The Besmirching of That Star Spangled Banner

Our Israeli correspondent MC takes another look at the Bizarro World of American politics since the investiture of the Puppet on January 20.

The Besmirching of that Star Spangled Banner

by MC

If President Biden and his Democrat party really did steal that election by malice aforethought then the banner is irrevocably soiled — the land of the slave and the home of the snowflake.

It is sad for a foreign fan of all things American, like myself, to see the nation taken over by criminals: Bidens, Clintons, Capones, Parkers and Barrows rather than the Reagans, Kennedys and Kings — true Americans despite their faults.

I have a nightmare: that all Americans hate each other, that skin colour is more important than achievement and character. That accusation, that bigotry, that cancel culture, that Trump-hatred, that they dominate the District of Columbia.

That the Supreme Court Judges are so obsessed with politics and the orange-man-bad cult that their decisions are totally biased and irrational and that “they, the people” are so emasculated and leaderless that “we, the elite” can just walk all over them.

But most of all, we must ask ourselves: what happened to the Republican opposition?

They caved. They have allowed the USA to become a one-party state. Their leaders were and are pathetic. They allowed the pseudo-assassination of their own guy; worse, they were Brutus: they, too, drove home the blade, and then stood by as “Cassius” Soetoro undid all that was achieved in four years with just a few strokes of the pen.

Can a dim-witted old man really stand the test of time, or is he just a puppet of all that is worst of the “Bandung Generation”?

Of course, if the election was straight and fair, then none of this applies.

Americans, especially Democrats, need to ask themselves: is hatred of Trump worth destroying the nation for? It’s that Russian Roulette with an automatic pistol again. Socialism is not an ‘empty chamber’, and a blank is also lethal at short range. Trumpophobia may be fashionable, but it is not worth committing national seppuku over.

With the censorship, digital book-burning and ‘no platforming’ solidly in place, the USA is a few steps away from a helter-skelter (British : a spiral slide around a tower at an amusement park) slide into full scale Communism and poverty — yes, poverty, your poverty, you queuing for food for 12 hours a day.

Growing up in 1950s Britain, one of the cultural nuances we missed in American film and TV was the visual clues to what was considered ‘poor’ in the USA, what was considered poverty in the USA was normal middle class in UK. Poor people in the USA had old 1940’s Fords, in the UK few had any car whatsoever!

In the aftermath of WW2 the UK socialists gained power and built a welfare state in four years, a welfare state that cost the taxpayer dearly, in reality, up to 70% of their earnings, much of it through indirect taxation. This has crippled Britain. It is a national ball and chain locked firmly to the leg of economic mobility. I am also of the opinion that it was Bismarckian socialism that drove Bethmann-Hollweg into the WW1 debacle; Germany could not compete with the evolving (Czarist) Russian economy.

What was President Trump’s crime that he faced such hostility?

Firstly, and importantly, it was a negative crime, the crime of not being part of the clique; although successful, he did not come from the correct lineage and was therefore despised. He was despised and hated by everybody from mild conservatives leftwards, he was the symbol of failure to all those closet admirers of Marx.

Mild conservatives hate taking action. Tommy Robinson was also despised by the soft conservatives because he was not one of them and was outspoken when he had no ‘right’ to be. Class bigotry is alive and well in the UK today.

Marxism has failed. 150 years later the middle classes have still not risen and taken over the means of production; Marx’s historically inevitability has proven to be elusive. In its place we have had attempts to re-engineer Marxism, attempts that lead Russia through Marx-Leninism (a short circuit where a coup d’état leads to the unwelcome imposition of Soviet tyranny), Fascism (Mussolini’s rationalization of Marxism into Statism) and Nazism (Hitler re-initializing Marxism, but focussed on race rather than class).

The flavours of the tyrannies varied. We have Stalin’s Marxism in one country, a form of nationalist socialism, and Mao’s nationalist/racist Han-corporatist-Marxism — and Pol Pot’s feudal Marxism. All of these (except Mussolini) used mass extermination techniques to ram through their politico-religious doctrines. Of course, with mass media constantly at hand, we now only need to murder a few, and cancel a few, and over-publicise the hype.

