, so running a counterintelligence operation wasn’t a possibility. But I knew there had to be informers; there always are.

When you discover infiltrators (which you eventually will, if you do your job right), kicking them out of your org is not necessarily the best response. A known informer can be useful if he or she is spoon-fed carefully targeted information, including disinformation, that will be passed back to superiors in

In pre-revolutionary Russia the Czar’s secret police were known as the Okhrana, and they were very good at their job. They planted informers in all the socialist and anarchist groups so that they could learn what was being plotted, and act to thwart it.

Lenin was well aware that the Bolsheviks had been infiltrated, but he was a smart guy, and tasked trusted comrades to track down the informers. They weren’t summarily dispatched, however; instead they were turned, or used as unknowing conduits of disinformation back to the Okhrana.

Stalin was reportedly an Okhrana agent who was turned by the Bolsheviks. As a power-hungry psychopath, he probably fancied his prospects under the revolutionaries more than he did those under the ancien régime.

I’m not advising people to use Lenin and Stalin as role models. But you need to be at least as savvy as they were in dealing with infiltrators.

Make no mistake about it: you will be infiltrated. You have been infiltrated. It’s a given.

46 thoughts on “Choose Your Battles Wisely

  1. The danger for the authorities in setting up scenes like this is that the day may come when they backfire on them.

    … when they least expect it.

    I’ve found that in fighting legal battles of various sorts, success almost exclusively comes from engaging in actions that the other side doesn’t expect – despite their bigger resources. Doing things “properly” almost never succeeds, because they basically own the process.

    Among my successes: attacking what was (essentially) defamation as… a moral rights in a work claim – different court, different process, they were as much out of their depth as I was; attacking via appeals on Freedom of Information requests; just generally following unusual approaches.

  2. so was Trump’s administration. He was foolish enough to publicly state his intention to “drain the swamp.” In doing so he threw down the gauntlet before the federal governing establishment. They picked the gauntlet up quite cheerfully and gave us a network news soap opera for the next four years.
    No, I mourn over what this country has become. Votes don’t matter as the in place bureaucracy can deal with whomever they don’t like or doesn’t like them. Society at large has been equally well played.

    • and I wonder if praying together during a Church service will be regarded as conspiracy as we call out to God to have Jesus Christ come and rule and reign over us.
      PS, I can’t trust anyone else.

  3. Top cyber security contractor once observed that in his business they found there were two kinds of companies. Those that had been hacked; and those that didn’t know they had been hacked. Groups would be the same.

  4. I disagree with your assessment Baron.

    What you are saying is that people should subject their own rights to a level below the Manipulated Shills of Media. Your assessment means that the right never gets together to stand up for itself. That is simply not on.

    What needs to happen and I recommended to the incoming Trump admin at the time is that Trump should have run his own tv station. Then the message is controlled, the actual events are shown and other channels are then left to simply attack your own channel thereby diluting their effect.

    It is a simple thing to do. It wasn’t done and has still not been done. Noone sn the right should be using [Twitter, YouTube, Facebook] etc.

    Its the message that is diseeminated that is the key. Set up the video capture points in advance to show the intelligence state at work Then it will be forever impugned.

    Your technique is that of the cavedweller hoping the stegosaurus isn’t out there. KILL IT. Then you never have to worry about it again.

    As to Trump, I am not and have never been convinced that he was/is the real deal.

    • You’re either misrepresenting or misunderstanding my point.

      My sole point is that we should choose our battles carefully, not that we shouldn’t fight at all.

      Malheur Wildlife Refuge, Charlottesville, and the Capitol were monumental losses for our side. We gained nothing from them, and lost a lot of ground. And that’s because we did EXACTLY what the Deep State expected and wanted us to do.

      We need to hit them hard with what they don’t expect, when they don’t expect it.

      Armed resistance may become a viable and useful option at some point. But right now it would be disastrous, a massive strategic error.

      For what it’s worth, I’m not convinced that Trump was the real deal, either. However, it’s possible that he was for real, but was simply unable to do anything meaningful against the entrenched power of the Deep State. In either case, we can’t vote our way out of this anymore — that option has been closed to us.

