Open Season on Catholics in Paris

As reported in the news feed earlier this week, last Saturday a procession of Catholics was ambushed on the street in Paris by antifas and other far-left thugs. The participants in the procession were commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Catholic martyrs of the Paris Commune, who were massacred by communards on May 28, 1871 (see this Breitbart article).

I don’t need to tell you that French antifas are devout atheists who revere the Paris Commune and loathe Catholics.

The following video features a TV interview with a Catholic priest named Michel Viot, who was one of the participants in last Saturday’s procession. Pay close attention to what Fr. Viot says about Muslims in the final part (5:02-5:52) of the video.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The First Celeb TV News Channel
00:04   You must be very shocked by what happened to you. —Very much so, very much so.
00:08   When I arrived at the Rue de la Roquette, just in front of the Petite Roquette,
00:12   where the Rue de la Petite Roquette is, I was shocked to see so few police officers.
00:16   All the while these leftist people stopped us. These people who attacked us are revolutionaries,
00:20   and they were extremely numerous. The police were aware of them, because
00:23   they started to demonstrate ahead of us at the [Avenue de la] République
00:26   all the way to the Communards’ Wall at the Père Lachaise [cemetery].
00:29   They were very well informed, because there were so many of them. We were 300 people
00:33   protected by a single police officer. Voilà.
00:36   That’s already impermissible enough, but our procession route was well-known by the police.
00:42   It is also well-known that all the little cafés all along the Boulevard de Ménilmontant
00:49   is where all the anarchists, revolutionaries
00:55   and communard people, of course, meet, and that’s their right.
01:01   There are even locations that are rented or squatted all along the Boulevard de Ménilmontant.
01:07   So if the Chief of the Police had really taken all this into account
01:13   when authorizing this demonstration, it’s a procession actually, on the Chemin d’Ostage.
01:20   The dozens of hostages that were massacred along the way, with 40 others.
01:25   Massacred without even being shot and under the most horrible conditions on Rue Haxo.
01:30   So, well, then they should have sent more police officers. As we continued to advance,
01:34   they wanted to intimidate us, trying to make us leave. They attacked two flag bearers.
01:41   One flag bearer was a veteran, a 60 year-old man who needed four stitches
01:46   after they broke his French flag. Another had his religious flag destroyed, and finally
01:52   they formed a human barricade on the Rue de Ménilmontant.
01:56   So, at that point, it was obvious with only ten policemen facing 200 people, that
02:01   powers at the highest level had visibly failed in their duties and did not do their job.
02:09   The police officers who were there, I take my hat off to them for their courage.
02:14   I thank them, but I must say that it is shameful that in a nation governed by the rule of law,
02:19   despite the necessary steps that were taken, we were not allowed to make this procession.
02:24   This reveals the hatred of Catholicism harbored by persons in charge, those in power,
02:30   and, well, how they protect their own. —Father, your remarks are very strong,
02:34   and you address them directly to the Paris Chief of Police.
02:37   Yes, indeed. I question the Chief of Police and even
02:40   the President of the Republic. —Your feeling is that at the highest level, the decision was made
02:44   not to protect the Catholics, is that what you are saying? —Absolutely! It’s evident,
02:47   if you take into account the number of people who were there and how they skillfully
02:53   placed themselves in all the [café] terraces along the procession route, coincidentally,
02:56   as we passed by, they shouted, “Down with Versailles” and “Long live the commune”
03:00   and other more profound insults that I can’t repeat here.
03:03   Then there were people who directly attacked the procession. For a moment,
03:06   I even feared being attacked or that the bishop would be attacked,
