The Real Danger

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The real danger is not from the vaccines

by Eeyore

Perhaps the most discouraging thing about humanity is that the vast vast majority of us do not learn by hearing or even seeing first hand. But that a bad thing must happen to us directly before we change our minds.

[Tweet with video of Joe Rogan]

After watching that short Twitter video of Joe Rogan and listening to a bit of Dennis Prager, it occurs to me that the discussion about vaccine deaths in a way is a distraction from a far greater horror. While it’s true that in the short term these mRNA devices cause an order of magnitude more deaths and serious problems than any previous vaccine, the actual amount by percentage of recipients is extremely small and measured in single digits per million vaccinated. At least so far. No one knows medium- to long-term effects yet. (The trials won’t be finished till 2023 in some places, even if the FDA decides to jump protocols and give approval early to please the current admin. That is not real approval. That’s politics and corruption.)

But the real evil is in letting people die who could have been saved by Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies and any of the other treatments that we have seen proven safe and effective. And all in order to maintain a state of emergency that ensures funding for an untested technology that makes Big Pharma hundreds of billions. This is not free market. A free market would let anyone say anything, and people who had a proven safe, cheap and effective treatment like Ivermectin, HCQ, and even Quercetin and Zinc and others I have forgotten already, would be on everyone’s screen.

This makes YouTube and Twitter and Facebook’s complicity in suppressing life-saving information under the cynical lie of medical misinformation, while allowing shamanistic or magical or new age “treatments or cures” for cancer and or anything else on their platforms, a crime on of a magnitude nearly impossible to comprehend.

This is a far bigger issue than the immediate deaths and serious illnesses because none of them may have been necessary at all had governments, clearly in league with Big Pharma, not silenced any knowledge of actual treatment that would have reduced deaths by at least 85% according to Dr. Peter McCullough.

[Video of Dr. Peter McCullough]

Anyone who works for social media should consider the following:

If you are a low level employee, and not management, let’s say for the sake of analogy, a sergeant or lower down, to enlisted man cleaning the latrines in these organizations, start taking notes now about who knows what, and who gave what orders to suppress truthful information. Because someday there is going to be a round of trials with serious consequences for the guilty. And those of you who enjoy the good life working for high tech, well, either you will have the evidence we need to prosecute the people who knowingly suppressed factual information and caused so very many deaths, or you might be seen as part of those who knew the truth, and find yourself in the wrong box in the courtroom.

Start taking notes now. The evidence that this is the case is already way past what is needed for a court of law. The big players are estimating that they are too powerful for the rule of law or justice to touch them at this point. I even hope for their sake they are wrong. Because if you skew justice too far, you get something much worse in the aftermath. Just ask Maximilien Robespierre.

13 thoughts on “The Real Danger

    • Theresa,

      You are unfortunately seriously underthinking things where Trump is concerned.

      Trump?…the Globalist Rothschilds have owned Trump since they saved him from personal bankruptcy that he created on his own in the 1990’s to the tune of over $1 billion. As Bankster attorney Alan Pomerantz said in a videotaped interview, “..We OWN him! – He works for us!!”

      Trump IS nothing more than a ‘corporate employee’…an errand boy..a gopher/flunkie for “Globalist Master Banking & World Domination Inc.” current address: “The City of London” (NOT at all the metropolitan capitol of [once]Great Britain).

      Hope that helps you more clearly understand things.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Isn’t he the same guy who told us in January to get vaccinated?
        That alone should proves where his heart is.

      • “Globalist Rothschilds”? If you mean the Jews, say so, and at least we know where you stand, and can treat you with the contempt you deserve. If not, then try to be clearer please.

      • You know I posted a reply to you last night and it was deleted. So I am going to [throw your credibility into question ].

        I looked up the information you gave and found that “Lady” Rothschild who slandered TRump is best friends with Hillary Clinton. And then I found that all the information is on extremely liberal fake news sites.

        So, finally, I know you are deceitful and that you are [an epithet] who just hates Real President Donald J. Trump. I pity you because you don’t know what the truth is.

        • Four years to help White people. Instead rappers and Israeli spies get pardoned, negroes get “The $500 Billion Platinum Plan,” and Trump’s most ardent supports are lingering in Federal prison or awaiting trial.

          ‘Real President’ indeed.

          And yes, it’s the Jews.

  1. Oh the beautiful Madame Louisette.
    Please, please….. can I pull the Lever?
    I even brought a basket.

    • Pssst, in case it has missed your notice? There is a line miles long ahead of you for that privilege.

  2. I was just following orders.

    I didnt break the law. You changed it.

    What I did was perfectly acceptable to the moral standard of that time. Morals change, so what?

    Will anybody bet against me that the three excuses above will be used?

    • Man has been following orders since time immortal and always will. Bloody Nuremberg is the reason we cannot and will not win wars to Victory any longer, we are to afraid of winning by killing people and breaking things. Well nature is about to come full circle when the games race, religion and politics comes out of the shadows.

  3. that is a lie of satan and you know it. I know everything about our REAL President. Why don’t YOU try the truth for the first time. YOU [ad hominem redacted]. And that bankster would lie in a minute. understand this…you [ad hominem redacted].

    • this was supposted to be posted as a reply to slanderous North Gunnar who is [ad hominem redacted].

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