      • Trump is a modern Kerenski “Menshevik”. The Q Cult is an Operation Trust designed to take in the gullible under “Hopium”. The only way to win is to expose them and their lies. We need to raise Human awareness. A long and difficult job. However, the incoming deaths in their millions about to occur among the “Jabbed” and the fact that they have but two years maximum to live, should concentrate the mind of even the most stupid. My imbecile son took the shots then allowed his son-my grandson still under 18 years to have one as well. I will never forgive nor forget my ex son’s betrayal and selfishness. Neither will I forgive nor forget those behind this modern Shoa or mass sacrifice to Moloch, which is what the real Holocaust was about. The Deep State has made a sworn enemy even more angrier and determined to seek these scum out. They made the mistake of killing those closest to me including my recently late father who was deprived of tw0 years of his life. I have nought but utter contempt for these mass murderers now and cool considered anger and hated is a great driver in war.

      • If I might ask, because I see this advice a lot – that is, wait, it is not yet time for armed resistance – when will it be. It is like Picard and the Borg – they advance, we fall back. When will it be time? Will it be too late? At some point patriots will need to do things that make them look evil – they will have no choice.

        • The time for action is when the infiltrators have been identified and neutralized. By “neutralized” I don’t mean killed, I mean rendered harmless by feeding them only innocuous information, or better yet disinformation, to be reported back to their superiors.

          Until you neutralize the informers, planning meaningful action that has even a remote chance of success is simply impossible.

          A corollary to all this is to stop using smart phones etc for communications, except for sending false information as a diversion.

          I consider cell phones to be baby monitors. If you have one, and the battery is in it, it can report your location and relay audio, even if it’s turned off. Those features are highly prized by the CCP. When Chinese dissidents meet, they not only turn their phones off and leave them in a separate room, they take the batteries out.

          • A commenter mentioned the Faraday bag, but that’s not good enough. Your device can still record, then when you remove it from the bag, and sync your device, the recording is uploaded automatically without your knowing. That’s why Chinese dissidents take the batteries out, I imagine.

        • Bingo….We have one can see!
          Tread lightly, or you won’t last long in the (Free Speech LARPing zone) patriot blogosphere.

  5. “Angry patriots are now ready to take up arms against federal tyranny. Which is exactly what the Deep State wants.

    Just think about what happens when you grab the AR-15 and assemble at a local park with fellow like-minded patriots.”

    They don’t want us to take up arms against tyranny, but they do want us to parade around like morons with openly displayed firearms.

    IIRC, about 1/2 the Malheur people were feds, including at least 1 of the people in Finicum’s car.

    Even if you are related to someone, do not take them into your confidence if they have a felony. This is often the weak link feds go for to turn someone; your cousin might love you, but not as much as he loves staying out of jail for 30 years on a trumped-up charge with a repeat offender modifier.

    • Good point about a relative with a felony conviction.

      Even a relative you haven’t seen much recently can be risky. Have your counterintel people treat him as they would any other prospective member.

  6. Ok ok!

    But what I mean is those locations were only massive losses in the eyes of the enemy. Not on our side. The fact that you can name each one of those events shows how significant those events were and that everyone on our side knows the truth.

    If you are worried about how the media or those deformed enough to support the dems feel or portray any event of ours then you wont do anything.

    So they were “false losses”. Just as false planes flew into the Pentagon.

    This video sums up the current approach perfectly:

    • I don’t care about the media. But unfortunately that’s where a lot of less attentive people get their information.

      I personally know people who were turned against what we do by what happened in Charlottesville. They believe what they see on Fox News. That’s why I count it as a loss for our side.

      The same is true for January 6.

      The enemy won massive propaganda victories, if you measure victory by how many potential allies were turned away from the patriots’ cause.

  7. To my knowledge of history, only Pinoshet has ever countered the march of the leftists, but he struck early and ruthlessly and he already had an army, and it was thus a special case it is too late for that in the US.

    The leftist hydra has many heads, and many more awaiting their chance of power. This is their real vulnerability, the potential for infighting amongst them is huge, but the flames of ambition need to be carefully fanned and the passions enflamed.

    We can fight them at the school boards, and at the sheriff level, and all that multitude of minor elected and employed officialdom, Without the neck, the heads perish.

