Rosanna Spataro: “Nobody Can Keep Me Enslaved”

Rosanna Spataro is the proprietress of a bakery (torteria) on the Via Orti in Chivasso, in the Italian province of Torino. Last month I posted a video of Ms. Spataro excoriating the police for their enforcement of coronavirus regulations against her business.

A few days ago the police arrived in force and shut this spirited lady’s bakery down. In the following video you’ll see Rosanna Spataro confronting the police officers for their shameful actions.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? You should be ashamed of yourselves.
00:03   You should be ashamed of what you’re doing. It’s disgusting.
00:07   It’s disgusting; this will go down in history, I warn you.
00:10   All this mess will go down in history.
00:13   All this disgusting mess will go down in history. Is that clear?
00:16   Do you really think I am a criminal? Do you really think that whoever has to work
00:20   to support their family is a criminal? Do you really think so? Look at them.
00:23   Their eyes are as blue as sky, as the sea, but on the inside they are the darkest black.
00:26   Unbelievable. Look at these gentlemen’s eyes. They are ashamed.
00:32   Do you know they’re ashamed of themselves? It’s disgusting, what’s going on here. Utterly shameful.
00:36   Did you guys take a oath on the Constitution? Did you? Why won’t you answer?
00:40   Do you guys know that it is my right to know whether you have sworn on the Constitution, or not?
00:43   Because I am Italian. I was born in Italy of Italian parents, and I have all the rights by birth.
00:48   I have the right to be in the territory of the state and go anywhere.
00:51   So says the Constitution. You guys cannot keep me enslaved.
00:54   Nobody can. Is that clear? Nobody can keep me enslaved. Is that clear?

8 thoughts on “Rosanna Spataro: “Nobody Can Keep Me Enslaved”

  1. Those bastards in uniforms have never missed a pay check! While what they are doing is forcing people into starvation poverty and death!

    This has to be a crime?

    Denying people the right to eat, to earn m9ney to buy medicines or treatment, feed there dogs or kids!

    This is the Gestapo!

    These bastards have to all be put to trial!

    • You never saw what is happening in Germany yet , that’s real gestapo , it’s disgrace. , crime against humanity in progress, big time..

      • You haven’t seen any war yet and brutality not seen in a millennia, but you soon will.

  2. This will only end when the People do some Serious Violence to the politicians and bureaucrats who have gone full Fascist.

  3. I only wish 80% of Americans would come out and do what this brave lady has done in confronting the ‘police’ of her city. Its NOT about a virus, we all know that.
    The government, also here in America, wants to shut down small businesses forever; killing off the middle class!
    First came the lockdowns, now the huge new taxes being levied on small business owners, in ‘order’ to pay off BLM thugs, so says our Resident of the White House.
    California is still mostly locked down (restaurants, public libraries closed) with ridiculous temperature-taking and masks required in grocery stores and the bank- heaven forbid if you have to remove your MASK to blow your nose!

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