You Can Take Your Dictatorship and Shove It!

The spirited woman in the video below is an Italian business owner who refuses to knuckle under to the Coronamadness. When the Carabinieri come to shut her down, she has a few choice words to say to them, and to the surrounding community.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Shame on you!
00:02   Aren’t you ashamed of doing what you guys are doing? You make me sick!
00:05   You have lost your honor! Got it?
00:08   You guys have taken oath on the Constitution but you are doing everything and the opposite of everything!
00:14   Is that clear?
00:15   Everything and the opposite of everything! Shame on you
00:19   Bring me a report, I need to see the lady’s ID.
00:23   Shame on you!
00:24   You make me sick! You keep people under a dictatorship!
00:28   You guys are pieces of s***!
00:30   You guys can do whatever you like yet I will never keep my business closed! Never!
00:35   I will never enable you to harm either me or my family!
00:40   And you guys down there should do the same instead of staring and walking around masked! Shame on you!
00:48   Shame on you!
00:50   You guys are letting a bunch of politicians keep you under a dictatorship!
00:55   Bravo! Well said!
00:56   Enough is enough!
00:58   Bravo Rosie!
01:00   Enough is enough!

7 thoughts on “You Can Take Your Dictatorship and Shove It!

  1. I often wonder what these jackbooted thug wannabes are thinking when they go to harass common citizens like her. Do they truly believe in what they’re doing? Are they just following orders regardless of how stupid they are? Are they only thinking about their paycheck and pension? Too many of these thugs seem too enthusiastic about enforcing the wishes of their fascist masters for it to be the latter, but I still don’t understand what would possess a person to do this to his fellow citizens. Maybe since I am not a cop I am incapable of understanding why someone would want to have and abuse this kind of authority.

    • so they look their best to their superiors and on up the line. He who loves Der Fuerher the most fervently is allowed to live, and if the loyalty is proven is allowed to advance in rank. All others, purge them so the State is clean and free of insurrection and subversion. I read Valentin Berezhkov’s autobiography “At Stalin’s Side.” What he described in Russia is no difference than what is shown in the above video and in Germany and England. It would seem therefore that Stalinism is contagious. Look at what is happening in America.

    • They have been trained that way, and the training – brought to every city by Common Purpose Change Agents.

      In 1989, when the “velvet revolution” was already in full swing in Prague and other towns, the police and the military were kept in total darkness about what’s really happening: They were screamed at by their superiors “this is it! America is attacking!! Soon the tanks and airplanes are gonna roll over the hills into Czechoslovakia and we can expect a nuclear conflict in matter of days!!!

      So – imagine that police hierarchy taken over by common purpose, feeding those cops every day “End of days has come, Corona will kill us all, the people don’t understand, but you do, you have to stop those people, they have been misled by fake news!”

      The Wehrmacht was also defending Germany from its enemies… Everybody in 1943 Germany knew that the Poles attacked first!

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