03:09   because they were circling around us and they could have pulled out weapons.
03:12   There was no one, there was absolutely no one, and the police knew that this route was dangerous.
03:19   I have enough friends in the police to confirm what I am telling you.
03:22   But Father, what do think are the reasons
03:25   why this demonstration was not protected, or why this demonstration was not given security?
03:30   Those in power don’t like Catholics. That’s it. That’s already clear. We are continually mocked.
03:35   As you know, we started with the speech of the Bernardins,
03:38   declaring that we wanted to repair the link between the church
03:41   and the Republic and you see what happens. We were left to be attacked
03:44   by anarchists and by revolutionary communists. And they were revolutionaries,
03:49   because the French communist party didn’t do this.
03:53   Patrick Vignal wants to react to your accusations.
03:56   Hello Father. First of all, I would like to apologize on behalf of the Republic,
04:01   Because it isn’t normal that you weren’t able to complete your procession in peace.
04:05   However, I think you are reacting emotionally and your words go too far. —No, sir!
04:10   No, I’m not reacting emotionally. Listen. No, you, I’m not reacting emotionally. —Father.
04:15   Concerning these things, in this case the chief of police is misinformed
04:19   and professionally at fault. —Father, I think that perhaps they did not effectively
04:23   consider the dangerousness of your profession, but one cannot
04:27   accuse the Chief of Police or even the President of the Republic of not liking Catholics, Father.
04:30   You know, I think that today society is fractured and less humane.
04:35   Therefore, I think your words are very very hard, but I can understand them.
04:39   They’re hard and they are justified after the lives of 300 people were put in danger.
04:43   Women, children, senior citizens, and you think that we are going to remain indifferent to that?
04:47   But, Father, I hope that you above all will have an answer and I commit myself to (1) meet you
04:52   and (2) to give you an answer, because we cannot leave you without a response.
04:56   With pleasure! I’m always ready to meet.
04:59   I also have to mention that on the Boulevard de Ménilmontant,
05:02   there are Moslem tradesmen who were extremely sad to have witnessed that. —Yes.
05:06   I had to leave my fellow brothers who accompanied the faithful
05:11   in the street in front of the church of the Holy Cross.
05:15   I couldn’t go with them as I had a mass to celebrate. I was by myself, all alone in the street.
05:19   Well I considered, taking refuge with the Moslems. There were Moslems there
05:23   who want respect when it comes to religion. You see sir, let me tell you, since you’re a deputy
05:29   of the Republic, from the sidelines we see that the government is falling flat on its face
05:32   in the dialogue with the Moslems. Because quite simply Moslems who want to live in peace
05:37   have understood very well that those in power despise religion.
05:40   They even despise their own religion
05:43   which is at the foundation of France. Obviously, they were dismayed at what they saw,
05:48   and therefore they won’t have confidence in you when you try to negotiate with them.
05:52   Therefore, it is you who are creating disorder in this country concerning the Moslems as well.
05:59   You shouldn’t think that they were amused to witness how we were attacked.
06:03   We were attacked by native French, and it’s a home-grown problem.
06:08   Father, I’ll give you my telephone number by tomorrow. I will come to see you,
06:12   and I’ll write a letter with you to get a response from the police headquarters
06:15   so you’ll be at peace and serene with the response…
06:18   I’m serene, since the complaint was filed, I’m very serene. —Thank you Father Michel Viot.
06:25   Thank you very much for coming on live with us. — Thank you Mr. Morandini. Thank you.
06:29   Thank you very much, and now that we have heard your accusations, we’ll have the opportunity
06:32   to revisit them with the police chief you clearly accused
06:35   of deliberately not ensuring the security of this procession.

