Criminal Migrants Can’t Be Deported From Sweden Because… COVID

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Expressen:

Nine out of ten criminals will not be deported; they refuse to be Covid-tested

Border police now report that nine out of ten criminals who are sentenced to deportation after serving their prison sentences remain in the country by refusing to take the Covid test. According to the police National Operative Section, NOA, about 90% of those sentenced to deportation refuse, and thus, cannot be deported, and instead are placed in custody, Sweden Radio reports.

The Moderates [party] are now suggesting that the Parliament should demand that the law be changed so that it will be possible to forcibly test persons in order to carry out the rejection and deportation decision, but Justice Minister Morgan Johansson (Social Democrats) said recently that forced testing is not something that is he ready to consider.

Pettersson says that criminals are sentenced to deportation, and we have a justice minister who refuses to follow the decision of the court. Why is Morgan Johansson still in his post?

7 thoughts on “Criminal Migrants Can’t Be Deported From Sweden Because… COVID

  1. Morgan Johansson is likely still in his post for the same reason the repulsive slug of a prime minister is still in his post. Anything to keep out Jimmie Åkesson and the Swedish Democrats whilst demographic replacement of native Swedes with hordes of orcs proceeds unabated.

    I am waiting for the day when native Swedish women are ordered to procreate with the orcs since demographic replacement isn’t happening fast enough.

  2. What a dumb country Sweden became, and not only Sweden , Germany, Holland, Britain, France, mostly Western countries, speechless totally speechless..

  3. Deporting costs a lot of hard earned tax money! A bullet costs 25 cents! Do the damn math! The rest will sort themselves out by fleeing as fast as they can, problem bloody solved!

    • A guillotine is essentially free if the cost of construction is amortized over a sufficient number of orcs and quislings. I’m sure there would be plenty even in Sweden who would freely donate labor and materials for construction.

  4. Tighter and tighter the west end of Europe pulls that
    hijab until eventually it chokes itself. Oh well everything has a beginning declining ending. Denial.

  5. Round up a group of 50 of them, point rifles at them, pick one of the them, and ask him, in from of the others, if he wants to be tested.
    If he refuses, beat him to a pulp, and test him.

    Then you bring a second one, and ask him if he wants to be tested.
    Do you want to bet he will say yes?

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