More Vax! More Vax!

First you make the populace afraid. Very afraid. Then you roll out the only thing that can keep them safe: the needle. Then you push and hype and propagandize the needle until everyone gets the jab.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Vaccinate, come hell or high water! Spahn wants more vaccinations in front of supermarkets, in churches and mosques

The virologist Christian Drosten, who somehow resembles a government scientist, announced on Wednesday with a view to variant B.1.617 discovered in India: “You just have to get vaccinated as quickly as possible, that’s the best.” Vaccinate, that is the keyword for Jens Spahn, the head of the [German] Federal Ministry of Health, and immediately switches to alarmism so that the citizens remain trapped on the Corona hamster wheel.

Vaccination is what it takes. The main thing is that it must go ahead; side effects and long-term consequences are completely irrelevant, at least for pharmaceutical companies and politics. In order to accelerate the administration of the vaccine toxin, Spahn now wants to intensify the campaign by offering vaccinations in front of supermarkets, in marketplaces and in churches and mosques.

Epoch Times: Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to focus more on socially disadvantaged people in the vaccination campaign. For these people there must be more low-threshold vaccination offers — for example “in front of supermarkets, on marketplaces or in churches or mosques,” said Spahn on Thursday (May 27) in Berlin.

There are people “for whom it is a hurdle to call the doctor or to register at the vaccination center by phone or online.” A vaccination offer must also be made to these people.

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  1. >>”There are people “for whom it is a hurdle to call the doctor or to register at the vaccination center by phone or online.” A vaccination offer must also be made to these people.<<

    Good old Herr Spahn. Someone, say, a physician could be deeply involved for years with some matter he spins some narrative about, and soundly and convincingly contradict him with the reality, to his face, and it will not register the slightest impression on him. It has happened.

    I understand he was trained as a banker. I went to the ministry of health website and reviewed the published delivery schedules for the AZ vaccine. Whoever worked on them, and Herr Spahn would have approved the public presentation, can not manage elementary bookkeeping – or be bothered to update the wildly optimistic deliveries everyone knows will never happen.

    There is still too little vaccine to inoculate the vulnerable, and will not be for at least another month. He wants to vaccinate healthy, by comparison invulnerable immigrants who have demonstrated zero interest in being part of or contributing to German society? How many more thousands does a minister of health have to kill?

    • Depopulation at work in the speedy way , Germans are dumb so dumb, this guy is not even qualified for be health minister, He just bought 4 million euros bills with His husband ( He is gay) and now probably pushing with this “ vaccines “ “ money talk [bovine excrement] works” to buy another property in expensive are in Berlin, I just can’t understand how this naive people can’t see this scum, Germans lived in good life for so long , they forgot how to be a betrayed , unbelievable..

  2. According to today’s (May 28) Los Angeles Times, the State of CA is offering lucky vaccine takers a chance to win $1.5 million in a special lottery, coinciding with CA’s upcoming June 15 removal of Covid restrictions.

    No, I don’t read the LA Times. I saw the headline by mistake.

  3. Most humans are plain idiots.
    on all media we hear for many years that “earth is overpopulated”…
    This conclusion seem to be now fixed and accepted by everybody.
    Now…if earth is overpopulated…there must be also a solution to this problem.
    The only solution is…depopulation. And the “masters” decided to do it.
    Humans today are stupid enough to not understand this simple action.
    They can do this depopulation with peoples acceptance. Splendid. Why not ?
    As long people accept “earth is overpopulated”…they should accept to be put to sleep. Permanent sleep. Or do they think that the earth is overpopulated by other humans, not them ? And other humans should be eliminated, not them ?
    Now…if we build in Florida houses of 25 sq meters, so, one person, one house…how many persons can be moved to Florida in these houses ? 8,1 billion ?
    So.. yes… Florida is…sorry…earth is overpopulated.
    We must reduce CO2 to zero. Mother earth is dying.
    What means that ? How can you eliminate CO2, without eliminating people ?
    And, since when, CO2 is bad ? More CO2, more plants, bigger plants. More CO2, better agriculture results, better and more food.
    The only conclusion I can draw for only these 2 subjects, is that the masters are trying to inform me in a very elegant way, that they decided when I will be sacrificed for the greater good, mother earth. And their “genetic line” future.

    A farmer has a farm. He has pigs in the farm. Pigs start replicating very fast. But more and more pigs are not good for the market…bad quality.. The farmer does not want to waste all resources on “defect” pigs. So…he must do something with those pigs.
    The “masters” see themselves as farmers. The earth is the farm. We are the pigs.
    Why wasting resources in a stupid manner ? They must secure their “genetic line” for next 2000 years. So…resources must be very careful used.
    As extra precaution, they have now seeds of all plants from the face of the earth, in their natural, god given quality. Svalbard. They can use any method, inclusive GMO, in order to depopulate the earth. And nobody can blame them. We accepted…
    A war is different… first… too costly. Second…today’s conditions can get a war to the point of making the planet for few hundreds years unfit for humans…

  4. Over population zealots at Planned Parenthood never volunteer to give up their claim to a place and time on the planet.

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