29 thoughts on “Open Season on Catholics in Paris

  1. It is natural that the Christians take refuge with the Muslims against the Communist aggression. This ‘protection’, the Dhimma, has a price, but hey, nothing is free. The ‘People of the Book’ together in harmony, how comforting… till it is not.

    It is Allah’ will, anyway. Commies vs Muslims as the end game: Iran in 1979 comes to my mind.

    But it is not that simple yet. Macron is surrounded by high profile Jihadists so the paramilitary commie groups and the police of the French government are probably influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood whose members must be also family members of those ‘Moslem tradesmen’ with whom the priest ‘took refuge’.

    These ‘good Muslim’ tradesmen probably see the Christians as friends only within the framework of the Dhimma; and if they do not, it will not matter at the final showdown(s) dominated by the Jihadists.

    • Also, one could hear some ‘Allah’ cries from the raging Commie mob, if I am not mistaken…

  2. The leftist attacks on Catholics show once again how corrupt overpaid and useless are big city police officers. If cops can’t or wont protect the public why do we need so many and why are they paid so much? Maybe it’s because the cop’s principal job is to protect lying crooked politicians from the citizens.

  3. It’s going to be interesting to see how the English and French eventually deal with the savages in their midst. United with or without EU membership. Don’t tell me. Let me guess.

    • Think Balkans on steroids that will make a Serb blush with envy only on steroids where no 3rd worlder will survive.

      • Certainly in England there is nothing less than full cooperation with the resident and invading Muslim army. It is very easy to see Erdogan’s trained menfolk flying in to to take full advantage of that. It is mind boggling to see the west end of Europe collapse right there in front of you. June 6? What was the point?

        • This isn’t the end, it is the beginning, once the arms start flowing to the natives of Europe, the 3rd worlders will know what true fear is, when the death squads start their their reindeer games, especially when they are stacked in ditches like cordwood for the vultures and crows to feast like no tomorrow.

  4. It’s payback for all the genocides, torture, and the inquisition that the Roman Catholic church has committed in the last five centuries. And those first nations children that they murdered in Canada. And that includes the murder of the Smiling Pope who was going to expose freemasonry in the church.

      • What a meaningless comeback. But, your Roman church and the Islamists are two of the most evil, murderous, groups in history. There is also the genocide of Waldenses, the Magdalene laundry murders and the massacre of Huguenots on St. Bartholomews Day. You must be proud of your churches history of raping young children behind the altar as well.

        • I’m more of a Knights Templar type Catholic myself, for they never really disappeared, they just went into the shadows, why do you think Switzerland had a standing army and rich beyond belief a year after the Friday the 13th slaughter?

        • Theresa your muslim invader friends have done and still do rape children as a matter of policy dear, so wake up and smell reality instead of the heretic propaganda being fed to you by whatever bloody church you follow.

          • your priests, [popes], bishops and cardinals have a history of raping children and murdering people who oppose that demonic church. and i did not learn this from my church. your church is not of Peter or Jesus at all. [ad hominem redacted]. Even that slag mother teresa was a fraud.

    • May very well be so T. However the churches who participated are willing and do acknowledge. The Catholics are small fry compared to Islam.

      • Every civilisation is based on a certain spiritual basis. Remove this basis and the civilisation will fall down like a house of cards.

        For the Western world, the spiritual basis is Western Christianity (Roman Catholic and Protestant), whether you like it or not. The West has been undermined for several centuries by a slow but deadly process of deChristianisation. Now this process has finally yielded the expected result: the near death of the West. Everything in the West is in crisis: the family, the State, morality, culture, art, even good manners and cleanliness which used to be its distinctive feature. The worst is, perhaps, that Westerners no longer procreate.

        The last act of the drama is played before our eyes. The land of their ancestors is taken from Europeans and given to a people who have a religion. Their religion is much more primitive and violent than Christianity, but it is better than the putrid hedonistic materialism of the senile Western civilisation.

    • Unlikely that American Indian children were murdered by the RCC. Much more likely they died of disease.

    • If it wasn’t for the Catholic Church dear, we would still be in the bloody dark ages with islam at the helm.

      • Incorrect~!
        The catholic church for at least the past 1000 years has preyed on its “brethren”. Stolen from then. Sought money from them. For what? The church hierarchy enjoys children of both sexes and any age.
        The catholic church needs to be destroyed and a “new catholic” church be established that identifies the past frauds, identifies the people, and embraces its people.
        The church as it is currently invoked cannot stand and should not stand. Real honest people cannot support a structure that seeks to destroy its people.
        G, you need to read some history.

