Non-Terrorist Somali Stabs a Lot of People at the Beach in Italy

Come to sunny Rimini for the surf and sand and Somalis running around stabbing people!

Last night a Somali “refugee” at a beach resort in Italy stabbed five people, including a child. Somehow the authorities have already ruled out terrorism as a motive for the incident. So what do you call running around stabbing strangers, if not terrorism? Was he just engaged in a culture-enriching hobby that just happens to involve knives and exsanguination?

I expect “a history of psychological problems” to feature in the news reports before this story gets much older:

Five People Stabbed in Italian Resort, Somali Man Arrested

MILAN (Reuters) – A Somali asylum-seeker was arrested by Italian police after he allegedly stabbed four women and a six-year-old child in the tourist town of Rimini on Saturday night, ANSA news agency reported on Sunday.

Investigators were for the moment ruling out terrorism as the motive, ANSA added.

Interior minister Luciana Lamorgese called the incident “extremely serious” and said in a statement that she would be in Rimini on Monday to attend a security meeting.

The man wounded two women ticket controllers on a bus with a knife and then, after escaping, three other people, including the child, according to Italian media reports.

And check out the punch line of the story: the perp has been flitting around Europe for six years, trying to find a country that will accept him as a refugee:

The Somali man, 26, had been in Italy for a few months and had applied for refugee status. He had been in Europe since 2015 and had already applied for refugee status in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, ANSA said.

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  1. Hopefully this perp gets a long sentence in an Italian prison doing hard labor. Then afterwards deported back to Somalia. Biden would probably bring this cultural enricher to America if he could.

  2. Congratulations to the overpaid graft taking Italian police who have ignored another culture enricher that they can’t or won’t arrest while he loiters ffor months on the streets and cafes of Italy, but Italian police will be very pronto to arrest and beat the unvaxxed.

  3. I like some of the optimism here but its ONE [vulgar intensifier] dude!

    Just [vulgar intensifier] one!

    There are millions of scum there.

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