The Malmö City Government Bankrolls the Jihad

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating from the online news site Samtiden, which is published by Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats).

Stop giving tax money to Islamists

Despite well-documented connections to extreme Islamists, Malmö continues to grant city contributions. Stop blaming ignorance and stop the contributions, demands Nima Gholam Ali Pour in a debate article.

Last fall, the Malmö imam Salahuddin Barakat attacked French President Emmanuel Macron after he gave a talk directing certain criticisms at political Islam, and suggested certain measures. This caused Baraka, in a long Facebook post, to describe France as “an extremely secular and increasingly Islamophobic rogue state, which for a long time has lived and still lives by sucking out the blood of the weak in the world.”

Salahuddin Barakat is the founder and chairman of Islam Academy, an educational institution that has the ambition to become “Sweden’s foremost Muslim educational institution, which in a qualitative way, will meet Muslims’ knowledge needs and contribute to a deeper understanding of Islam and its teaching in society.”

The Islam Academy issues derogatory assessments

The Sweden Democrats of Malmö criticized the Islam Academy in 2017 after the culture magazine Opulens revealed certain homophobic statements that were posted on Islam Academy’s home page. Among other things, homosexual persons were compared to the mentally ill. The Sweden Democrats in Malmö wrote in a debate article in Kvallsposten that this was not appropriate that an organization with views like Islam Academy be given legitimacy through the cooperation of the city of Malmö.

In a report in Fokus by Lars Åberg, it was mentioned that Salahuddin Barakat advocates that women and men be separated and not have physical contact. According to Åberg, Barakat describes daily life in Sweden in the following way: “Moral corruption, irresponsible behavior, non-Islamic values regarding interaction between the sexes, and exaggerated sexualization are something that is widespread in our society. At the same time, we suffer from a lack of religious knowledge and insufficient practice of Islam.”

Prize for human rights from Malmö

In spite of the fact that since 2017 there has been information that Salahuddin Barakat has extreme values that are not rooted in Swedish society, in 2019 Barakat received the city of Malmö’s prize for human rights for his work with the inter-religious project Amanah. It is important to mention in this connection that the Ibn Rushd Study Association has two representatives on Amanah’s board of directors.

It is possible to call into question such an inter-religious project when the Muslim side is represented by persons like Salahuddin Barakat and Islamist organizations like Ibn Rushd, whose contribution is called into question in municipality after municipality.

Grant of one million by Malmö

Although this information about Barakat has been available, the municipal working board in the city of Malmö, consisting of Social Democrats, moderates, and liberals, decided unanimously on June 17, 2019 to grant Amanah 1.5 million kronor in tax funds for the period 2019-2022.

Support for Amanah is motivated by the idea that anti-Semitism in Malmö must be fought. But one of those who sits on Amanah’s board is Omar Mustafa, who was allowed to leave the Social Democrats’ party board in 2013 after it came out that Mustafa had invited anti-Semites and homophobes into Sweden in his role as chairman of the Islamist association.

It is this Mustafa, whose participation on the Social Democrats’ party board was not appropriate, who now sits on Amanah’s board and will fight anti-Semitism in Malmö.

Nothing has changed— Tax money for Islamists doesn’t stop

To sum it up, Malmö’s flagship against anti-Semitism, which costs millions, has a board consisting of, among others, Islamists and a representative with extreme Islamist views. Nothing has changed in Malmö. The Sweden Democrats are still the only party that stands against the Islamists while bourgeois and red-green parties together make sure that Islamists receive tax funds.

When it comes to Islamism, there are no compromises. If you are not against Islamism, you are for Islamism. There is no neutral stance where politicians can be passive in the face of an ideology like Islamism. If you are against Islamism, you refuse to grant tax money to Islamists. It’s no harder than that.

That Salahuddin Barakat, in spite of his statements, can get a share of tax funds is nothing other than a scandal. This shows that there is a difference between words and action. There are parties other than the Sweden Democrats that, in words, condemn extremism and Islamism. But there is still only one party that consistently acts to prevent Islamists from gaining access to tax funds.

It is common knowledge that there are Islamists in Sweden who have acted like wolves in sheep’s clothing. They have shared in tax funds by using the right words and ideas in their applications and in writings directed toward the public.

How is it that parties that say they are against Islamism don’t stop contributions to Islamists? How is it that such persons as Barakat continue to have access to tax funds? That is a question that should be put to the politicians who continue to give out money to these Islamists.

It is not always possible to blame ignorance and naïveté. Now you know! Stop giving tax funds to Salahuddin Barakat!

Nima Gholam Ali Pour
Political secretary for Sweden Democrats Malmö

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  2. Muslims divide while the Chinese conquer. The late Russ Limbaugh used to comment on diversity and the Women’s Rip-off Improvement that we may at some low point become the most diverse and female improved but will never be the strongest or most powerful. Seems to many to becoming truer every day.

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