        • Dawg, I am very up on my history, and bloody heretics of the marxist left has rewritten the history you are following, I am certainly under no illusions that the Church doesn’t have dirty hands, it does, but the Church has done far more good and than bad. As for this GD commie jesuit in charge? He has got to go by any means necessary before he destroys us all.

    • I am afraid that your knowledge of history is somewhat faulty.

      I am not a Catholic, but for the sake of justice, I would like to inform you that the Inquisition throughout all the centuries of its existence killed far fewer people than did French revolutionaries in a couple of years.

      Besides, Inquisition trials were quite formal – with witnesses, defence lawyers and all the necessary paraphernalia. People were judged individually and sometimes acquitted. Inquisitors did use torture, but so did lay rulers and, in fact, about everybody at that and earlier times.

      French revolutionaries, on the contrary, committed mass murder. They were the first to think of putting crowds of people on barges and drowning them. This technique was later adopted by Stalin (who learned a lot from his French colleagues). It was also French revolutionaries who invented and widely used the guillotine. In fact, the supposedly “great” French revolution, plunged France into an abyss of murder, violence and looting.

      Another important note. We hear a lot about “mediaeval inquisitors burning witches”. In fact, the massive witch hunt was not mediaeval. It began in the times of Renaissance and continued into the Reformation. And it was not only Catholics who burned witches. In fact, witch hunt in protestant countries (Calvin’s Switzerland, Lutheran German States and Sweden, Anglican England, etc.) was as bad, if not worse, than in Catholic lands. In Catholic Ireland witch trials, on the contrary, were extremely rare.

      Summing up, the Catholic Church was not at all specially cruel or violent for those times. Truth to be told, the most dangerous and bloodthirsty were extreme Protestant sects like Adamites or John of Leiden’s sect. Thankfully, they were small and soon became extinct.

      At the same time, the Roman Catholic Church after the fall of Rome was the only force in the Western Roman Empire that, amidst a sea of barbarity, preserved what could be preserved from the ancient Roman civilisation. Monasteries at the time were the only beacons of culture. Monks continued teaching of Latin, copying ancient manuscripts and preached basics of civilised behaviour to savage bloodthirsty barbarians. It was thanks to the Roman Church that the French, the English, the Spanish and other European nations were formed. Catholicism is the basis of all Western civilisation.

      Be thankful for that!

  5. Well T. Whatever. However, we are doing survival. Better know which side you are on. On the frontline check you are not carrying a weapon that no longer fires. The late great JC demanded forgiveness. The pandemic right now is Islam.

  6. People shouldn’t worry about atrocities of the past in the Name of the Catholic Church or Protestant Church, both sides killed with a zeal that only NOW seems to be matched by those that claim to have our best Interests at heart.
    (I’m leaving Islam and Marxism/Maoism out of the equation right now, because NOBODY has matched them yet)

    People should start worrying about the Atrocities performed by this New Church of Covid and their Messia mRNA, while the “Popes” or “Caliphs” of that specific Creed are getting more than filthy Rich in the process and we as the undesirable Underclass are getting poorer and poorer and are being marked for extinction.

    Also this is not just an Attack on Catholicism, it’s an Attack on our Freedoms and Society at large that is being performed here.

  7. If you are a catholic that supports the faith and the pope, then who gives a crap what happens to you?
    I want you gone off the face of this earth.
    If you support the religious usurper then you are treasonous to all that is good. You need to die and I don’t care who carries out the task.
    As each group of frauds disappear, it makes the battle lines clearer.
    Too many on here have no idea.
    The current pope represents the Satanists. Let his supporters and him enjoy a long slow painful death.

    • don’t forget all the other satanist [popes], Dawg. That church should be destroyed from the face of the earth along with the muslim dome on the Rock in Israel. The Jesuits certainly should be eliminated by any means possible.

    • Not all Catholics are happy about their current pope. Anyway, most Catholics nowadays are peaceful decent people who have done nothing to merit such violence being dished out to them.

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