Nasty, unpleasant governments for all, except for those few at the very top, and those for whom it was a wonderful opportunity to satiate their illicit and depraved sadistic desires on vulnerable people.

And now, we can welcome the USA to ‘Club Gulag’ at a FEMA camp near you.

The rule of law broke down years ago, maybe epitomised by the Rambo movies, where the illegal action of a rogue but unaccountable sheriff against a psychologically challenged Vietnam Special Forces vet, now hobo, triggers a slide into extremes of violence.

The Rambo scenario, triggered by policing authorities taking ‘shortcuts’, is now familiar. Do the ends ever justify the means? In defending the ‘rights’ of the hobo, one upholds rule of law. The hobo, too, is innocent until proven guilty, but when the elite are guilty, they now seem to be able to make the burden of proof impossible. The dry rot in the deep state has penetrated right to the very core.

Innocent? guilty of non-wokism — punish — kill, that is the real historical inevitability. For ‘woke’ substitute ‘Islam’ or ‘Spanish Inquisition’ or ‘Nazi’ or ‘Hun’ or whatever is current.

The moment anybody, including Christians, leaves the ten Commandments behind, the amoral warlord culture once more takes over and the rule of terror is once more released on the masses.

So here we are today, uncertain as to the legitimacy of the Administration.

If the Administration were innocent of electoral fraud then one would expect them to not only be open to independent investigation, but to positively encourage it in order to establish true legitimacy.

So the flag droops, tarred and feathered, lacking credibility.

“Land of the Free” — only as long as you take the vaccine, wear the mask, social distance etc., etc.

“Home of the Brave” — Now just cower in the corner and do as you’re told and the covid boogaloo will pass over — you are safe as long as you do as we say (not as we do).

What just happened?

I suppose we got too comfortable in our blankets. It is 4am and the fire alarm is ringing, but I can’t smell smoke (the stink of biased and malicious media covers all else), so I stay in the warmth of my bed. Next thing, I’m dead.

Right now we are looking at “American Betrayal” S2E1. This time it is not a Harry Hopkins, it’s at the very top, same story, different cast, same players, different countries, a sellout for money rather than ideology. Hopkins made a puppet of FDR. Who has made a puppet of the current POTUS?

One of the problems of cheating is that the fear of exposure renders one open to blackmail, and in the Oval Office, blackmail is a national disaster.

Why did the USA agree to ‘Europe First’? Was the decision made in Washington or Moscow? We may never know the answer, but to the Americans and Filipinos fighting in the Bataan Peninsular it was a disaster, too. Was the current Corona crisis thought up in Wuhan or Davos? Who knows?

We’re the Battling Bastards of Bataan,
No Mama, No Papa, No Uncle Sam,
No aunts, no uncles, no cousins, no nieces,
No pills, no planes, no artillery pieces,
And nobody gives a damn!

—Frank Hewlett (United Press War Correspondent — Philippines 1942)

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

13 thoughts on “The Besmirching of That Star Spangled Banner

  1. An excellent write up! My own views exactly…..

    In effect the Mob has taken over the planet. Israel has suffered worst of all and that reveals the evil truth of who and what runs that poor but brave country. Their Mobster government sold its ow people to the Deep State.
    We are all Jews now in a potential new Holocaust.

    Modern Israelis are as European as the rest of us.

    • But our Supreme Court is still functional, they just threw out the government’s resolution to name and shame the non-vaxxed, and also called upon the government to explain why they are attempting to violate the (Israeli) constitution and the Basic Law.

      This should have happened in the US too, but the SCOTUS has been threatened with ‘packing’ so it is now a stricken dog with its tail between its legs.

  2. Erudite post as always, MC (though of course I disagree about the merits of the post-WW2 British Welfare State).

    Regarding the origins of the US’ “Europe First” policy in WW2, and with apologies to readers with no interest in military aviation, the Pentagon was planning for the aerial bombing of Germany in 1941; the B-17 and -24 (already in service) could get there from Britain; the next generation, the B-29 and -32, from Ireland or N Africa (if Britain had fallen), and a new design, the B-36, from the US (its development was slowed when it would not be needed for that war). So maybe Churchill, Stalin or both were pushing against a door which was partly open?

