The Terror on Utøya and the Nuances of Insanity

Next Thursday will mark the tenth anniversary of the massacre of 77 people in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik, the Butcher of Utøya. The events of that day turned my life upside down for a few months, but what happened to me is trivial compared to what Fjordman went through.

There were far too many posts on those events for me to link to just one. If you want a refresher course, dig into the archives beginning on July 22, 2011 and work your way forward. It began with a live blog that included Fjordman himself.

I expect that we’ll be hearing from Fjordman in due course, and I’ll write a brief reminiscence of my own. But today I’ll start with excerpts from a post by Ronie Berggren, a Swedish blogger and podcaster. Many thanks to our Swedish correspondent LN for the translation:

The terror on Utøya and the nuances of insanity

July 4, 2021

Ronie Berggren reviews the book Witness to madness [Vitne til vanvidd] by Peder Jensen, about the witch hunt against Islam critics and critics of mass immigration that prevailed after the terrorist attack on the Norwegian island of Utøya on July 22, 2011, for which Jensen himself was pilloried as perpetrator Anders Behring Breivik’s prophet.

It has been ten years since Anders Behring Breivik detonated a bomb in Oslo’s government quarters and then shot 69 young people dead in a Social Democratic camp on the island of Utøya. It happened on July 22, 2011. An insane world was on view, for which Breivik was sentenced to 21 years in prison.


I have not read everything that his critics have written. I have read parts of Øyvind Strømmen’s book, whose Swedish translation I bought when it came out. I have not read Simen Sætre’s book about Jensen / Fjordman, but I have seen a lecture by him on YouTube, a 20-minute sleeping pill.

My own impression is that these experts are less knowledgeable than their Swedish counterparts, and especially Mattias Gardell (whom I read most of, and whose research methods I have great respect for even if I do not share his political views, which I consider obscure his conclusions). Gardell’s strength is that he is usually well-read about the subjects he describes, although he often simplifies and paints with far too broad a brushstroke, and creates his own narratives instead of examining the truth objectively. But despite that, he is still knowledgeable, or at least well-read, which Simen Sætre does not seem to be at all.

I therefore judge, based on the qualifications I actually have, that Peder Jensen is much more credible than his critics. Which brings me to the last part of my conclusions.

For the past ten years Peder Jensen has had to live as an outcast from his own country. Social stigma and unemployment are the price he has to pay for living by a principle that should be respected: the search for the truth and the courage to stand up for the truth he believes he has discovered. In a healthy nation, such people are utilized, made into political leaders if they are practical, or professors if they are more theoretically minded. This has not happened in Jensen’s case. Instead, the opposite has happened.

July 22, 2011 showed that a mass murderer can commit mass murder. The aftermath showed that the mass media can commit character murder. Peder Jensen has been ostracized, and others, who by all accounts are less well-read, less driven by the search for truth, and when the heat is on are probably also more cowardly, have been elevated as experts.

It also testifies to a Western world that is rapidly being corroded, not by rust, but by madness.

— Ronie Berggren

8 thoughts on “The Terror on Utøya and the Nuances of Insanity

  1. It is still very traumatic for scandinavians. And it is extremely traumatic that Anders Behring Breivik has not been sentenced to death. He killed 69 young people on Utøya and 8? people in central Oslo. The young people killed on Utøya was killed deliberately one at a time. At least “commander Breivik” should be alloved to go freely among the inhabitants of the prison!

  2. I don’t know why exactly Breivik is such a big deal. Perhaps my lack of understanding comes from living in America where it just wasn’t that big of a story to the average American. Or it just wasn’t on my radar because I didn’t follow this site back then and wasn’t really paying attention to islamic or nationalist issues.

    To me it seems that he is paraded about from time to time to rub the noses of nationalists in, what, exactly? He set off some bombs to distract the police while he went to an island where a bunch of children of the elites were at a summer camp and proceeded to execute them as they were unable to flee or offer resistance.

    To me the real travesty is that if his crimes were so horrible, why did he only receive 21 years in prison? It’s as if the elites want to keep him around and in the news by this action in a way that he never would have been had he been properly sentenced and executed.

  3. The last executions in Norway were carried out in the late 1940s, against Nazi collaborators such as Vidkun Quisling. Today, Norway does not have the death penalty for any crime. 21 years in prison is the maximum sentence you can get, even for mass murder.

    Breivik was also sentenced to forvaring, which might be translated as preventive detention. This implies that he can be held behind bars, if he is still deemed to constitute a threat to society. However, this is technically speaking not a regular prison sentence. Nor is it referred to as such.

    21 years for killing 77 people, plus trying to kill many more, equals a little over 3 months in jail per murder. Moreover, if you are sentenced to 21 years in prison in Norway, you will not actually spend 21 full calendar years in a cell. Perhaps just 14-15 years. So in reality, Breivik was sentenced to a couple of months in prison per murder. Most Norwegian mass media hailed this as a triumph for Norway’s fair and humane justice system.

    The same media have more or less banished me from Norwegian society, for doing nothing criminal whatsoever.

  4. Probably, my ideas about the world will seem a little strange to you, but I think that we live in an artificially modeled space.
    For Norway, we have this scenario with Breivik. Where the honest guy Fjordman was played blindly as a pawn.
    Scandinavians seem to be told: sit on your rocks and do not stick out!
    We will have a different scenario. First, a lot of Russian blood will be shed, and then there will be a lot of ditches with nameless mass graves. As is usually the case.

    • Listen friend, what did you think was going to happen when you let the 3rd world invade by the bloody millions? Conflict one way or another is inevitable, people like you who stick their heads in the sand wishing things will go well because of wishful thinking, propaganda, utter stupidity and female emotion have caused the inevitable clash of civilizations. If you thought what ole Breivik did was bad? You ain’t seen anything yet, think Balkans on steroids. Massive bloodshed is coming whether you like it or not, nature bloody demands it, for never in all of human history has diversity/3rd world multiculturalism shoved up backsides EVER worked. Don’t worry friend, nature won’t forget you, for you won’t be able to escape it.

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