A Gay Old Time — NOT

In the last few weeks Hungary has become a pariah in the European Union for passing a law forbidding the indoctrination of children in sexual perversion within the school system. The Netherlands is the most gay-welcoming country in Europe, and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte insisted that Hungary must be ejected from the EU for its un-PC stance.

In the following interview Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, points out that homosexuals are far safer walking the streets of Budapest than they are in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, where in all likelihood they will be violently attacked by Muslim culture-enrichers if they dare to engage in public displays of affection.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Mr. Wilders, Orbán and Eastern Europe: it is again
00:04   a hot item today in the EU, with Mr. Rutte.
00:09   On football fields, there are flags, also here in the Chamber, gay flags from the Green-Left
00:14   because there is an anti-gay law. How serious is it then in that country?
00:19   Yes, it’s obviously once again time for the politically correct leaders
00:24   to bash Hungary and Orbán. And naturally anyone
00:28   with common sense is for full rights and total equality
00:32   when it comes to homosexuals or other people.
00:35   But I can imagine when Mr. Rutte, with his big mouth,
00:39   goes to Budapest or has an issue with Budapest or other Eastern European countries,
00:43   that he won’t speak, for example, about the situation of homosexuals in the Netherlands.
00:47   The Netherlands is a country, just like many Western countries, that has left the borders open
00:51   for mass immigration for people from Islamic countries. We have a million Muslims, as you know.
00:55   Often they carry standards and values with them
00:59   when it comes to homosexuals, and women, and others,
01:03   that are less positive, and so I say, if you are a homosexual
01:07   in the Netherlands or Amsterdam, or other area, you walk down the street a lot less safely
01:11   than in many East European countries, such as Hungary,
01:15   where the mass immigration from Islamic lands, fortunately, has not taken place.
01:19   So I often think homosexuals are better off
01:23   pointing the finger at the Netherlands, than at a country
01:27   like Hungary… and the rest of Eastern Europe, it is often
01:31   now safer than in the Netherlands. I find it grotesque. Look at yourselves
01:35   and take care of your own people in the Netherlands,
01:39   homosexuals, and I and everyone who has common sense stand up for their safety and rights.
01:44   Because of that, I go no other way. Look at yourself. That is what Rutte and they must do,
01:48   and now they have said that Hungary should be out of the European Union, should disappear
01:51   as far as he is concerned. I hope they get Netherlands out of the European Union, because we
01:56   have only trouble with the European Union. The cost in sovereignty, and we have
02:00   a prime minister, who, himself stirs up only wrong things during [unintelligible]…
02:06   But it is true that what we call an anti-homo law
02:10   is about homo-activism, which they have no wish for in schools
02:14   and study materials, etc., the activist part of it.
02:18   as I understand it.
02:21   Yes, again, I don’t sit here with the intention [unintelligible] that you must do yourself,
02:25   but the idea — the idea — that sexual upbringing
02:29   is done in the family and not in the schools. Yes, I have that — I see
02:33   no problems there, and in fact, that is what I think, in school,
02:37   you must teach reading and writing, math and other things,
02:41   you do yourself, cognitive skills, you do yourself,
02:45   but things like political, sexual education, I think, for the most part,
02:49   in fact, at home, in the family, and hopefully, there would be, like, in my family,
02:53   complete equality as it pertains to people
02:56   with a homosexual orientation, but it must take place within the family,
03:01   and not at school, so as it pertains to minors, yes, I don’t have any crazy idea,
03:06   but again, they have to make their own laws there. Maybe there are things in it that are less free,
03:10   but for me, we, with a raised finger…
03:14   lecturing Hungary, while a homosexual is a lot safer there
03:19   when he is on the streets than here in the Netherlands, where,
03:23   as a result of Islamization and mass immigration, they are supposed to be happy when they
03:27   walk hand-in-hand with each other kissing on the streets in some parts of the Netherlands
03:31   that they, without being beaten, verbally abused, spat on, spat at,
03:36   that they get home safely.
03:39   So first look at yourself before lecturing others. That would be my response.
03:43   And don’t take any of the commentary from our prime minister seriously.

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  1. Wilders definitely has a point.

    Anyone who denounces homophobia and Islamophobia in the same breath wants his head examined.

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