    • Franco did. Although he didn’t purge them after the peace, and Leftists always win the peace if you leave them around to keep starting trouble. So when he died, Spain when back to being a left-leaning Republic that loves non-white immigrants.

  8. The “Power” they’re having now is the Cage in which they’ll eventually be slaughtered.
    i.e – Nicolae Ceausescu – Benito Mussolini – Muammar Gadhafi –

  9. Reminds me of Gen Joseph Johnston facing the Union advance at Richmond. He retreated and retreated and retreated because the circumstances were not favorable until he found himself “at the gates of Richmond” about to lose. At what point does “cool heads” keep waiting until it’s almost too late?

    • Our problem is that we can’t assemble the troops into a large enough force that a general could command it. Anything above squad size has been infiltrated.

      Any operation that we plan is known to the enemy. Every detail of strategy and tactics is passed back to Leviathan, which then marshals all its immense resources to counter us.

      And Leviathan is very skilled at psychological warfare. That’s what we’re seeing now. The forced vax is a deliberate psy-ops strategy designed to bring the patriots onto the field bearing arms, with every fifth man being a government plant.

      Any general, if one ever arises, will have to take those facts into account. He will have to plan an operation knowing that every detail of the plan will immediately be relayed to the leaders of the opposing force, which is much better funded and supplied and has been wargaming this situation for decades.

      I have no idea how a successful operation can be organized under such conditions, but I do know that any plan that does not take the above into account is doomed to failure.

      The general has a handful of trusted subordinates that he knows are not enemy agents. Below that level in the chain of command, he knows he is riddled with informers. How does he deal with that?

      I know I’m being a broken record, but COUNTERINTELLIGENCE must be the primary focus. No large, concerted, coordinated action can be undertaken successfully without dealing with this issue.

  10. Does anyone know of a good resource that might be titled “how to spot the fed”?

    Asking for a friend.

    • Yeah, Look for him wearing a fedora, and a trenchcoat… If you still cant spot him, he will be wearing a blue windbreaker with the letters FBI on the back

    • If someone in your circle wants to make full auto on the down low, build suppressors, cut down barrels, mix improvised explosives, or any other illegal activities. There is your handler/ Confidential Informer.
      The only way to ensure no leaks is become the “Lone Wolf” they talk of, and have no association with any other groups.

  11. Thank you Baron. Fantastic essay, one of your best. I am spreading this far and near to a lot of people who need to wise up to the truths you have revealed.

  12. Solidarity was a different situation than what is happening now. I think a more apt example would be Gandhi and the British in India.

    Non-violent protest across the country stopped the Vietnam war, a war they killed JFK to keep going, so that should show you the power of non-violent protest and refusing to play their game.

    As Nancy Reagan so eloquently stated : Just Say No

    Start with this:

    • I really have to laugh at this bloody nonsense. If ole Gandhi tried his stupidity with the Japanese, they would have found Gandhi’s bullet riddled beheaded corpse floating in the Ganges River with as many followers as it took to get the point across. The reason it worked on the bloody Brits is, they were worn out from the war and had no stomach left to deal with the Indians. Non-violence didn’t stop the Vietnam war, leftist infiltration with full Soviet support stopped the war.
      It will come to violence, because violence has the final say so on all things great and small and has since the beginning of time. Now it is just a small matter of who is going to be the most ruthless in dispensing that violence when push finally comes to shove and who blinks first.

      • the point is that without public perception backing your cause, all your violence will win you nothing

      • Burble, When the SHTF, 90% of the population, no matter their political affiliation will sit in the stands and do nothing, 8% will fight and 2 per centers will rise to the top to rule. Democracy as we know it is dead, we ain’t voting our way out of this any longer, that time came and passed. So what the public has to say at this point is irrelevant and immaterial, for they are sheep.

  13. Too many Men of the West think like guerillas or militia when then should think like spies and criminals in a police state.

    We live in a world awash in data, every day some company loses all its records to the dark web and you know, you can get them too for a pittance.

    Data security is so bad China (probably) was able to steal the entire US security clearance data base a few years ago.,

    Gangs and cartels routinely infiltrate federal agencies and get records.