    • The political nuances of the FDR years are hidden behind a paywall of consensual ‘history’ – just how much FDR was in bed with the Fascist/Nazi leaders can only be speculated, we know more about Stalin and the Nazi Soviet pact than ‘Blue Eagle’ and FDR (Democratic Party) Fascism.

      Up to the point of the German invasion of Russia in 1941, Stalin’s Russia was part of the Axis and FDR went into te 1940 election on an isolationist ticket. promising to keep the USA out of the war in Europe.

      It all changed in 1941 however – was it Barbarossa or Pearl Harbour that caused the U-turn?

      • To be fair to FDR, the US supplied Britain and France with arms before it was a combatant, and from 1940 one of Rooseveldt’s aides facilitated the movement of volunteer pilots to Canada for training prior to joining the RAF’s first “Eagle Squadron” (there were eventually three).

      • both. I recently finished reading “At Stalin’s Side” by Valentin Berezhkov. Stalin was for Stalin and worked to get the best deal for Russia. Germany stuck it to him and treated him like the peasant they thought him to be. America was being courted during the late ’30s in the hope that America’s method of continent capture and development could be put to use in Russia. BTW, it nearly was but for the Americans’ refusal to bend the knee and worship Marx and Lenin (no, not Groucho and Paul)

  3. Biden is a FRAUD the 3 am massive ballot drops all for Biden by a ratio of 500 thousand to 1 in all the swing states is so obviously a fraud it is foolish to dispute the crime.

    • If you want to see something interesting about pedoJoe, then to youtube channel for the White House. On every video, the hands down is many thousands more than the hands up.

      There nothing good about Biden or the Democrat Party. or Illegal aliens.

    • Absolutely correct. I am reading Parick Byrne’s book — Big Rig. It explains the massive election fraud, I recommend it

  4. When Good and Evil are defined by Truth they are fixed benchmarks and standards that actions can be properly measured by. However, when good and evil are in the eye of the beholder, as they are now, the consequence is chaos and the resultant anarchy.
    America should have gone off the deep end into a fascist police state immediately after Biden’s inauguration, but it didn’t. For this I am grateful to the divine provision of the Restrainer who held us back from going over the cliff.
    What we have now is a complete portrait of those in government. They are not the public servants we thought them to be when we voted for them. Rather, they only serve themselves and their agenda, and regard us as pawns and feudal servants who exist only to serve them and gratify their wants and desires.
    Despite the high-sounding words of the Declaration and Constitution it has always been the rule of the vested interests of the oligarchy, only now it is more blatant as those vested interests imagine themselves to be secure and safe from any threat to their dominion as in their hubris they believe that they own this planet.
    Stay tuned for further developments, and now a word from our sponsor……..

  5. Every Republic that has ever lived has died the death of it’s own success within 200 years of its founding, we are no different, our Republic is dead and the people just don’t know it yet, but they soon will as the marxist left give it to everybody good and hard. Just wait until the gun confiscation begins, now that will be the turning point in peoples minds of where the fight and massive atrocities(warfare) begins and ends. Add into the toxic mix of massive Balkanization and oh boy is it going to be fun. In case you people of the west haven’t noticed by now, you ain’t voting your way out of this mess, it will be fought for and the most brutally ruthless will win. If you have not armed up by now, congrats, you are the sheep for the coming slaughter and you bloody well deserve it for ignoring the warnings for years. This is the land of Wolves now. Be prepared to do things that most would consider most uncivilized, but here we are.

    • G wiz wars sounds and rings true. “Nothing new under the sun”. None of it need have been had only.

      • History gives us the greatest lessons on what not to do, but people ignore it thinking they can do it better, not realizing they they can and will do it worse than the past. To peoples horror, soon they shall see the excesses of the past return with a brutal horrific vengeance.

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