    Analytics and a good mind will let you find out anything about anyone with only a tiny amount of information and to protect yourself from the same. I’ve seen it, one data point cascading into a dossier.

    You might even find some legit ways to lever this data as well.

    Rather than blustering and toting rifles, learn to be the Grey Man, the Inside Man and the Stainless Steel Rat .

  14. I think every strategist/tactician since Sun Tzu would agree with what the Baron is saying. “Attack the enemy where he is not.”

    Wellington’s, “Damn near thing,” at Waterloo was a reference to Napoleon sending his cavalry against the Allied reserves massed behind a hill, which if successful would have broken the Allied morale, which was already hanging by a thread. His Chasseurs instead rode headlong into a sunken road perpendicular to their attack; masked by the rise of the hill. File after file piling into the ditch on top of each other until the entire force was hopelessly wrecked. Wellington knew the ground. Napoleon, contrary to his norm, did not.

    Solzhenitsyn and Admiral Stockdale would both agree that the most important, essential, step is to say no, and mean it. That is all. The interrogator, or negotiator as Adm. Stockdale would style them, does not need or deserve an explanation. On the contrary the more you argue or “negotiate” the more material you give them to work with. Just “no”. But first you have to be resolved to stick by that unwaveringly, no matter the pressure they bring to bear, which can be enormous and will be applied unscrupulously. Losing your job over the jab is only the beginning. Rest assured that when you once bend your knee and do obeisance you will never be allowed to raise your head again.

    Last, but not least: do not resign or “quit” when given an ultimatum. Make them go through the process of firing or whatever. A job action is different, a group has strength, that is why they are coming for people one at a time. Force the honest to deal with the shame of firing you. Do not give the wicked the easy out of saying you quit.


      ”Now, I’ve called these mandates a workaround, which is not a negative term. It is a way to achieve a goal without violating anything, without forcing anything on anyone. A way to get a huge amount of people vaccinated legally.”

      This is exactly what I mean. If you quit/resign no one “forced” you to accept vaccination. If you “choose” to be vaccinated you weren’t forced. Say no, and mean it. Make “them” act. Don’t do the dirty work for them. Otherwise don’t complain. Choices from here on out, even seemingly small ones, are substantive and lead in one direction or the other. There is no, “Well, I’ll be tough tomorrow.” Tomorrow’s choice will be more difficult by an order of magnitude.

      “You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.”

      “The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. “One word of truth outweighs the world.”

      “Thus it is that no cruelty whatsoever passes by without impact. Thus it is that we always pay dearly for chasing after what is cheap.”
      ― Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  15. Das Heimat Schutze? The border is wide open.
    A government that can’t protect borders is null and void but that is a feature and not a bug to the globalists.
    Profits from drugs and human trafficking are HUGE.
    All groups, institutions, governments, are infiltrated and not to be trusted.
    We have been sold out by the Uniparty nomenklatura apparatchik traitors and we get to be the Indians now.

  16. the Bundy Ranch stand-off is a situation which shows what happens when FREEFOR surprises FED/LEVIATHAN. NO ONE on the FED side expected the numbers of FREEFOR people that showed up. YES, they were infiltrated, but most of the infiltrators were eventually neutered.
    LEVIATHAN was COMPLETELY taken aback at the numbers.

    MANY of the FED troopies had never seen opposition and CERTAINLY were HIGHLY unfamiliar with the view from the OTHER end of the scope when FREEFOR folks zeroed in on them.

    We need to keep FREEFOR actions to be a surpriseevery time. A surprise of SOME sort, whether of numbers,or character, or venue or design. GOTTA keep them on their toes.

    • Exactly. The events at the Bundy Ranch took the feds by surprise. They learned their lesson that time, and planned the next one carefully. That’s why Malheur happened the way it did.

      I remember that the groups at the ranch knew they were infiltrated, and had sussed out at least some of the plants. The infiltration wasn’t thorough enough to allow the feds to control the situation.

      By the time we got to January 6, 2021, however, the FBI had learned to play the patriot movement like a fiddle. It’s time to wise up.

      • Another US example, after Waco.

        Back in the 90’s the F.B.I sent a bunch of agents to talk to various militia leaders. It was an open meeting, honest law enforcement if you can believe that.

        The FBI guys asked the leaders “Would you guys go to aid militia in another state.” the answer that rocked them was roughly “Why would we bother? There are plenty of you SOB’s around here.”

        This message got back to DC and the result was a much calmer sort of law enforcement that went on until Obama and even he didn’t want to go kinetic.

        I also want to say the issue isn’t as much about the other guys getting smarter though they are as much as the patriots not having clear goals.

        The Bundy Business was easy to set goals for no more Wacos with a side chaser of property rights basically. It was clear and fairly unambiguous.

        Problem with the bigger picture US wise is that the usual goals bandied about “The Constitution” and “Leave me Alone” aren’t going to work. They are void for vagueness.

        Bigger goals are harder and while mass movements don’t require leaders precisely though they are a a help they must have a clear purpose.

        You must be able to tell anyone what is in it for them, why the are fighting and what for and the end results of a win.

        Patriots don’t have that. When they do, they have a chance.

        Until than learning tradecraft , stocking up , making actual friends that don’t glow and voting harder are all you have.

        • What they won’t be able to handle is a determined group kicking things off, followed by tens of thousands of “Dorners” popping up around the country taking out random targets at will.

  17. “The Battle belongs to the Lord,” to quote a rather popular spiritual.
    “When the enemy presses in hard do not fear, the battle belongs to the Lord,
    Take courage my friend your redemption is near for the battle belongs to the Lord.”
    And we sing glory, honor, power and strength to the Lord,
    Glory, honor, power and strength to the Lord.

  18. I will tell you a story: My granddad used to fly Messerschmitts – because Czechoslovakia had a lot of those after the war, and by 1950’s he was a full blown jet fighter instructor on Mig 15’s…

    But his “class” had a party, and the drunk pilots started to critisize the party. Of course – there were secret service informers among them, so all of those guys were immediately discharged from the Air Force for “criticism of the Communist Party”.

    My granddad got a new class of wannabe fighter pilots: All of them sons of prominent communists and hardcore communists and the like… In our language we say “People who think politically” – which is another way of saying that they are completely incompetent and useless in real world, but they play this “informer/propagandist” game… So my granddad went in front of some commission, and told them that he will not teach these sons of communists to fly migs, because they are stupid and will kill themselves…

    Funny thing is – most of them really did kill themselfs, because Mig15 wasn’t particularly user friendly airplane…

    Nevertheless, today, in their 80’s and 90’s, the old Czechoslovak Airforce Pilots still meet for big parties where possibly thousands of old retiered pilots come to drink beer and talk about the old days. And – guess what: Today, they know who were the secret service informers, and these “rats” live their old lives being absolutely despised by their former colleagues – nobody says “hi, how are you”, because they were rats.

    So if you ever wonder why Judas commited suicide – it was probably because he lost all honor and everyone who knew him would have nothing to do with him: Not even the Roman officials.

    Being a rat will turn you into a hated lonely individual with no friends!

    …that is my observation about the world.

    • Yet still, there is never a shortage of such characters applying for the job. Did Judas not know what he was about to do, or anyone else like that? We don’t know enough for a serious psychological assessment of the biblical case, his name just serves as stereotypical example. But since we aren’t the slightest bit advanced today, one wonders which part of human nature stands in the way of recognizing even the most extremely self-destructive patterns, given the abundance of historical evidence.

  19. “Just think about what happens when you grab the AR-15 and assemble at a local park with fellow like-minded patriots.”
    Anyone doing so would be a far more pathologically stupid [multiple compound vulgar and obscene epithet] than you, and such a creature doesn’t exist and never will.

  20. Infiltration indeed. A patron at a watering hole I occasionally frequent had a kid that came out of the Army a couple years ago. The kid kicked around some nothing jobs until finally his number came up with one of the alphabet agencies in DC (don’t know which one) and he hired on. One Saturday he comes in the bar and is telling everyone about his new gig and what it entails. Dressing up like a bum and infiltrating some group, check. Dressing up like a patriot and listening to everything said around him by other patriots, check. It’s basically an infiltrate, gather 411 and report back. The bar goes silent when he comes in now and hardly anyone talks to him except to maybe say “Hi”.
    Moral: Mr. Snitch could be and probably is, everywhere.

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